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    I've been reading bits on "Mark's Daily Apple" for maybe a month now, and trying to apply the principles. I'd been leading a fairly sedentary, slightly overweight lifestyle, although I have no serious health problems here in my late fifties.

    I've been a carbohydrate fiend my whole life: raised on a big bowl of porridge with brown sugar for breakfast, lots of pasta and potatoes and bread (cheap food, large family) and as a result have had a sweet tooth for pretty much always. Fortunately, my metabolism is such that I've not had problems with overweight for the most part. Since my son was born, I've had that extra 10-15 pounds that won't go away.

    So far, I've cut out carbs pretty well. I've been trying to learn to "love the fat." I always did, but only with carbs, as in buttered toast or cream cheese on bagel. I've been eating the fat that I used to trim off my meat. I bought bacon for the first time in forever, and it tasted fabulous. I've never liked alcohol, so that's not a problem.

    I'm not sure I'm eating enough fat, though. How can I tell? I made soup with boiled bones a couple of times, and it was great (really helps me sleep well), but I skimmed the fat off. Maybe I shouldn't do that next time? As I'm finishing off that soup, I've been putting a table spoon of butter or lard into it, and it's much better. It's a cold and rainy day here today, and it warmed me really well.

    I've lost maybe 7-8 pounds since I started this. Not doing all that well with the sedentary lifestyle, beyond an hour's dog walk a couple of times a week. I've been strengthening my ankles so I can try the sprinting, though.

    I'm really grateful for this website and the forum and the community. I'm hoping to set an inspiring example for my dh who has symptoms of metabolic X syndrome and ds, the Kraft dinner addict.


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      I haven't written here for a long time. Not too helpful of me. Oh well.

      Today I went for a move-slowly walk. It's been raining for days and it was 43 degrees out, but I went anyway. I wore my sandals and no socks. The sandals are not squishy soft at all, so it's as close to barefoot as I can get at this point. I walked along the river on the less-frequented side, up the steep hill and out onto a big flat plain of native prairie grass. From there you can see houses, but not very well. Easy to imagine that you're back in the paleo world. My loyal dog was with me. I drank water out of puddles on the boulders (don't usually do that, but like I said, it's been raining for days), ate a few gooseberries, found old foundations of long-vanished farm. Then we came home again. 2.5 hours. Ate a mouthful of maytree berries on the way back.

      Feet were tired but not cold! I washed the mud and dead vegetation off with hot water and they've been buzzing ever since. I feel pleasantly tired and am glad to have been out. On Cillikat's recommend, I've been taking Vit D approx 10K with Vit K2, and am amazed at how the grey skies are not phasing me! It's a miracle!

      Made chicken soup for supper, threw in quite a few starchy veg because I hadn't eaten enough calories today, and it was really good. Even managed to convince dh not to have a bagel with his. (He persists in believing he won't be "filled up" without bread of some kind.)


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        Feeling lethargic today -- still overcast and rainy. Not enough Vit D? I did take some -- 6000K, I think -- but was that less than yesterday? Maybe that's the problem?

        I've been sorta Primal since last May. I've lost 9 or 10 pounds. My body composition has changed some, and I'm stronger, but, you know, I want the saddlebags and the belly fat gone. I cannot seem to get under the 170 mark with consistency.

        I went to a friend's art show opening party two nights ago. I didn't have wine. I didn't have crackers. I DID NOT HAVE the excellent black forest chocolate cake. I did eat a couple of celery sticks and cherry tomatoes, and about 4 or 5 oz melted Brie with dried blueberries. Came home sort of in a diabetic coma, ate everything in sight that was Primal and weighed 172 the next day.

        I think maybe dairy is poison for me. (I don't normally eat it.)

        I've been keeping track of what I eat with Fitday, and I am averaging about 70 % fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs. But I'm not eating the amount of calories Fitday says I should for my height and weight. Maybe that's the problem. But I'm just not hungry.


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          Hey there, just wanted to drop by since you had so many good ideas on my thread.

          It's cool that you're (a)a Canadian and (b)an Albertan! I grew up in Calgary, so I have some nostalgia for the praries and foothills and mountains. But you're right, paleolithic hunter/gatherers would be running out of easily available food right about now. xD Maybe they could score a buffalo, though? Buffalo and berries would be pretty damn good.

          You may be allergic to dairy, lots of people are. Try goat or sheep milk and cheese, it may agree with you better. I think it's also higher in fat and lower in carbs than cow products, but don't quote me on that, I'd have to look it up.

          If you went up 2lbs overnight, it's probably water weight. Or, if you ate a lot late in the day, you could just still be digesting it. Food, digestion and water in your stomach all weigh something, after all.

          Good for you in not hitting the wine and cake. Hell, forget all that crapola and come home and have some of those fabulous coconut oil chocolates you were telling me about, maybe. They sound waaaaaaaaay better than sugar, flour and assorted garbage in the cake.

