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Hi im Jackie -My journey to better long lasting internal health begins here

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  • Hi im Jackie -My journey to better long lasting internal health begins here

    Today has being a day of realisation.......

    I ran 20 mins, I puffed and found it extremely hard but I finished. Only after I had the realisation that I need to do something more..... I need to lose the extra 30lbs pounds that my knees and ankles are carrying for that 20 minutes.

    I sat and bent over to tie up my shoes only to realise that my stomach is now restricting me from doing this comfortably like I used to do 12 months ago.....

    I had a shower and a glimpse of my naked body made me realise that I have not being out of shape like this for 12 years..... that made me cry....

    I thought I was ok, I thought id get through, I thought this is life just enjoy it for what it is as lifes too short to worry about what to eat when to eat it and how much to eat, I thought im 40 I can look like this.......

    The realisation today was that these things are not ok and I don't need to look like this, im in control about how i can feel look. But the most important thing is the inner health that will make me be able to run past 20mins with health knees and ankles. To be able to tie up my shoe laces without restrictions and look at my naked body and love what I see.

    So im going to weigh in tomorrow morning and blog each daily food intake, I will make my goal reaching 167lbs by the end of October when we take a family holiday to Australia!

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    I had a great start to my day today, a upper weight training workout at the gym. Felt really good to get out and do something.

    7.30am Breakie started with a cup of Jasmine tea, 2 eggs, 1 piece of bacon fried in coconut oil with chopped bok choy.

    10.30 snack was 6 almonds and 1 slice of Dr Libby Weavers Chocolate Crisp (made with buckwheat groats/mojool dates/maple syrup and almond flour

    1.30 lunch was 190gram kumara with 1 small tin of tuna, sour cream and cheddar cheese.

    3.30 snack was I slice of Dr Libby Weavers Chocolate Crisp

    6.30 dinner was 2 homemade meat patties with steamed cabbage and silverbeet.

    7.30 snack was 1 piece of chocolate crisp and cup of tea

    Feeling good but craving sweet stuff that's why ive had a few pieces of slice today, I will try and get that down a bit and have almonds and a piece of fruit maybe.
    But a good start, feeling a little tired. Time to put my feet up for the night.


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      Day 2, started well, at the gym at 6am for a lower body workout. Had my 2 egg/1 bacon omelette with silverbeet and 2 tbls cheddar cheese and slice avocado.
      Morning tea was a small banana
      Lunch was 3 small meat patties with cabbage and silverbeet
      Afternoon tea was 1 slice of chocolate crisp, heres where its not so good......
      3 vodkas with diet sprite and diet lemon
      Plain potato chips (about 1/3 bag)
      Dinner was a bowl of soup and 2 slices of sour dough bread.

      The last day of the week, hubby and I sit have a couple of drinks and chill out a bit, so this is where I start falling apart but me blogging here im hoping to gain some control . I says in the Primal blueprint book that if you do primal 80% of the time you will still have good health. Over the next few weeks im going to change my weekly downtime to have different snacks. Im going to start tracking my carbs in paleotrack and see if I can get to 100grams per day.


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        Hi Jackie! Sounds like you 're off to a great start!

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          well ive been at a bit of a loose end the last couple of days, however today ive only had 3 meals.
          muslie made with puffed quinoa and seeds/nuts with 2 tblsp home made yoghurt
          Chicken half sushi roll
          Mince bolognaise on cabbage for dinner.
          5 squares of dark chocolate for dessert.
          Ran for 20 mins this morning with my black lab stella, she always seems to help me mentally.
          Tomorrow is a another day.


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            I have been running for 20mins a day and tomorrow im back to strength training.

            Yesterday we had visitors so we had some treats that were primal
            I had 1 cup puffed quinoa with half a banana with a drizzle of maple syrup for breakie.
            Protein shake for morning tea
            Left over quiche made with lamb/bacon and veges.
            Afternoon tea - a piece of Lemon, almond and coconut cake, really yummy!
            Dinner - lamb pie with some macaroni (not a very good dinner!!) That where I struggle a bit. I love macaroni cheese and I feel im missing out by making it for the family.