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    Originally posted by hbeck View Post
    Didn't track food yesterday as I was busy dealing with stuff at work and issues with registration for classes starting next week. Stress! All better now, at least..........I will be working hard with school plus getting part time work to fill the gaps in $$$, but I really don't see any serious negatives coming out of this.
    *hugs hbeck* Way to go. Make it happen now. Wishing you all the very best.

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      I've been enjoying your journal - your sense of humor and enthusiasm are awesome!

      Hubby and I are new to DFW area but are really liking it. Maybe we will see you in passing at the Farmer's Market (McKinney, not Dallas )

      Lastly, congrats on the baby - you're in for a wild ride!


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        Originally posted by Puddymama View Post
        Maybe we will see you in passing at the Farmer's Market (McKinney, not Dallas )
        My mom lives in Plano....the kids and/or I visit often.


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          @Puddymama - Thanks on all accounts! Haven't been up to the McKinney market yet, but I may check it out sometime! Do they have a good source of meat there? I've found that our closest local market (Rockwall) doesn't have anything but eggs. Another one nearby (Firewheel mall) sometimes has a farm that has a small selection but they're a little pricey. Dallas market is really worth the trip!

          @K - yay for Plano!

          Sounds like there's an opportunity for a NE-Dallas MDA gathering at some point

          WOD time yesterday: 13:12

          Today's WOD:
          In teams of 2, complete 5 rounds for time of:
          30 Burpee Box Jumps
          50 Kettlebell Swings (35 / 26 lb)

          Yesterday's Food:
          Didn't enter into the site, but I mostly remember what I ate.
          B: An Orange
          L: MooYah iceburger (no bun, lettuce "bun") w/ onion, tomato, pickle, mushroom, bacon
          post-WO: a few cherries, plus protein shake w/ kiwi! and coconut milk
          D: half vension, half beef (grass fed) burger patty w/ raw cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce. Plus grilled asparagus. 1/2 cup of blueberries for dessert.

          Off to today's workout, back later!


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            Today's WOD time: 20:38

            Turned out we (me and the partner) did a slightly scaled-down version so only 20 BBJ and 40 KB swings per round. Started on a 24" box but while I have crazy hops (yay basketball) we ended up moving down to a 20" box for most of the sets. I did my last round on the 24" to finish strong...also picked up a few of the burpee box jumps in the middle sets to help out, so I'm feeling rather awesome

            And away again, it's a sunny day so I'm going to go enjoy it!


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              McKinney has a few meat vendors. I've purchased from Rehoboth before and the quality was very good. Here's some websites:


              Haven't met these folks yet, but my hubby and I are planning on taking a trip once the freezer has space:


              Here's the McKinney Farmers Market vendor list:

              Lastly, there's a meet-up group called EatGreenDFW that I belong to that has great local info - They go to the farms to meet the Farmers, buy produce/meat/eggs and learn about their practices.


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                @ Puddymama - Rehoboth is also at the Dallas market, so I've seen them before Thanks for the other links!

                3 days without a post, ouch! Well, still have not been tracking food the past few days but I haven't had any real non-primal foods. I have, unfortunately, eaten what I'm sure is CAFO beef from two restaurants lately, but *shrug*. Took some extra fish oil to help balance the O6:O3 ratio, but I'm sure it's still off. Keep slacking in the veggie area and overdoing the fruit, but hard to resist when there's so much in season right now!

                Trying to compensate some today.

                2 tomatoes (from the back yard) sliced & sprinkled with salt. 4 eggs scrambled in coconut oil. Apple w/ almond butter.

                Lunch: IF

                Ate a decent bit of watermelon

                Leftover BBQ brisket from last night (probably 6 oz or slightly more)
                Freakin' Huge salad. Probably 4-5 cups of lettuce, 2 tomatoes, 3/4 of a big cucumber, 1 full (big) green bell pepper
                ...and ranch on the salad. Doh. I wanted it

                Sunday was rest day.
                Monday WOD:
                Warmup + 400m run
                5-5-5 of Clean (50kg)
                For time:
                21-15-9 of
                Overhead Squat (20kg)
                Chest-to-bar pull-ups

                Today's WOD:
                warmup + 400m run
                5-5-5 Deadlift 75% of max (88kg)
                "Randy" - 75 power snatch for time (20kg)

                Took it easy on the snatch weight b/c 1) first time I've done ANY kind of snatch and 2) shoulders were complaining from Monday's workout

                Other stuff:
                So I'm taking a web-based Intro to Business course...but apparently the instructor isn't. Meaning, we are to read the book, do practice quizzes online and then take tests when they're scheduled. We also have a project to do before the end of the semester. But, no real interaction or lecture or additional info from the instructor. Weird, but makes my life easy. I am awesome at the "read book -> take test" process, especially when it's an online test that is only T/F or multiple choice. Easy 'A' makes Darren happy

                Other class is typical science lecture + lab. Since I'm a lot more motivated than I was last time I took science courses in school I anticipate an easy 'A' here as well...which is good, because with the master's program I'm looking at only admitting ~16 people a year, I pretty much have to show I'm serious about this!