          After all, why would you want to ruin good chocolate with crap like that?

          Good luck with your goals.
          Getting my Grok on in the Pacific Northwest.

          "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me."
          "Cookie is a sometimes food."
          "Sometimes cookie monster eat APPLE instead of COOKIE. Sometimes eat CARROT."
          -Cookie Monster, partially reformed sugarholic



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            Thanks, Canary. I think I am allergic to dairy -- it always stuffs up my nose. I can live without it. Maybe a little feta.

            Yeah, I wish I had a freezer full of buffalo. There are buffalo and elk farms around. I was checking out the buffalo meat in Planet Organic the other day (OMG, the prices!) and noticed that the label said "fed a diet of entirely natural vegetable sources" or some such thing. I call BS; I bet those buffs are grain finished! Otherwise, wouldn't they say "grass-finished"? That grain finishing fattens them up quick and cheap and makes more money for the rancher, can totally see why they do it. Fortunately I have a friend who will sell me grass finished. My freezer is full of Costco lasagna and ciabatta buns, which are becoming ever more apparent as we eat the meat out from around them . . . .

            Good luck with your goals too. I hope Primal Painting turns out to be very, very good and sustainable.


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              The forum is so helpful.

              I am not eating enough protein. And sometimes I'm not eating enough, period.

              I was greedy for quick weight loss and put myself into ketosis (and flat on the couch with half a brain) too early, before I knew what I was doing.

              So today I ate 3 eggs with onions and about 5-6 grams of meat for breakfast -- well, lunch, because for some bizarre reason I slept until noon. That's a big chunk of the protein I need right there, and I'm not going to bust the carb bank.

              Yesterday I ate about .75 cu of millet with canned chicken for breakfast. I used to love that, only with quinoa, it's better. (Didn't have glasses on, so got the wrong grain.) I did that because I read something that said quinoa is a seed, not a grain and my stupid leftover Bad Eating Ghost said, hey, seeds, that's just like sunflower seeds. (Not, it is seeds, but they have similar bad stuff as cereal grains.) That was about 75 g of carbs, enough to wake up the cravings. So I had to deal with that, plus headache. I'm not weighing myself so I don't know what happened there. I guess I needed the reminder.

              I'm going to singing practice tonight, so I don't know how the rest of the eating day will go. I think I probably will want to eat something; I did two rounds of the 5 basic moves today (and did better on all! Can't believe how much easier improvement in "Planking" seems to be than when I was doing core exercise classes), but I don't want to eat a bunch because it will be almost 9 pm after singing and if I eat that late, I won't be able to sleep. Maybe just a little before singing.

              Making no progress with the Kraft Dinner Addict. He's 18, he knows everything.


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                Wow! Sun today for the first time in probably a week! Soooo bright! I'm going to go out and pick my neighbor's apples. (She's too busy to do it, and tells me to take all I want . . . but I don't do fruit so much any more. However, I have friends who do.)

                Ate big protein again for bkfst: 3 eggs with lots of butter and a can of sardines in mustard. Probably I'll only eat dinner around 6 and that should be good for the day. Got chicken drumsticks ready to go, but I need more veg. If it's going to be clear tonight, I'll bet we get hard frost. Maybe I'll pick the last of the lettuce : (

                Also made a hot drink of prob 2 tablespoons cocoa powder and 1/3 cu coconut milk in an 8 oz glass for some carbs. Something wrong with that, it gave me a slight headache.

                Slept well last night (maybe because I didn't forget to take my 2 magnesium capsules) but why has my sleep schedule changed to midnight to 10 am or even noon? What are you up to, body, during all those long, cozy hours in bed? This is not the optimal schedule for the rest of the family!

                Oh well, off to play in the apple trees!


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                  So, I picked about 120 pounds of apples. (Not bad for the Alberta foothills!) Then I decided to hike 15 pounds worth over to a friend who lives about a 40 minute walk away. Was a move-slowly day, but I thought carrying the apples would be a fun challenge . . .

                  So took the dog and my grocery bag of apples in my hand and started off. Nice day, beautiful leaves, SUN!! Switched bag back and forth between hands to prevent finger amputation for about 15 minutes, then switched to slinging bag over shoulder, holding with one hand. When that got painful, I rotated between one hand hold, two hand hold, other shoulder, one hand, etc. Then I had a genius brainwave! Rolled my hoodie into a doughnut shape, put it on my head, and put the apples up there! That was the easiest way to carry 15 pounds of apples by far!


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                    Having to be out during the day messes with my ability to eat properly.

                    BKfst: 3 eggs, butter, bacon
                    Lunch: ummm, some sunflower seeds and raisins (bad), a sample of fancy fish oil.
                    Dinner-ish: chicken soup, scotch egg, fried cabbage, endive w sesame seeds, yellow peppers, chicken drumstick, bunch o dark chocolate.

