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    I've finally decided to start a full time Primal Journal. Since the beginning of May, I've *tried* to continue with a challenge-style month. My challenge was to keep up being Primal without the safety net... read: no journal, no constantly reading the site, very little forum use.

    Turns out I spend most of my time on the internet here : ) I barely used my computer recreationally during the time I was away, and even when I did, I would just check the meetup calendar, then maybe stumble for a bit, and finally get bored and shut it off.

    May has been pretty fail as far as diet goes... I'd say I keep within 80/20, but my fruit(carb) consumtion has been more maintenance than fat loss. That and I've taken a weekly cheat meal where I just eat junk. Literally I go and get baked goods or something equally as awful for me.

    Thus, I'm going to do a regular journal and keep up with it all here.
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    Links to my old Primal Challenge Journals:
    April 10
    August 09


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      6:30am - 7:00am: 3 pieces of dark meat chicken (bone in w/ skin, grilled), a hamburger patty, 1/2 a grilled pork steak, red hot, and 1/2 glass of OrangeStrawberryBanana juice.

      7:00am - 5:00pm: IF - 10 Hours

      5:00pm - 6:15pm: 3 strips of bacon, 3 egg omelet w/ mushrooms and goat cheese, small chunk of polish sausage, a "serving" of S&V potato chips (according to the bag, made using sunflower seed oil).

      - 1 lap around Carondelet park walking/jogging
      - Pushups, 10-12-8
      - Another lap around Carondelet park, carrying two 5 pound weights

      My copy of the cookbook came today!!! I can't wait to have some time to read it.
      I'm starting to do research on buying a pair of inline skates and a bike, probably going to purchase a jump rope too.


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        6/2 and 6/3, 2010

        6:15pm 6/1 - Noon 6/2: ~18 hour fast

        Noon - 8:00pm: large piece of polish sausage, green olives, a pickle, medium orange, 3 pieces of bacon, 3 eggs over with salsa, grilled porksteak

        8:00pm 6/2 - 7:00am 6/3: 11 hour fast

        7:00am - 12:30pm - 4 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs over with salsa, 1/2 glass of POB juice, brussel sprouts in butter, 3 grilled chicken drumsticks (bone in w/ skin), an apple, a small amount of ham, slice of tomato, and piece of lettuce

        12:30pm: begin fast

        6/2 - Swimming for 45 minutes. Not really laps, just being active and playing around in the water
        6/3 - walking/jogging at Carondelet park, 1 lap


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          12:30pm 6/3 - Noon 6/4: Fast 23.5 hours

          Noon 6/4 - 1:00am 6/5: BAS w/ avacado, polish sausage, pickles, black and green olives, and onions with a red hot + mustard salad dressing, an orange, a cookie, all you can eat sushi, a piece of cheesecake, and an unprecedented amount of cola.

          tore apart and reorganized the copy room at work. 4 hours of intermittent light cardio and randomly lifting heavy things. Wasn't part of a "normal" day, so counting it towards exercise.

          I haven't been getting enough sleep!!! (he types at 130am). Took a cheat evening tonight, it was worth it lol. Sushi is somehow always worth it : ) Fortunately, it's expensive and can only be eaten as a cheat meal once in a while. I feel alright for it though, I'm not destroyed and I have a bunch of physical stuff to do tomorrow anyway. Getting back to a regular fasting schedule has been such a HUGE help in all things. I'm sure it will be a quasi cheat night tomorrow night as well, going to a huge party and will likely partake in the alcoholic offerings... such is life though. g'night!


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            6/5, 6/6

            Well..... a "quasi-cheat night" turned into a weekend long SAD bender lol. I didn't bother keeping track... suffice it to say that analyzing it would just cause more stress hehehe.

            I did manage to get some sun over the weekend though (finally) and am happy to report that I experienced the "looks like a burn but doesn't sting at all" effect that everyone else talks about. And this morning it's not even really red anymore, just getting tan : )


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              7:30 am: 2 double yolk eggs sunny side up over porksteak-onion-mushroom stirfry (and some hot sauce of course), a glass of juice - half pineapple coconut, half pineapple orange banana.

