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    So this may actually be it.. After more than a year of snooping around, getting rid of my fear for butter and other fats, testing out some random IF'ing and concentrating on reading instead of doing, I decided a few days ago it was time to take som serious action.

    First: Thanks to everyone contributing here, I've been reading a lot of it and it has given med great encouragement and the push to finally take the leap myself.

    So who am I? A Scandinavian chick, about 168 cm tall and about 57-58 kg. So I don't have a weight problem, but I do feel "skinny fat". I also have had a rather troubled "relationship" with food (gee, I hate that expression - we don't really have relationships with foods, we EAT them..), nothing extreme, but a definitive mental sugar addiction. And that goes for bread and chips as well.. So for periods I've definitely been riding the carb-coaster with the mandatory high-intensity cardio workouts fuelling the hunger.

    I do have much better workout habits than I used to, I do strenght and some interval training "every now and then". In periods I do it regularly 2-3 times a week, other periods more like once every 10 days.. So my plan now is to stick to the 2 times of gym/interval workouts per week, since I know I can keep that up. Apart from that I LOVE the outdoors. Hiking and cross-country skiing have been major hobbies for the last few years, and recently I also got a decent bike so that I can hit the trails! So to sum it up: Two times a week doing strenght and interval, apart from that: Doing stuff I love outdoors!

    So I know I will be able to handle that stuff. The big issue is the food. But I'll let you in on a secret: I've already accomplished day 4 I deliberately put off starting this journal, because I have tried and failed at least half a dozen times before. I just needed to build up some momentum before commiting, so that this wouldn't be yet another planning-all-to-much-and-not-seeing-through-disappointment.

    As you can tell, I'm starting out by focusing on a selected few of the primal laws. If I can get the lifting-heavy-stuff, sprinting and eating in place, I think the rest will follow suit. Anyways, most of the other laws I already follow more or less. My priority for the time being is the eating.

    I guess this is more than enough for a first post. Just to give you an idea of my habits, here are my meals for the last four days:

    Day 1
    B: Boiled eggs and butter
    L: Omelet with cream, bacon and onions
    D: Grilled lamb and vegetables
    Snacks: Piece of cheese, few nuts, greek yoghurt, glass of red wine
    (Deliberately liberal on the snacks, since the first days are the toughest)

    Day 2:
    B: IF
    L: Shrimp salad with sour cream dressing
    D: Grilled salmon with vegetables
    S: Apricot kernels, glass of red wine

    Day 3:
    B: IF
    L: Chicken salad, omelet, sausage, small beef patty (yep, was hungry)
    D: Oven baked chicken breast fillet and veggies
    Snacks: Strawberries, dash of youghurt, square of dark chocolate (70 %)

    Day 4:
    B: Handful of soaked almonds
    L: Sashimi, followed by some more almonds and brazil nuts
    D: Grilled salmon with veggies
    S: Square of dark chocolate

    So, sounds OK? I'm not giving up dairy, since I don't have any trouble with that. Hopefully, I'll have more stable energy (not falling asleep at my desk while studying, for example), become stronger, faster and more defined.. Oh yes, of course there's also a bit of good old vanity involved
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    I know what you mean about the "relationship with food". Part of what I love about backpacking and hiking is that food is just fuel, without all the emotional baggage. Makes everything so much simpler!

    Your plan looks awesome to me, good luck!


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      Thanks dash! Yes, when being out in the woods one needs to be rational about the food. And no delis or kiosks around every corner

      Yesterday, I finally got hold of some (seriously expensive) coconut flour! Yay! Have been looking all over for that stuff. But finally! And today, I celebrated with some delicious coconut pancaces with a topping of butter and bacon. Yummy! I love primal eating!


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        I ran into a slight dilemma this afternoon, which I guess I will meet again over and over. My boyfriend had prepared a delicious dinner of salad, and sausages. Only the sausages came with white bread rolls. But since he knows what I'm up to, more or less (although he's not into this primal stuff at all), he was very understanding of me not wanting the bread rolls. But I felt like I had to have one small bite just to please him. So I wonder what I will do when people offer me home-made bread.. And what I will do when visiting my parents and they make a delicious breakfast also based on bread.. Or my brother making pizza.. Hm. I think I might have to use the 80 % rule as an excuse for special occations.