                Additional stuff...getting my PC set up to dual-boot Linux as a development environment for some part-time software work to continue paying bills while I do this school thing. I'm also searching for a cheap route to get CPR/AED certification. One of our neighbors who we are friends with (yes, some neighbors are not so friendly ) got a free kitten this weekend and their dogs tried to eat it...rather it's now living with us, temporarily-maybe-permanently. That would make 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a baby incoming. I'm behind on sleep for the past 2 nights due to taking care of said kitten, but can't really be upset at something that cute. She likes to sleep up on my shoulder, I'll have to grab and post up one of the pictures the wifey took Monday morning.


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                  Blah @ me for not updating in 8 days!!

                  Working hard at everything - school, part-time job, CrossFit. Have already had a test in each class. Wifey doing well, better on eating but still getting nauseous here and there. Finally found a bottle with B6 of a lower dose that she can take a few times a day to try and help with stuff...she didn't want to take the 100mg (or is it mcg? eh whatever. We have 25 now).

                  I've had two carb/sugar splurges since last on Weds, we had a social dinner at someone's house and since they'd cooked from scratch I ate the lasagna, which was meatless (squash & zucchini)...and that led to eating the cheesecake and other junk at dessert. The other was this Monday, more cheesecake. Fortunately the rest of the time I've been as on track as usual (ie: still eating too much fruit) but it doesn't seem to be hurting - haven't entered stuff but my carbs are probably still around 100-160g a day, and I'm pretty sure my WODs eat them all. Regardless, I like tracking and am going to try to be consistent with it again.

                  With school schedule and a lack of access to decent food on campus, I've started eating only twice a day. No real drawbacks and plenty of energy to make it through the lecture in a dimly lit room (except today where I was nodding off, but I blame that on lack of sleep since I was up til 2 AM for no good reason). Hooray for being full!

                  On the negative side, ran out of fish oil capsules and I bought the liquid this time (Nordic Naturals). Put some of it into a protein shake - powder, coconut milk, bit o water, blueberries, and 1.5 teaspoons of the oil. It did not taste very good, made the shake weird - and gave me an unhappy stomach for the next hour or so, including fish oil-y burps which I never had with the gel caps. Between the taste (not good) and the rest of the stuff I'm not sure I can do the liquid - anyone have suggestions on how to make it go down easier (hate to not use it)?

                  Need more sleep, so I'm hitting the sack, but I'll leave y'all with my last two days of CF:

                  Yesterday WOD:
                  Clean 3-3-3 @ 85% - I did 60kg, no idea what 1RM is yet.
                  30 Clean & Jerk (40kg for me)

                  Time: 9:36. Had form issues which were sending unhappy pain signs into my lower back so I slowed down and worked with the trainer to fix those. Unhappiness with time led to...
                  ROUND 2 (same day, approx 20 mins later): 7:36! Yay!

                  Today's WOD
                  "The Seven"
                  7 rounds for time of:
                  7 Handstand Push-ups (I scaled down to Dumbbell shoulder presses, 25lbs a hand)
                  7 Thrusters (61 / 43 kg) (scaled down to 30kg)
                  7 Knees to Elbows
                  7 Deadlift (110 / 75 kg) (60kg for me)
                  7 Burpees
                  7 Kettlebell Swings (30 kg / 1.5 pood) (1 pood for me)
                  7 Pull-ups

                  Time - 40:14. WOD was scaled down to 'beginner' for me which was probably smart since 1) this is a crazy hard and long workout and 2) I did 2 rounds of Grace yesterday. Pretty happy with my time here, but wow was I wiped after that.

                  Sleep! /wave


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                    Oops, quick note for cillakat: Still no test (money, although that may be less of a problem soon), but I've started taking 4000 IU of D3 a day. With my weight (~165 give or take) and area (DFW), think there's any harm in doing so even on days when I do get awesome sun exposure (pretty limited to Fri/Sat/Sun)?
                    Also have wifey getting slightly more because she's taking both a prenatal (400 IU) and some DHA which has another 400IU of D3 in it, but she doesn't want to take more...

