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    Hi folks! Just want to document the process a little amongst those who understand. Others think I am a mad genius or just plain crazy, so we'll see.

    So, our story so far:

    1993- college. Began running and lifting weights. Did so rather consistently until 2006 with a few breaks for life things. goal - to be a bad- ass nerd. Typical weight around 132. I'm 5'4"

    2002 - age 28 Too busy to workout and discovered I couldn't fit into a pair of jcrew pants ordered off the Internet. Found a scale. Weight 148!!!! Lost 12 pounds via Slim-fast, of all things. good lord. After that I read everything I could on sports nutrition and got into BFL. A typical breakfast was low fat cottage cheese mixed with fat free yoplait. I ate enough boneless skinless chicken breasts to choke a donkey (well, I suppose it would take only one). Really got into dance dance revolution and weights again, so by my wedding in 2004 I was ripped, bikini ready and 132 pounds. Stupid Tanita scale said 29% body fat, but I had a six pack. Always thought that thing had it in for me.

    After wedding got kind of burned out tracking every offing calorie on Dietpower and gaining and losing the same 5 pounds over and over. Of course the minute I stopped tracking gained a bit, didn't help that my husband is 40% doritos. diet power accused me of lying about my calories or exercise, so I uninstalled it. More in the next post!

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    2006 - weight 144 or so. pregnant! Sick as a dog. Couldn't stomach any fat. Couldn't exercise - even walking down the street I would have to find a place to puke discreetly. As soon as the nausea passed, I got chilblains on my feet, and combine that with the pregnancy, my feet were super swollen and sore. Couldn't walk well. It was February in New England. By the time my feet got better, I was 8 months along and there wasn't going to be much hard core exercise! Though I'd gained almost no weight the first half, I managed to pack on 60 pounds by the end. Seriously, I was gaining 1-2 pounds a day in the 9th month. Weight right before kiddo number 1 - 212 pounds.

    2007 - read Micheal Pollan. Only ate whole, real food. Had baby. Read Gary Taubes, but when one is sleep-deprived and breastfeeding, one is in no position to go low carb. However, eating whole real food (I made lots of banana bread), I lost 49 pounds in 49 days. Took the rest of the year to lose another 5. Almost no exercise but walks and a few push ups here and there. Baby number one was incredibly cute, but really a horrible baby. Never slept. Nanny (who has 4 kids herself and a zillion relatives) said, "I didn't know babies cried this much."

    2008-2009 Read more Michael Pollan. Pregnant again! Starting weight 150 even. Not quite as sick, but being pregnant, breastfeeding, working full time, and with a 13 month old who would not sleep, I was pretty trashed and did not exercise. Finally sleep trained and weaned the toddler, and remained semi-sick throughout pregnancy to the point where I would wake up at 3am and eat cereal to stop the nausea. Gained 60 pounds again - final weight before baby 2 - 215 pounds. Baby number 2 very sweet and slept fine. Lost 40 pounds in 8 weeks and took me another 8 months to lose 10 more (but gained 5 back over Christmas) At that point baby 2 weaned herself and I sought professional help, as I could hardly go to weight watchers after reading Good Calories, Bad Calories and all the sports nutrition stuff over the years. I'd be heckling the leader from the back, and who needs that? Found a nutritionist who wasn't a noob, and he recommended a paleo diet and food intolerance testing. Turns out I'm intolerant to casein, walnuts, and cranberries. Who knew? More in the next post.
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      2010 - First weekend off dairy I lost 5 pounds and my face got thinner. Really intrigued by the paelo idea, so I read, and read, and read, and found Primal Blueprint and this forum. Read all sorts of stuff. I'm suddenly a "nutrition expert" and everyone wants to know what I'm eating and why. Half the office is converted, more or less. I'm writing notes on facebook about vitamin D and lectins. I'm hopeless.

      So, I started March 31 2010 at 165 pounds, and (wince) 40% body fat (STUPID TANITA must be high)
      Now I'm 144 and (lesser wince, but still winceable) 35% body fat. (Is that possible? I work out 6 days a week - though sometimes I can only swing 20 minutes with 2 kids under three and a full time job - I have a four pack! Stupid Tanita).

      Paleo positives: Food tastes amazing. I'm back in my pre-baby clothes, and today bought some size 4 pants by accident and I can button and zip them, though they are still too small. My energy and mental clarity is awesome, and I feel superhuman most of the time. I can go for more than 4 hours without eating (seriously, this has been a HUGE problem since pregnancy number one, and also due to all those years of 5 meals a day or you will waste away and your metabolism will stutter to a halt sports nutrition...) I didn't have any autoimmune issues except a bit of acne which is now gone, cellulite which is now going, and a tiny amount of eczema under my wedding ring in the summertime. I'm working out a lot, and it has been hot, and no eczema. Imagine that!