        Anyways, I managed an at least 95 % primal day, so that makes day #5:
        B: Coconut pancakes
        L: Hard boiled eggs and avocado
        D: Sausages, salad and (tiny piece of) bread roll
        S: Apricot kernels, piece of dark chocolate (there's still more..)

        FitDay tells me that my avg. for these five days is:
        Fats: 111g, 981 kcal
        Protein: 86g, 353 kcal
        Carbs: 54.4g, 207 kcal
        Kcal avg: 1582

        My BMR is around 1350 (measured a while ago) and my calculated RMR is something like 1850, so with my current rather low activity level, studying for my exams, I think this should be OK aiming for a slight loss of body fat (but not really loosing a lot of weight).


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          Weekend coming up.. This will be my first real test of whether or not I'm actually into the PB this time. I think starting out on a Sunday was a good idea, since I've had all week to prepare my body for the temptations of Friday and Saturday night. Tonight will be the toughest: I'm going out for Friday Beers with some friends, which I plan to turn into a glass of Friday White Wine for myself. Then I'm going to hook up with old friends from the University at a big alumni party.. I've decided to stick to one, maximum two glasses of wine there. There will be tapas there, so I hope it's from a decent restaurant - which should leve me with primal choices in abundance. Guess it's all up to me now.. I just don't feel I'm ready to start explaining to everybody what I'm doing and why I don't want to eat the yummy bread or drink the sugary fruit punch. Or why I don't drink beer. Or why I stuff my face with beef, butter and broccoli. I hope that, in time, this will feel completely natural to me, and that I have figured out simple ways to explain or avoid having to explain without avoiding the fun and the social (and I believe evolutionary important) idea of sharing food with friends.

          But I do this for me, for my health, for my future. So I will try to be a bit discrete, but I will answer if anybody asks me questions! Guess this is a pretty common challenge to all Groks and Grokettes out there..


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            I DID IT! I made it through a Friday night without having one single bit of non-primal food. OK, so the 2-3 glasses of white wine aren't exactly primally approved, and the red wine is on the border, but hey, that's a hell of a lot better than I ever managed through such a night out before. So I ended up a bit above average on the calories today, but far below avg on carbs. I feel so great. I can't believe how many nights like this I have been thinking more about how to get hold of another bag of those little chili peanuts or where I can get a börek on my way home, than on the nice people I'm chatting with. But tonight, I was just fine with my wine and my friends. Even the bread served with the tapas was no challenge whatsoever. OK, so I'm definitely going to go on with this primal thingie

            B: Coconut pancakes (even better today - added a little melted butter to the batter)
            L: Boiled eggs with butter, piece of cheese, bit of cured saussage
            D: Tapas: Scampi, meatballs, aioli, sautéed veggies
            S: 2-3 glasses of white wine, 1 glass of red wine

            Now, it is definitely time to hit the sack. Good night!


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              Felt soo great last night when I came home. And honestly, no bad effects today from the wine either. And weight dropped to all-time low, maybe slightly water depleted though. So I should be drinking lots of water today.

              Feeling a bit demotivated today, reading for my last exam this semester, and it's starting to get boring. And for me, boring means comfort-eating. But so far, I managed with some almonds and a small chunk of the lovely, raw salmon I'm having for lunch.

              Tonight we're going for a barbecue at my parents house. Good thing is they're going to grill some salmon, so I'll probably be fine. There will, however, be dessert. Not sure what I will do about that. However, as long as it doesn't steer me off the great path I'm currently on, I think it'll fit into the 20 % rule.


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                So I did give in last night. Had 3-4 scoops of ice cream and a bunch of vanilla cream crackers. But since it was anticipated, I don't feel too bad about it. And it didn't make me want to eat all sorts of bad stuff. Actually, I just really wanted some eggs when I woke up this morning. So I made me some delcious boiled eggs with butter for breakfast.

