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    Still continuing with the no-weighing policy. I did weigh once, and I know I'm up from my low point. However, I don't think I care. I would like to lose a little bit more blubber, but I'm well within the healthy range of weight and BMI for my height. It's more to the point, for me, to feel good and energetic and happy. All of which I am today. It is Canadian Thanksgiving and I did eat a little bit of wheat in the stuffing and the gravy, but NO sugar and no dairy and no overeating either, so I should not feel bad tomorrow.

    I went for a walk a few days ago and planned a good primal exercise routine to do along that path, involving climbing trees and dragging logs, and all, so I am excited to maybe do that this coming week a couple of times. Hope the good weather holds.

    Just have to say that I'm really liking washing my hair only with baking soda and vinegar instead of shampoo. It just feels so much healthier. You can learn such interesting things on the forum, so I'm grateful for that.


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      Help, help, oh, help!

      The last week or so I have been craving and craving fruit. Nothing seems to make it go away. Usually if I have overindulged in carbs, the cravings will die down if I go VLC for a few days. I have a few theories:

      (1) I bought some Vit K2 that had 1000 IU D in each tab, so I cut down by 1000 IU the vit D drops that I normally take (to maintain total of 7000 IU). Maybe the tab D isn't as effective and I'm suffering because my body wants that extra 1000 IU back?

      (2) even though I haven't *noticeably* been off the wagon, maybe eating parsnip hashbrowns for three days in a row is not a good idea? Is there really that much difference between 90% and 85% dark chocolate? Is two pieces of fruit in a week capable of doing this to me?

      (3) I stepped up the PB fitness a notch, but I'm still at the beginner levels -- what can that have to do with it?

      This is making me crazy. If I give in and eat fruit it will only get worse. What am I doing wrong?


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        Eat more fat--'tis the season for carb cravings from what I keep reading...
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          Well, I'll certainly give that a try, Dragonfly! Even if it means eating butter with a spoon out of the butter dish. Thanks.


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            Remember this:


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              Wow, haven't written here since October! Must mean things are going ok! And they are. I'm just recovering from some nasty URT infection that made my lungs feel like they'd been flayed. But that's the first time I've been sick this winter! Glad for that. This sickness has put me off meat, oddly enough. I'm eating smoked oysters for protein (and maybe zinc?).

              I've had in the back of my mind for a long time now this slight concern with not eating organic, pastured meat. It's not happening in this household at the moment. I almost feel like I'm better off not to eat meat at all, unless I can be fairly sure that it's semi-decent, like wild fish or little sea critters very low on the food chain. This means I'm eating the same diet as my pescitarian/vegetarian friend who doesn't do grain. Huh.

              Weighed myself this morning for the first time in weeks and weeks -- 171.5. Is it possible that I was too skinny for most of my life? I remember weighing 138 in my university days, and not feeling freakish or anything. But now it seems that I'm going to be around 170. I have blubber -- I want it gone!

              I've been doing PB fitness off and on. I've made progress in the pushup. I can do 12 good pushups on a less than 45 degree incline, from my knees. Not a lot of progress on the pull ups, though. After I'm over this illness, I hope I can gain back what I've lost and make more progress. I'm a bit wistful reading about the quick gains some people make, but I remind myself that I'm older than most of you, I think.

              Must mention that I've been reading the book "Women, Food, and God." It has really helped me see the goodness of mindful eating, instead of shovelling it in as I read the paper. It means I eat less in the end. I like how she says the act of eating -- what and how -- is a perfect metaphor for what you think about life. It's true. Mindless shovelling (even of good primal food) = get it before it's gone, because there isn't enough, while conscious awareness of everything that I put into my mouth = life is full of plenty and is savory and sweet!


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                Wow, haven't written here since last September! Hmm, how have things changed? Some of my fat has moved, from my thighs and arms to my belly. The belly fat feels looser, somehow less permanent, by why doesn't it just go away? I think my overall energy levels are slightly higher, and more consistent. No so much up and down, and I haven't felt really depressed for a long time. Lately, I haven't felt like exercising, or even going for a dog walk. Just no energy for that.

                I've suspected that I'm hypothyroid, although I've never been tested. It's kind of a principle in my nuclear family that you don't go to the doctor unless there's blood, a lot of it. Plus, I've looked at the lab sheet that my dr uses, and the thyroid panel consists of TSH, and that's it. We're going on a trip to Portland soon, and I may try to find one of those labs that will do walk-in-off-the-street tests. In the interim, I'm tracking my waking basal body temp, as per Dr. Brody, to see if it actually is in his hypothyroid range, and if it is, if there's anything I can do to raise it. He says between 97.8 and 98.2 is normal. So far:

                97.736 (went for a walk and ate a banana just before bed)

                So, a little low, but the second one is closer. Think I'll try having a bunch of seaweed before bed, see it that helps.