      New discoveries: Joined Grassroots health and turns out my vit D is 31. Not a huge surprise as I am pale as a ghost and avoid the sun, though I did take a supplement with (now what I know to be a homeopathic dose of) 1000 IU D3 for all those years I was pregnant and breastfeeding - though once #2 was weaned, I did slack off, and that was about 3 months before the test, so I'm hoping my levels were a bit higher when I was pregnant and bfing!

      Supplements: Nutritionist recommended 3 months of "weight loss support" packets (basically B vitamins, chromium, green tea extract, and creatine) I'm almost done with them, and feel a bit silly about them but I did promise myself I would go in for a penny, in for a pound with his nutrition plan, so I'll take them for another 4 weeks and be done. I also take between 2000 and 6000 IU D3 daily depending on how much sun I get. Today I actually got an hour to soak it up in the back yard at noon, so only 2000. I'm in New England, but I really am paler than pale (weirdly, I do not tan or burn up here. I could stay out all day without sunscreen and not really get much of a tan. When I used to live down south, and when I went to Aruba, I got a tan! Also a probiotic, but I only have a few of those left and I will stop it. Oh- if it is a chicken or turkey day I take some omega 3.

      Typical exercise: Monday - walk/jog 20-30 min depending on how early I wake up.
      Tues: Weights (body weight, swiss ball stuff, no pull-up bar so I'm doing elastic bands, and some free weights up to 25 pounds each. Ordered a kettlebell.)
      Wed: IF, long work day, no workout
      Thurs: Weights in the morning, sprints in the afternoon if I get home early enough
      Fri: Run or sprints in the morning depending on what I did Thurs
      Sat: Weights, tabatas, hike with the family if we can swing it
      Sun: Longer run (allow myself one every couple of weeks) or sprints.

      Typical meals, next post!
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        Today's meals: IF this morning until 2, had some green tea around 10 am.
        Lunch: shredded zucchini and swiss chard with husband's leftover pasta sauce, and grass fed steak cooked with pastured butter (the only dairy I eat).
        Snack: half a handful of macadamia nuts, 3 cherries, some unsweetened dried coconut
        Dinner: leftovers from lunch, 2 more cherries (was cutting them up for the girls), rectangle of G&B 85% dark chocolate. Glass of red wine.

        I don't count calories or ratios because I really did make myself nutty with dietpower. I also don't really have cravings, I (hardly ever) eat out, and I don't really cheat. I'm 36 years old, and maybe I'm too old to cheat. Well, once a month I have a couple of diet cokes. My nutritionist had allowed some grains (specifically wild rice, oats and quinoa) so I was still having some of that PWO until a few weeks ago, when I decided, to heck with it. I do love oatmeal, but not enough to endure fatigue and phytic acid. And does anyone really like quinoa? Oh well. We'll see what happens from here! I'll add back some wild rice every once in a while when I really do fit into those size 4 pants I bought.
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          Today so far - supposed to be weight day but husband left unexpectedly early for work and the toddler woke up at 5:45 am. I settled for a few squat thrusts to push ups to bur pee to jumps while the toddler kept saying "do another one! Do another one!"
          Maybe I'll do more tonight but I'm not feeling strong today.
          Breakfast: 3 omega three eggs, olive oil, spinach, scallions, handful of blueberries and a strawberry
          Lunch will be grass fed steak, zucchini, mushrooms and onions
          Dinner - either salmon patty and leftover veggies or ground turkey and the same

          Supplements - morning weight loss support packet , 6000 iu d3 (cloudy work day and I'm still deficient). Will take omega 3 tonight if I don't eat the salmon. Probiotic

          Need to get to sleep earlier when mr bisous leaves early! I'm dragging today.

          CSA starts Friday!!


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            Got home hungry, had leftovers from lunch and roasted a whole chicken. Then tore it apart and had some rib meat and skin in the process. Saved all the bits for chicken stock to crock tomorrow or the next day. Tomorrow is IF day. I love the clarity and happiness - used to have that all the time before I plateaued. Must be lipolysis in action. Only issue is, after I eat lunch after a 16 hour fast, I really need a nap! I might have to go to 24 hours for just that reason. It was scary how awesome I felt during an 18 hour fast on Monday.

            Got a 20 lb kettlebell in the mail today! did some swings but I really am tired, so thought I would go to bed before I rocked out on it. Even Mr Bisous was impressed by the compact bit of core-killing steel.

            Supplements - lots of schmaltz from my roasted chicken, so I ended up taking omega 3 along with the evening weight loss support packet.

            Think I turned 2-3 more people on to paleo today. I love being an omnivore


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              World class crappy day at work. Oddly this makes me feel like not eating, though in the past I might have been desperate for a diet coke or a cookie. (I dont consider myself to be much of an emotional eater, but I suppose at times I was). I fasted this morning, tilapia and spinach at noon, chicken leg and broccoli at dinner. Supplements only at dinner - weight loss support packet and 6000 iu vit D. No exercise today. Mr. Bisous just brought me a glass of wine and I didn't say no!