                Anyways, yesterdays menu was:
                B:Omelet w/butter, onion, bacon
                L: Salad w/salmon ceviche, greek youghurt
                D: Grilled salmon and veggies
                S: Almonds (loads), dark chocolate, ice cream and vanilla cream crackers

                But today is my last day studying for my last exam this semester, so I better get going!


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                  Hi fable: I need some help. You said you are 1.68 cm tall. That, to me, makes you shorter than Thumbelina or Tinkerbell. Is there some notation style that I don't know about or is it a typo?
                  Tayatha om bekandze

                  Bekandze maha bekandze

                  Randza samu gate soha


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                    Oh, didn't I mention I'm a very tiny little elf, living the primal life iniside a tulip flower? Hehe, of course, you're right. I'm 168 cm tall, and will edit my first post right away..


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                      What a sad, sad lunch today. Wanted to save some time, and knew the cafeteria would be open at my university, even though it is Sunday. So I decided to grab something there. But to my disappointment, the warm food was a choice of falafel with rice and chicken stew with rice. The salad bar was closed. All they had were some ready mixed salads that were either full of pasta, rice or sweet corn. I grabbed one with chicken, deciding to just try to avoid the corn. But to my disgust, I discovered it had been frozen so it was all a soggy mess of translucent lettuce in some kind of watery dressing that was too sweet. I luckily managed to get hold of one of the two last boiled eggs. But it was overcooked, way too cold and almost impossible to peel. Sigh. Should have just skipped the whole thing.

                      Anyways, this makes me look even more forward to the lovely marinated pork filet that we're putting on the grill tonight. No soggy lettuce, just tasty meat and some grilled veggies with lots of butter. Mmm!


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                        So yesterday was fully primal, good to be back on track. Funny thing though, weight showed upward trend today (not yesterday). Find it strange. Maybe the salt and carbs from Saturday making me retain some water? Or maybe I actually was water depleted Saturday and Yesterday. Well, it doesn't really matter, it was just a few hundred grams.

                        Yestedays meals were:
                        B: Boiled eggs w/butter
                        L: Sad, soggy excuse of a salad with some chicken and egg
                        D: Grilled pork filet, very tasty but slightly undercooked. Veggies on the side.
                        S: Piece of canned mackerel in the afternoon, small piece of chocolate in the evening.

                        Today's my last exam this semester, send me some wise, primal thoughts!


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                          Hi fable. That brief upward trend is why I will only weigh once a month. After all, this is a lifestyle, not a diet. In your case, skinny fat, weight isn't as important as replacing some fat with lean, so my advice would be not to bother much with what the scale says. For me that's liberating and one of the draws of PB.


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                            @Grol Hmm.. I guess you're right.. Funny thing is, that's the advice I'd happily give someone else like myself. I must admit, I feel like I HAVE to check the scales. It's like I'm afraid it'll suddenly increase like mad if I don't check every day. OK, so here's a new challenge to myself: I'll start weighing in only once a week, starting tomorrow. (Next step will be once a month, but one step at a time.) Thanks for the reminder!

                            So today was, again, a quite good primal day. Had a much better, actually fresh salad today. Had my and my boyfriends' parents over for dinner. Very pleased with the food. We made little alu-foil packages containing salmon, wolffish, ginger, chili, spring onion and peppers and put them on the grill for 20 minutes. Lovely! We made some sweet potato mash to go with that (I only had a little, it was actually a bit too sweet). Oh, and my new favourite side dish: Whole baked garlic cloves! Yum! As a treat to go with the coffee, we had strawberries dipped in home-made chocolate which contained just a small amount of eritrytol and a teaspoon of sugar for the whole batch. I haven't adjusted to really liking that kind of chocolate on its own yet, but as a thin coating for the strawberries, it was dee-licious!

                            Enough bragging about dinner.. I seriously need to get my regular excercise going. It's like.. I actually really enjoy working out, and usually don't have any problems fitting it in my schedule. But lately, it seems that I just can't find the time. Always something else to do first. But I know it's just lame excuses. Actually, why don't I just go tomorrow morning? Yes, that's what I'll do! OK, so now I told you, so I have to go through with it!


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                              Hm. My skinny jeans are fitting losely. I really need to start working out more, otherwise I'll go from skinny fat to just skinny.. I want to be fit!