              7:30 am - 7:00 pm: 11.5 hour fast

              7:00 pm - 10:30 pm: porksteak-onion-mushroom stirfry with redhot on it, another glass of juice

              Rest : )

              I drank entirely too much juice lol I still stayed well under 100g of carbs for the day, but still.
              I seem to have lost my will to cook recently... if I can't make it in under 10 minutes (sometimes even 5), I have no interest in it. Thus all the eggs and quick stir fry's.
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                Well, I'm taking a small hiatus. Life has been too busy for internet time and vacation is coming up next week. I'll be back to hit it hard in July.


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                  Hey there. Just dropping in to say hi!
                  Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                    Did I say July? I obviously meant October =P

                    Don't think I'm going to keep a daily journal of food anymore... I've managed to learn how to control my eating habits without the need for a log. I've integrated Primal to the point where I don't "do Primal," I just "am Primal."

                    I've been gone from the forums for quite a while. I'll be honest, I missed it. It was good to have the time away though... likewise, it's good to be back. I tend to enjoy helping the new folks and answering the start up questions over and over again, so I'll likely get back to doing that.

                    I still haven't found any local Primal friends. I have converted a few folks in my life on the heels of my B&A story that Mark kindly put on the site. My boyfriend, sister, and mother have all taken it up. It would be nice to find someone to be friends with who is Primal and got there without my influence... so if you are in or around St Louis and and desire other Primal contact, please hit me up!

                    That's all for now, looking forward to catching up with those I know and making friends with those I don't!


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                      So I've strayed a bit far from Primal over the years... my last post being in 2010, and now it's 2016. What do I do about that? Not feel bad or stress over it!!! I pick up where I left off and move on. It's truly that simple. I'm going to get back to basics and go from there. In the last 6 years I've put a lot of the weight back on. I'm back up in the 270-280 range. I know this will rapidly decrease when I get back to it. More importantly, I've lost muscle mass. I've been basically sedentary for the last 2 years. I spent time in the hospital for an infection that went to my brain. I'm on meds for a diagnosis of Schizophrenia as a result of that infection. Life is vastly different than it was before. With any luck, getting back into a healthy routine that involves living Primally, I'll get better and be able to handle what's happened. I am going to do a daily food journal starting tomorrow (3/8/16). I'm going back to doing routine IF. I will get back to my sledgehammer and exercise again - Shovelglove, pushups, walking trails, and anything else I feel like doing on top of that. I'll start with a "See how much I can even do anymore" day and build from there. Though I don't think much has likely changed, my Primal knowledge is 5 years out of date, so if you're reading this, PLEASE feel free to chime in on how you think I can do something better. I used to be very active on these forums and even had my own B&A article that Mark put in the success stories before the website redesign. So, I'm both a Veteran (I lost around 100 lbs and became the most fit I've ever been in my entire life during 2009) and a n00b again. I look forward to chatting with you all again, and maybe some of my old knowledge can be of use to some of you! I'll post some before pics tomorrow when I officially start. And yes, I'm starting on a Tuesday. Mostly due to financial circumstance, but also because who says I can't just choose an idle Tuesday to begin on? Also, I'm living in Northeast Pennsylvania now, so if you're even sort of local, let me know and maybe we can get a group started! I was one of the founders of the St Louis MO based "Primal Living" Meetup group which is going strong at almost 500 members as of my last peek into what's going on there. I'm so ready to shed this SAD life and get healthy again!


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                        2:30pm - 14.5 hr fast
                        3 eggs with Amish cheese over sauted onions, mushrooms and bell peppers with dill. 4 strips of slab bacon. Guacamole (1 avocado, 1/4 onion, 6 green olives, deli mustard, and red hot).
                        BAS with homemade bruschetta mix, Amish cheese, green olives, browned ground beef, and sauted mushrooms.
                        Evening snacking - Wasabi peas and almonds.

                        Didn't do any exercise today, unless you count cleaning out my car. I don't lol. Stayed on target with food, which was my personal goal. My weight this morning was 277.6 pounds... aka waaaaaaaaay too much since I'm not yet muscular. I'm barely squeezing into my 36 waist pants and only fit into one pair I own. I measured around my navel and got 47.5 inches. Happy day 1!