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The Paleo(ish) adventures of ZenDogNine

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  • The Paleo(ish) adventures of ZenDogNine

    I'm taking the plunge and making my first journal entry. So, let's start with a little about me.

    I am 34 years old (35 in August!) and I'm not married and have no children. I live with my boyfriend who will be doing Ironman for the third time this year and who is extremely active, unlike me. Healthwise and weight wise I am not in a good place. I'd say I've been overweight since about the age of seven and have probably spent the last decade on various diets, some of which I've had some good success with all of which I have failed on in the long term. In 2012 I managed to lose a total of five stone just in time to take part in my very first triathlon but in the last two years I have re-gained almost all of that weight. I currently weight 16st 9lb (232lb) and would like to lose 90lb in total. Aside from my weight issues I also have eczema and asthma, both of which are currently quite bad. The combination has all but destroyed my confidence. The main driving force behind my decision to start this journal is the fact that I would like to be a mother and I'm hoping that in the next few years this will become a real possibility. Almost as important as this I also want to be and feel healthy. I simply feel as though I only half with my life because of my weight, because of my skin and because of my asthma. Enough is enough.

    I originally did a month of a low carb high-fat diet, which I only came across because my boyfriend was reading a book about it. I did four weeks completely sticking to the plan and lost 12lb in weight. What I enjoyed most was the fact that I did not feel hungry, my cravings for sugary food and carby food almost completely disappeared, my energy levels increased, my skin felt a little better, I was sleeping better and I generally just felt better than I had in ages. Unfortunately for the past three weeks I have completely messed it up and gone back to the way I ate before. I'm so angry with myself.

    In the process of researching the low carb high-fat diet I came across the primal blueprint and as a consequence this website. So here I am, making my first post and getting ready to make a start on my paleo (ish) lifestyle.

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    Welcome aboard zendognine! Just stick with it and you will be just fine! I'm only nine pounds away from my goal and the last time I checked the scale was 3 weeks ago! The nice part about this diet is that it's a very simple and easily maintained lifestyle! Best of luck to you and I'm looking forward to your future positive posts on your new blog! Slow and steady wins the race, my friend!


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      Photographs ahead of Day One...

      photo.jpgimage (7).jpgimage (6).jpgimage (5).jpgimage (4).jpg


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        Well this is it; my last night before I take on the challenge of becoming paleo(ish). I decided to post the photographs in the post above because I thought it would be quite useful to update them every so often to see whether or not this lifestyle is making any difference. As you can see, I'm carrying quite a lot of extra weight and I think I'm going to keep the dress I'm wearing in the photograph and take a picture every 4 to 6 weeks to see whether there is any visible difference.

        I've also posted some photographs of my skin, which at the moment is quite painful. I've had eczema on my hands for as long as I can remember but in the last few years this has spread to other parts of my body and is currently worse than it has ever been. The pictures above show me eczema on my back hands arms and inside leg but these are just a couple of pictures to give an idea of what my skin looks like. The pattern is repeated on both of my hands, my breasts, the bends in both of my arms, my armpits, my breasts, behind my knees and all up the inside of my legs as well as surrounding both of my eyes. It has literally never been so painful or so extensive. My doctor had given me steroids to take about a month ago for a period of two weeks. By the time I completed the course my skin was completely clear. After two weeks off the steroids the result is unbelievable. It is almost as though the eczema has reacted to the steroids stopping and has completely taken over my body.

        In addition to my skin I am also on a steroid inhaler and preventative inhalers for my asthma which, over the last few months, has also become very very bad. I am at a point where almost every activity leaves me struggling for breath. I find this embarrassing and it has had a significant impact on my self-confidence.

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          I've had to split this post over two replies as I ran out of space!

          As a 34-year-old woman, I feel like I am cheating myself of the only chance I have to live this life. I should be happy and content, self-confident and comfortable in my own body. I should look forward to nights out and jump at any opportunity to be sociable and have fun. I should take pleasure in the shopping for clothes and getting myself dressed up for a night out with my boyfriend. Instead, I hate shopping and spend the whole time feeling completely worthless and inadequate. I look longingly at the clothes that I would love to be able to wear but cannot. And when I go out with my boyfriend, instead of feeling sexy and attractive, I feel like I just want to hide myself and I feel mortified that he has to be seen in public with somebody who looks like me. Yet despite feeling like this I still have not done anything to change things. But now I know that I am on a precipice and have to make the decision. I can take a leap of faith and step off the end or stay there where everything will remain exactly the way it is now.

          I'm going to try to commit to being paleo(ish) for the next six weeks. I am hoping that after six weeks I will have adapted to this new lifestyle and will be in more of a routine. I say paleo(ish), rather than just paleo, because I am making one or two changes to the standard plan. I will drink alcohol because I only have small amounts when I go for a night out and I don't really drink a lot. I am also adding cream to the menu as I have coffee with cream in for breakfast on my way to work every morning and also a little on strawberries on blueberries a few times a week. Other than those small changes I will be trying to keep to plan the rest of the time.

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            I bet if you completely eliminate inflammatory foods and oils your skin and asthma will greatly improve.

            Good luck!

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              Hi Zen,

              Good luck on your journey! I am sure you will do great.
              I am new here too...its been a whole 6 days! I am hoping to resolve my health and weight issues too. I have to say it hasn't been too hard so far, I am liking how I am feeling and am very optimistic that this is a lifestyle change I can maintain. The fact you can eat as much as you like when it comes to meat, fruit and veg doesn't make me feel deprived and I think I am eating less though not intentionally! Kinda weird lol
              Well nice to meet you and I look forward to hearing about your progress. Ellie


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                Well what a complete and total mess I have managed to make of my first week and a half on primal! I don't even think I've done one whole day and in fact feel like I have been overtaken by some daemonic and irrational being who is determined to eat and drink until I literally burst! Sausage rolls, Greggs steak bake, cookies, chips, pasta, so much bread, chocolate and sweets, desserts...You name it in the last 10 days I've probably eaten it twice! I am so angry with myself and I have also gained about 5 pounds stupid, stupid girl!!!

                I have absolutely no excuse. I have been signed off work with stress because it has been making me feel quite ill. I've had a chest infection for the last four weeks. My skin is driving me crazy. I'm worrying and feeling anxious all the time. Things are stressful for me right now. I don't have half the problems I know some people have so feel guilty for saying that my life is stressful, but that's how I feel. And none of this is an excuse to have eaten the amount I have eaten in the last few weeks.

                I go away on holiday in a week and a half and have bought a few new items of clothing to take with me because it will be warm. Picking up size 18 and size 20 clothes made me feel so unhappy. So here I am day one starting again!!!!

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