                    Now I've got to go out again to where there will be nibblies and wine. Hope I ate enough not to be tempted.


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                      YES!!!! You had a scotch egg! Awesome! I made them a few weeks ago and posted up some pics.

                      Yeah, being out and about can be difficult at times but you will find ways to make it work I am sure!

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                        I made scotch eggs because you showed us how, TGF! They were good, just the thing when you need a substantial snack! So thanks for that. I wasn't even tempted by the nibblies (suspect-looking sausage and salami, cheese, chocolate cupcakes with pink icing the color of 1950s bathroom fixtures with a blueberry on top). Had a good cup of tea, though, and bought my friend's new book.

                        I'm glad I stuffed myself before I went out. It helps.

                        Was trying to explain to my friend how this whole PB thing has changed me, but found it hard to do. I know the food I eat isn't making me sick and deranged anymore, because my body feels stronger and more alive somehow. I just feel more . . . primal! I want to go out and heave rocks and run barefoot through glacial rivers! It feels sort of testosterone-ish, but I'm a girl!

                        Curious to know what this means for the future. One thing, I'm going to convince a bunch of 50-ish women to come with me up a very steep, long hill through the brush this weekend! If they ask me where I got the energy, I know just what I'll tell them . . .
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                          Oh wow! You used mine! I am big time flattered! I am thrilled you like them.

                          It is awesome you have had such great success and I know it can be hard at times to explain to people all the benefits of how PB works and such.... usually the ONLY way they will truly understand it is to try it or at least come over for dinner and check out your copy of the book and ask questions. It is a whole new wonderful world being primal! Thanks again!

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                            Something happened . . . for the last couple of days, I have felt BAD.

                            I am puffy, lethargic, and semi-depressed. Can't be PMS; I'm done with that. This puffiness if so bad that when we went for a walk yesterday, when we got home and I took my sandals off, my flesh was all striped and indented where it had squished through the straps. That has never happened before. Also, I weighed myself for the first time in a while, and I'm 5 POUNDS heavier than I was the last time I weighed myself. And as I have only lost a total of 10 pounds since going primal 6 months ago, this hurts.

                            I haven't been cheating either. The only thing I might possibly be doing is eating high-ish carbs. I haven't been tracking with fitday, because I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to just "eat naturally," but with all I've learned in the last 6 months.

                            So, is this just because I ate 2 apples as I picked them (Thursday), licked the spoon a couple of times as I stirred the applesauce (Saturday), or drank about 8 oz of apple juice from the boiling of the apples step (Friday)? I suspect I am relatively intolerant of fructose; fruit was one thing I could eat massive quantities of.

                            The other new factor is some emulsified fish oil I bought on Thursday. It's flavored with lemon and xylitol. I've had a teaspoon per day since Thursday. Who knows what my body thinks of xylitol. I recognized semi-addictive behavior after I bought some Spry gum sweetened with xylitol (ie, I could have chewed the whole pack in an hour), so even though the fish oil is only 4 g carbs/2 teaspoons, maybe the perceived sweetness is enough to make me think I've ingested a lot of carbs? Which would mean carb sensitivity is a psychological phenomenon, not strictly chemical, hmmmmm.

                            I've got a large, expensive bottle of the stuff; it's not going in the garbage!

                            I feel somewhat better today, so maybe it was just the apples and the juice. It is mind-boggling to think that such a small amount of what would generally be considered a healthy food could wreak such havoc. How did I even survive the days when I ate whatever, whenever? It's also somewhat unhappy-making to think that I'm going to have to be this careful about what I eat from now on. It's like living with a life-threatening allergy, only the lite version.


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                              What did I eat today? Oh, yes, I'm not keeping track! And I love it that I have no desire to eat grainy, sugary badness even so. I did have a tiny bit of grapefruit in the salad and some Concord grapes, and I'm still not jonesing for sugar. That's cool.

                              I have a container of full-fat yogurt, though, and I do feel its siren call. Is it the lactose, I wonder? Why doesn't somebody make a lactose-free full fat yogurt? I can get sour cream like that.

                              Spent lots of time out in the sun the last couple of days. It's beautiful, the leaves all golden and the river turquoise and the grass still green. I got a bit red on my shoulders, but no pain and it was gone the next day. There's no way I could have done that before PB. I would have been fried and suffering. I wonder if sun exposure will still turn me into a withered, leathery creature eventually, though.

                              dH is not totally on board with this all -- keeps telling me that saturated fat is bad, bad, and that bacon is an occasional treat at best. But I caught him bragging on the phone to his mom about how much care we're putting into our diets now. Hahahaha! I will convince him in the end. He hit a new weight low yesterday, after we'd walked for about two hours. Go, him!