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  • Back on the Primal Track 2010

    So I've been living mostly Primal since fall 2008 - baby steps that September, followed by more wholehearted adoption in the following months. When I started working out seriously earlier that summer, I weighed essentially 240 (I'm 6'1"), and had been drifting around the 235 mark for nearly a decade. By January of this year, without really trying very hard, I was down to 195. Hooray!

    But the past few months have seen some ever-growing slippage, and the new pants I had to buy are starting to get tight ... so time to get serious again, and get my groove back. Plus, I'm hauling my wife along with me this time around (she shed about 10 lbs post-baby by following my loose example even more loosely; I suspect she can get back to her pre-meeting-me weight by loosely following my strict example!).

    So I'm hoping to track this here, since this is really where it all started (via Crossfit forums back then, which I found via Rippetoe's Q&A site).

    So, today: starting right with a longer-than-normal fast, up to dinnertime (I've maintained a 2-meals-a-day schedule for nearly two years straight now, which means a 15-20-hour fast 5x weekly). Morning coffee (black). Dinner last night was a large pile of pulled pork and homemade coleslaw (mustard, cider vinegar, no sugar), which should easily see me through until the evening.

    Weight yesterday was an annoying 204. I shall, however, shun the scale for the next month, and check again on July 1 to see if I've hit my goal (back to 195 or lower).


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    Caved in around 5PM with a handful of nuts. Also had a few pieces of jerky while getting the kid's dinners ready. My own meal was spaghetti squash, sauce, and spicy Italian sausage. Sauce was jarred, but that clears all the prepared sauce out of the house, luckily. Square of dark chocolate dipped in sunbutter for dessert.

    Wet and rainy, no outside activity other than brisk walks to the car. Hoping to get some time running up and down the hill in my backyard this afternoon, though...


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      Yesterday: lunch around 1PM - large salad w/meat, homemade dressing (olive oil, vinegar, pepper, dash of mustard). A few handfuls of nuts over the afternoon. Dinner was a homemade Caesar salad with grilled chicken - dressing was classic: coddled egg, olive oil, lemon juice, anchovies, parmesan. Why I eat other Caesars, I can never remember when we make this stuff. Handful of minty dark chocolates for dessert.

      And, as an aside, no beer this week (yet). Salad on tap for lunch today, and some combination of farmer's market goodness and pulled pork for dinner tonight.

      Also worked in a few hill sprints in the backyard yesterday afternoon, 3 of them involving sprinting up the (steep) hill holding various children in one arm (4.5-year-old @40 lbs, 20-month-old @ 23 lbs.). I think I managed to out-dash the mosquitoes, too!


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        BusyBusy! Friday was mostly successful, although due to confusing notations about food at an evening event, we wound up having burgers and fries for dinner rather than something more Primal (thought there would be food at the event ... we were wrong). Saturday -- bacon and eggs, lots of them! A few nuts across the day, then lots of meatloaf and spinach/mushroom salad at a friends' place for dinner. And, um, rather a lot of beer. But avoided that the rest of the week!

        Sunday, ham/goat cheese/egg scramble for breakfast, cheese and nuts for lunch, and lentil/elk chorizo stew for dinner. I know, I know -- lentils -- but the wife has a deep attachment to that legume, and I figure one meal every now and again that includes them isn't that bad (talking maybe once a month).

        Today is a longer fast day (22ish hours, most likely). Beef stir-fry for dinner, yum. This week I hope to kick off a re-entry into exercise as well, after far too many months of not having any.