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    I decided that I should start some sort of tracking for this new adventure I am about to start on. I stumbled on this site doing some research about low carb/Atkins type diets and was amazed how much everything "clicked" when I read it. The articles just made sense in a (excuse the pun) primitive way. The bonus was how Mark was not trying to sell me some "super-duper fat loss" product for 19.95! So, after much debate I am starting this lifetyle change tomorrow.
    I just came back from a week long vacation to Minnesota where I spent most of it up in the north woods canoeing. The trip showed me how out of shape I really was. I was simply outperformed in every aspect by my 53 year old uncle who just had knee surgery 6 months ago. I'm Male, 35, and weigh about 250 lbs, most of it fat. I was kinda chubby growing up but joining the military at 18 and spending 10 years active duty at least kept me from gaining anything. Sadly i had a few Grand Mal seizures and was medicaly discharged. I started taking medication that made me tired and caused weight gain. Combined with my crappy jobs I had, I put weight on fast! 50 lbs in a year. Now I have a decent job that will allow me to take control of my life.
    If your still with me, I am going to call today "day 0". I prepped my house by throwing out anything that wasnt remotely compatible with this diet. Anything that had a trace of sugar went into the dumpster. I shopped for all new groceries. Sadly, Walmart is pretty much my only option at this stage because of how small my town is. I think I did well though. Lots of green and brightly colord veggies, fatty cuts of meat, and Omega-3 eggs. I bought everything organic if it was an option. I figure a rough outline of my day is to eat 3 times a day.

    Breakfast - Eggs, bacon, veggies if i want

    Lunch - Big salad with lots of veggies, some sort of protien and homemade dressing

    Dinner- Some sort of protien with veggies on the side

    For snacks or treats I have an assortment of berries and nuts. It felt so weird to throw out the food I had, but I knew it was making me sick. I have all sorts of gastric, joint and energy issues that just have to be related to my crappy diet. I do work graveyards so getting enough sun will be a challenge, but I plan on taking a walk everyday as soon as I wake up.

    Whew! That was alot of typing. If any of you are still with me please dont hesitate to offer opinions, good or bad. I want to live a long time AND have a great quality of life. Ill be back tomorrow with day 1. Good luck to all the others out there thinking of giving this a try.


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    Welcome, Dennis!