                    Oh, and one MORE thing (I'm bad about this...) - anyone reading have any ideas on making my joints go snap-crackle-pop a bit less? Rarely any pain, but just doesn't feel good in general. I'm guessing idea #1 would be more Omega-3 for inflammation, but beyond that...?


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                      More WODs:

                      Teams of 2, AMRAP in 12 mins:
                      10 Front Squat (45kg for us)
                      15 Pull ups
                      20 double-unders

                      7 rounds

                      Warm up + Handstand practice
                      12 rounds for time:
                      5 pull-ups
                      10 push-ups
                      15 squats


                      Pull-ups (kipping) have been really easy for me lately. Push-ups were what held me back on today's time.


                      Other note...have been getting awful cramps in one or the other of my calves some mornings when I will stretch out while still half asleep. Today's was particularly annoying in that it didn't want to go away for almost two hours, and then only after some foam rolling.
                      I probably need to stretch more in general, but also have seen ruminations about Magnesium or Potassium deficiencies causing such things... Anyone chime in here? On that, I did note that it was usually in a VLC situation, and I'm certainly not, being in the 100-150g/day range, plus I get a fairly decent amount and variety of veggies which should provide said nutrients.


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                        Always want to share when I do this because it's just soooooo good.

                        4 thick slices of bacon, cooked in butter (plus their own grease)
                        half a green bell pepper and half an onion chopped up and cooked in the same pan
                        4 eggs scrambled in the same pan after the veggies were done

                        Plate lickin' goodness


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                          Today I ended up fasting through my WOD and only ate one meal. No real noticeable lack of energy even though I struggled through the workout, mainly because we ALSO just tested for 1RM today AND I did all of the ring dips without scaling which is probably the most I've done, ever.

                          Found a too-good-to-pass-up deal on some ribeyes at the grocery (normally $70 for less than $20) so tonight I had:
                          - Large baked sweet potato with a good bit of butter and cinnamon
                          - Ribeye off the grill
                          - BEAT salad (bacon, egg, avocado, tomato)
                          - Handful (1/3 cup or so) of blueberries as dessert

                          Tested for 1RM on Clean (full squat clean). 76kg, which is more than I weigh! (I'm down to 73kg/162lbs now)
                          Did "Elizabeth"...
                          21-15-9 reps for time of:
                          Ring Dips

                          Took me 19:20. First set was killer!
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                            How are the leg cramps? I know on the boards there are some hardcore explanations existing in other threads, or maybe someone else could lend the why but I noticed that too and I have upped my potassium. I eat a banana/potassium rich food as primally possible or keep diet tonic with quinine handy. Def up the potassium if you can! It helped


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                              Originally posted by Evita View Post
                              How are the leg cramps? I know on the boards there are some hardcore explanations existing in other threads, or maybe someone else could lend the why but I noticed that too and I have upped my potassium. I eat a banana/potassium rich food as primally possible or keep diet tonic with quinine handy. Def up the potassium if you can! It helped
                              Haven't hit again since that last day, which is nice. No Magnesium or Potassium supplements yet, just eating food. I'm noticing some signs that may point at general dehydration so I'm going to up the water intake over the next few days to see how I respond to that.


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                                Breakfast was 5 eggs scrambled in the leftover coconut butter (not just coconut oil!) and bacon grease from last night's bacon-cooking along with half a diced green bell pepper and a big slice of yellow texas onion also diced up, PLUS an apple used to scoop out almond butter.

                                Dinner was one zucchini, a whole bunch of asparagus (grilled) and TWO ribeye steaks. Asparagus and ribeyes were brushed with almond oil prior to cooking, then spices added. I was only planning to eat one of the steaks, but it just kind of kept going in my mouth. Treat at the end was 1/4 cup of blueberries and 7 small-medium strawberries.

                                WOD today was a long one:
                                For time:
                                3 Rope Climbs
                                30 Thrusters (40 / 30 kg)
                                500 meter row / 400 meter run
                                30 Kettlebell Swings (1.5 / 1 pood)
                                2 Rope Climbs
                                20 Thrusters (50 / 35 kg)
                                350 meter row / 300 meter run
                                20 Kettlebell Swings (1.5 / 1 pood)
                                1 Rope Climb
                                10 Thrusters (60 / 40 kg)
                                250 meter row / 200 meter run
                                10 Kettlebell Swings (1.5 / 1 pood)

                                I did as RX, just the lower weights. Did all runs instead of rowing. 23 mins and change. I love rope climbs!