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My Primal Efforts Will be fun- Even this Journal

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  • My Primal Efforts Will be fun- Even this Journal

    "Your Primal efforts must be fun, energizing and easy to maintain at all time, otherwise you are destined to fail" (pg 11, The Primal Blueprint). I read this line and thought immediately of my first attempt at this journal, yesterday. I titled that one "Primal Journal- Beth 249" - it was not fun. It was dry. Not something I want to do, just something I'm going to have to do. Aaargh!

    This isn't about food---well, ok it is--but food is just a part. This is about joy, fun, gleaming, shining, health. Health is not just about the mechanics of life. What good is health if I'm not tingly.

    So, I'm going to start this journal again. I'm gonna try to make being accountable as fun as I can.cavewoman1.jpg
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    This is what I wrote yesterday. It still stands....or really lies asleep on the floor like a pet rock.jpg
    Day 0- Preparation
    Just weeks before the next knee replacement. Now is the time for discipline. Now is the time to commit to becoming the healthiest me possible.
    On the plus side:
    *I've been exercising hard for the last 6 weeks.
    *I was eating almost primal for 3 weeks, then I tried Atkins, I don't know why. That's positive because I'm done experimenting. I've visited both extremes of the protein lifestyle ; strict paleo and atkins, the only thing that worked is Primal via this site.
    *My fridge and pantry are ready
    *I've read through a gosh awful lot of beginners material, downloaded some, cut and pasted some to have a hard copy of basic facts.
    On the negative side:
    * I had my left knee replaced 3 months ago and am going to have my right knee done in 6 beloved running days are really over. I'm still physically recovering from surgery #1 and fatigue and mess with my plans.
    * Husband and I are going on vacation. We are both doing Primal but I still am going to have to plan not to fail.
    * Here is the biggest negative...I SUCK AT GOAL SETTING AND FOLLOW THRU. That said, the double knee replacement is just the motivation I need. A friend told me yesterday that I'm so stubborn that God has to do something real dramatic to get my attention. I'd like to put off the surgery but I can't, my knee caps are crumbling, I have no cartilage or meniscus. I started barefoot chi running too late. The surgeries have me so angry, sad, frustrated, that they might just be what I need to follow through.

    Week One Plan: Exercise 4x, Walk 20 minutes a day and bycycle 3x.
    Dring 64 oz of water aday.


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      The Big Hunt Countdown: Day 36
      The Big Hunt is my second knee replacement in 4 months.

      I have a great life, mostly. I'm retired from a job I loved. My husband and I are self employed in a new business that's growing by leaps and bounds. We travel all over the world. I have a family filled with fun. We live in a log home (that we built) on a trout stream, 15 minutes from Manhattan. The only problem is my never ending health problems, despite an apparent healthy life-style. In the last 14 years I've had 7 surgeries, survived an inoperable brain tumor,lost my right eye, and now, my severe osteoarthritis (and too many years of running the wrong way) has brought me to these knee replacements. As stress from health, family, job built so did my dependance on sugar.

      I believe Mark's words, "You really can reprogram your genes" (p 13). I will! I will live long and be healthy! My idols are women who are still playing, moving, going in their 80's and 90's. That gives me at least 30 years to have fun and be healthy.

      So, the Big Hunt, my right total knee replacement, is the last surgery. It's the hunt for the biggest game of all - my total health.
      Over the next 36 days I'm going to turn on my genes positive response signal. The Primal lifestyle is going to help make the surgery easy and the recovery smooth and quick.hunt.jpg

      After the smooth recovery, my hunts will be for delicious happy things.
      Bfast: Cream Smoothie
      Lunch: Mesculan salad, string beans, no-preservative sliced deli meats
      Dinner: grilled pork, kale
      Night snack:
      High fat greek yogurt, sweet red peppers
      Downloaded Flux for my computer love it. Cant figure out how to do it for my IPad
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        Hey Beth, just wanted to wish you well on the hunt! (Great graphics, btw!)

        "Nonspecific strength gains have to be converted into real improvements in athletic performance or they are not useful."
        - Training for the New Alpinism by Steve House and Scott Johnston

        Primal Journal: Hmm, I'll take this path...


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          Countdown to Big Hunt: Day 35
          I woke up an hour early, with energy. I think that the last few nights of deep sleep is directly due to the flux program on my computer and Ipad. No blue light for that last few hours. While I enjoy reading in bed but my husband falls to sleep before I do, I've grown accustomed to turning off the light and reading from my IPad so we can go to bed together. I've removed all social networking from the IPad so that I'm not tempted to chatter. I just read. I've been using the black background for night time to read so as not to disturb my husband. However, since switching to the flux, and not having any blue light, my reading helps send me off to sleep. Besides, I really like it. Who knew how disruptive that blue light was?

