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Kell: Day 0.5

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  • Kell: Day 0.5

    So, I always thought that if we ate like cavemen we'd never be fat and only fit. And my friend told me about the primal diet, so I figured it made the most sense to me. Regardless though, I'm pretty skeptical of this diet as any diet, but I'm going to seriously give it a shot. I'm 22 years old, 138lb female college student (so I drink lots of beer) and unfortunately I adore adore adore bread. No butter, just one giant baguette--gone. I already know that finding the will to cut out the consumptions that make me the most happy (beer, bread, pizza, ice cream) is the key. I'm an athlete, I run about 4 miles everyday (almost) sometimes less, sometimes more, do a couple sit-ups til my abs hurt and then yes, hit-up the kitchen cabinet.

    And that's the memo.

    Today I was about to work out but I had zero motivation because I was at the gym all day yesterday and I just feel spent so I guess today isn't really day 1. Although I had a healthy lunch (plain chicken breast grilled with a splash of sherry and a side of edamame seeds. Then I ate almonds and some raw broccolli. Tonight though, I'm going to the jersey shore to some bar and I'm going to say no to beer and yes to a red wine spritzer even though its happy hour and I would be saving sooo much money if I just drank the specials. And since it's memorial day weekend everyone is grilling and I have BBQs to go to so I don't know how the heck you expect me to say no to a hot dog and hamburger.

    But after this weekend I'm going to have a pretty sick workout regiment and a rediculous diet to get rid of my gut and cut down my thighs (weight number is not significant to me). I need to up my frequency, intensity, and overload. Especially overload. And I know sprinting is the key.