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                Sorry you had a lousy day at work, Bisous. Enjoy your vino and exhale.....


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                  Thanks! Time to have a couple squares of G&B too. (Saw a woman in the supermarket who only bought meat, vegetables, and green and blacks. Think she might have been one of us.)


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                    A new day! Weight 143 (22 pounds lost since starting paleo-style eating). Body fat *urf*

                    breakfast: omega 3 eggs, spinach, onion, broccoli, weight loss support packet, 6000 IU vit D, probiotic
                    lunch: chicken, green curry sauce, peach
                    snack: (if needed) macadamia nuts, dried coconut, sunflower seeds, a fig or two
                    dinner: tba

                    exercise: will do kettlebell stuff this afternoon. Need to watch the video to figure it out.

                    Today will be a better day.


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                      Originally posted by Bisous View Post
                      Thanks! Time to have a couple squares of G&B too. (Saw a woman in the supermarket who only bought meat, vegetables, and green and blacks. Think she might have been one of us.)
                      I wonder that, too, any time I see someone wearing VFFs. G&B is so yummy!

                      Congrats on the 22 lbs gone -- the bf will get there.

                      Yes, today will be a better day. How can it not if you've got figs as a possibility on the menu?!


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                        Today was a much better day! Finally feel hungry and energetic. The past week I only felt really good while fasting, and that kinda scared me.

                        Exercise: kettlebell swings and high pulls tabatas X 7 min. Push ups, swiss ball hamstring curls. My abs hurt! I can't remember the last time my abs hurt. I have to do 300 crunches to get my abs to hurt. Awesome!

                        Dinner: spinach and capers in pastured butter. Whole Foods salmon patty and olive oil. I bet more kids would eat vegetables if they were sauteed in butter.

                        Got out the crock - chicken bones, giblets, water, dulse, vinegar. Will add the veggie bits for the last hour. I have so much stock now I've been using it to steam veggies, as it is not exactly soup season. And it's not as if I'm using it for my rice or pasta water either...


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                          Good morning. Feeling good.

                          Exercise: sprints already in the bag! Long walk later.

                          Breakfast: Crazy shake - coconut milk, frozen spinach, frozen berry mix, superfood green powder, whey isolate, water

                          Supplements: weight loss support packet, vit D 6000 IU (cloudy day), probiotic, omega 3

                          steak and ground turkey planned for lunch and dinner - CSA box - will put out a call for help if there are beets (I never cooked beets before)

                          What a strange week, altogether. Felt so crappy most of the week with a rapid resolution on Thursday. Both my munchkins had colds - I wonder if I had subclinical symptoms myself. Had a lymph node that is now gone, but otherwise no sniffles or fever or cough myself. My sprints today seemed to suffer from the lack of energy overall this week - I had to pull up prior to my typical goal-posts (the white and black mailbox, the tree at the top of the hill, etc.) with each sprint.

                          Makes me think, though - Whole Health Source recommends fasting for a cold. The only time I felt good last week was while fasting (though I don't know if I had a cold. I usually don't get them when I'm not under extreme stress. Never had the flu either - did you know that 20% of adults have never had the flu and may never get it? I had seasonal and H1N1 flu shot while pregnant with the second and freaked out about H1N1, but other than that never had a flu shot, and no flu despite massive exposure to sick sick people).


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                            Lunch was ground turkey, broccoli and carrots in coconut oil. Snacked on a few orange slices too.
                            Long run around with the kids plus a walk up the street
                            Dinner: mix of fresh farm lettuce, radish, evoo and vinegar, green garlic, Celtic salt, pepper, and grilled grass fed t-bone steak. And I'm on a "diet."
                            Reading "the Vegetarian Myth" and "Eat Fat, Lose Fat"
                            Usual bit of chocolate later!


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                              Mornin'! Rainy day here. Weight 142. Didn't wait for the BF reading.

                              Breakfast: omega 3 eggs, spinach, onion, turnip, celtic salt, pastured butter, pepper, arugula (kids had some chicken and slaw in addition to some of my breakfast).

                              Supplements: weight loss support packet, probiotic, 6000 IU vit D3

                              Exercise: squat thrust to push-ups to burpee to vertical jump - tabatas for 3 min. Then kettlebell swings alt with kettlebell high pulls tabatas for 5 min. Swiss ball hamstring curls, planks, swiss ball crunches and side crunches, good mornings, and lower back raises. Toddler: "you are exercising too much, Mama," and then she took my swiss ball and hid it from me in the next room.

                              Lunch: coleslaw, and leftovers from yesterday's lunch

                              Dinner (plan so far): salmon, radish, turnip, and salad
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