          So, I woke up naturally, at peace and with energy. It's a beautiful morning, so I took my rescued Tripod puppy for a walk. Buddie is 70 lbs (he's a very big puppy!) He was found caught in a hunter's trap. He had tried to gnaw his right front leg off. It was amputated in Dec. 2013 and we got him a few weeks later. At this point in his recovery, the slow walk is exhausting for him but necessary. So, I decided to take him for a slow, short, walk up the road for the first 1/2 and return home through the woods that surround our home and parallel the road. That way he'd get the slow stamina building exercise he needs and I'd get the balance exercise while walking on the uneven wooded floor, that I need after my LTKR . I was so proud that I came up with this plan. I hate standing on those balance boards and discs at PT and I'm not getting much better. This is a Grok way to develop my balance and it would be fun and it would be soothing. Here's how it went:
          How I thought it would be:
          barefoot thru woods.jpg
          What it really felt like:
          rock climbing.jpg

          It was tough for me but lots more fun than PT.

          I'm posting early in the day in order to pre-plan what I have available to eat:
          BFast: Coconut oil, Cinnamon, butter, emulsified coffee (new recipe that I just love), Coconut milk/egg/berry smoothie.Love the emulsified coffee recipe... its so good that it feels a little dirty to drink it
          Lunch: Grilled London Broil atop a chopped salad, with homemade dressingI made enough chopped salad for hubby and me. He didn't come home I was hungry so I ate the whole thing. It's all about listening to my body right?
          Dinner: Grilled pork chops, spinach salad, Green beansNope wasn't hungry so I ate the Greek yogurt with coconut flakes instead
          snacks:mini-peppers, high-fat greek yogurt with unsweetened coconut flakes.Didn't need snacks
          Lots of waterDisappointed with myself I only drank 60 oz

          Exercise; 100 squats (I'm up to 80 in preparation for the next TKR)I got to 80 and couldn't do more cuz I had been walking so much
          Push-ups and plank to develop a baseline.I can do 1 minute 3o seconds for the plank and 2, yes only 2 pushups
          Can't for the life of me figure out how to start my pull-ups. Gonna Work on that.
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            Push-ups will help some with starting pull-ups, and inverted rows are an excellent starting point for working toward pull-ups, but the thing that really helped me was negatives - step/jump/whatever (use a low bar is best) into top pull-up position so that your chin is above the bar and hold the position for a few counts (slow breaths are good). Then, try to slooooowly lower yourself so you are going through the moves of doing a pull-up in reverse. When your strength fails, allow yourself to drop. I would hold in the top position for a few beats, then try to lower to half way for a slow count of 2-4, then hold at half for a couple of beats, then lower some more. Negatives use the muscles you will need to start pulling yourself up.

            "Nonspecific strength gains have to be converted into real improvements in athletic performance or they are not useful."
            - Training for the New Alpinism by Steve House and Scott Johnston

            Primal Journal: Hmm, I'll take this path...


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              My Primal Efforts Will be fun- Even this Journal

              Plans for countdown to the Big Hunt:day 34

              I hurt. My right leg hurts. Just sayin' .
              Sleep is soon and tomorrow is over full so I'm planning now.
              1. When I hurt I overthink! a primal no no. So tomorrow I will not over think, lll just do.
              2. Bfast. Emulsified coffee and coconut cream smoothie
              Lunch grilled chicken Caesar salad, with anchovies without par cheese
              Snacks. Cream cheese stuffed minny peppers
              Dinner, we will be traveling so I'll guess I'll cross my fingers

              3 . Exercise... Squats. 60
              Plank. 1 min 10 sec
              Down dog to plank push up 3

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                Hey Beth,

                Just found your journal. Love it - the positivity, the graphics - it's great. I really look forward to following your progress and learning and growing with you


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                  It's a nightmare of unparalleled proportions.(I'm screaming as I write)
                  Well, it's not that bad. It's not like Rwanda ... Or 300 missing daughters
                  But on a scale of 1 to 10 it's gotta be up there....maybe not
                  Beth, don't over think this.
                  Ok (big inhale followed by big exhale) with regard to food and exercise today was disappointing.

                  DH and I started our vacation to..we don't know where. We are retired military, which means that when there is space available we can hitchhike onto a military plane. So when we feel the spirit we pack a bag and head to a military airfield. Today we knew flights were going to Spain, Germany and Hawaii. Imagine packing a single carry on sized bag with clothes that work for all three. It's a nightma...wait, I was just down this route and besides that's not the particular nightmare, er I mean disappointment that I was referring to.

                  Before we left, DH and I pinkey swore that we wouldn't eat bread or sugar carbs unless it was really really special. While I was at a bathroom stop, an hour and a half later, husband ( note no darling) got me my favorite hamburger and, and I ate it ( I'm blushing with shame here). I didn't want to start being a bitch so early in the vacation.

                  When we got to the airfield the flights had left or been rescheduled to tomorrow. That's not the nightmare, that's part of flying military, they don't have to follow travelers schedules, we follow there's. They don't have to stick to posted schedules, they have to follow orders. So we rented a room at the Air Force hotel, they are really very very nice. We went out to dinner. I stuck to primal, I thought, but my chicken breast was very sweet, the marinade, OMG the marinade!!!!! I think I have trouble with hyperbole . However, I was sticking to the not gonna be a bitch yet, so I ate.

                  We got back to the hotel. H goes out for ice and comes back with candy. Enough! I didn't eat those. I exercised instead. 80 deep squats, 20 lunges, 30 second plank, 3 push up and my really tough stretches on/ for my new knee.

                  There is the disappointment, desk work all am, followed by 3 hour car ride, airport waiting, with unfortunate meals choices and this is only my third formal day on Primal.....

                  Let's face it Germany and Spain. Are not known for the Primal style cuisine. So Im hoping we go to Hawaii for their food...Really who ever goes to Hawaii for the food.
         I'm really blushing with shame.

                  No, here's the real disappointment: that I'm bitching at all.

                  Primal is all about fun. This vacation is all about adventure and fun. I'm lucky to be able to do this sort of thing at all. And just 3 months ago I couldn't walk much less think about trapesing around where ever

                  I just need to figure out how to mix good eating, travel and my DH. It wouldn't be an adventure with out challenges.

                  Talk to you all from wherever we get to

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                    Maybe not fun for you, Beth, but kinda fun to read. Safe travels!

                    "Nonspecific strength gains have to be converted into real improvements in athletic performance or they are not useful."
                    - Training for the New Alpinism by Steve House and Scott Johnston

                    Primal Journal: Hmm, I'll take this path...


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                      Beth - I 've found travel less challenging than I thought it would be starting out, but more challenging than being at home. My DW is all in on Primal too so that sure makes it easier that she's not bringing me candy or buns, but I found a lot of creativity and some planning helps. When traveling burgers seem to happen a lot, but I looked for places that claimed fresh ground and just ignored the bun. Salami is a Primal 'no' but I subbed in cured meats as snacks and meal fillers on both my trip to Utah and Dallas since I started. I figure a chunk of good salami is much better than a candy bar and a croissant. Maybe buy a stick and when DH shows up with a sweet snack just say 'no thanks I'll have my salami'.


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                        Thanks Paul...that's a great idea.


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                          Hey Beth, wow, wish I could make those kind of travel arrangements - but, hey, you guys earned them

                          First up, remember primal is a lifestyle, some days are better than others. No beating yourself up

                          Next: travelling primal style gets easier when you get used to it. Just like you can travel with carry on luggage only, you will learn what primal essentials you can work with when on the road. Paul makes good points that I follow when I am on the road: burgers are quick and easy just ditch the bun; deli meats are a good compromise when compared to grains, wheat and sugar. Nuts are also a lifesaver. Once you get fat adapted, an ounce of nuts can go a long way if you have to wait a while between primal meals.

                          Finally: as you said - save those treats for something really really special. I find it easy (ok easier) to say no to all the sweets, biscuits and carb-laden goodies that get offered round my office because I know they are available to me from the supermarket any time I choose. They really aren't going anywhere. But if I was going abroad on holiday and never likely to go back there and somebody recommended a local speciality, then I would stop and think about how much I might want to try it, then maybe agree to share a portion or even just have a taste; but I would only do any of this if I really thought I might regret not doing so! The longer I am primal the more things I would still turn down. Sugar and flour combos are available all over the world and yes they can do some amazing things with those and some flavourings, but I find I never really want more than a bite just to say I've tried it, if that.

                          Hope you have a fabulous vacation


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                            Welcome to the journals! I have a question though, if your knees are not good (or one of them anyway) why are you doing lunges and squats? Those are so hard on the knees!! Do you have access to an elliptical instead? Those hardly put any stress on knees at all. If my knees were not good, I don't think I could go near squats.... ouch. Have great time on your trip wherever you end up going!
                            This is my journal page!

                            My life's work:

                            "Sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!" The Grateful Dead


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                              Hi Beth - wanted to stop by. I've started following your journal. I hope you have an awesome vacation where ever that may be. I think it's a cool way to travel. Have fun and don't beat yourself up.