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The Egerland Chronicles - Reducing Scary Triglycerides

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  • The Egerland Chronicles - Reducing Scary Triglycerides

    I am a 59 year old male, been active most of my life (surfing, cycling, hiking, lifting). I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes about seven years ago, and the progression of "diabesity" has gone unchecked despite a commitment to the primal lifestyle about 4 years ago. Most worrisome are the recent labs a couple of weeks ago: blood glucose (A1c 204) and triglycerides (651, up from 425 six months ago). Other lipid markers, while not great, were tolerable.

    I'm 5'10", 205 lbs, 36" waist. Almost all the fat I carry is in the abdomen. Upper torso, legs, and glutes are tight from cycling and weightlifting. BP is good for my age (seems to be dependent on how much caffeine I take).

    Since starting the primal life, I have frequently allowed myself cheats (around 10% of my diet), such as a piece of cake, chips, or beer now and then.

    I got scared. Since it is hardly possible to exercise more than I already do, I did some research and came up with the following solution:

    1) Take Krill oil daily, two tabs
    2) Reduce the carbs to almost nothing
    3) Cheese is out of my diet, only dairy is cream for coffee or some butter a couple of times a week
    4) Minimal amounts of nuts, stick mostly with macademias
    5) No more than one serving of alcohol a week
    6) Weight goal is 190 (should result in a 34" waist)

    I'm taking Krill oil since it seems to attack a lot of my problems, and is easier digestively than massive doses of fish oil. Krill is supposed to reduce triglycerides, improve lipids, provide blood glucose control and promote weight loss. While I've only been taking it for 6 days, I have already seen reduced blood sugar readings (a.m. fasting 140, and the about same for 2 hour post prandial).

    I will update the diary with my observations on my progress in executing the solutions I've outlined, and any clear results.

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    Had a short, intense weight workout after work yesterday, lifting about 10,000 pounds. Then home for dinner: a grass-fed strip steak and half an avocado, followed with a handful of nuts and some dark chocolate.

    Yesterday at lunch I took a third tab of Krill oil, making the total for the day 1500 mg. No stomach upset, so it was fine.

    Woke up today full of energy, no neck pain (an all-to-frequent thing for me). Scale read 204.


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      A couple of hours and done with the work week In the late afternoon, I'll take a neighborhood bike ride (8 miles) and then wash my car.

      Dinner? Steak & Bubbie's pickles, maybe a sugar-free chocolate pot de creme for desert...


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        Got back yesterday from the Yosemite foothills. Spent Friday afternoon and Saturday working like a dog clearing weeds from our property there.

        Had a pint of porter at a brewery in the area Saturday evening as a recovery beverage. Feeling great today.

        In a couple of weeks, I will take part in the local Tour de Cure, riding 61 miles for diabetes research. Will up the training schedule until 3 days before.


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          Ten miles on my road bike after work last night. One of the benefits of krill oil seems to be improved joint health. No twinges in my knees or ankles during the ride. Dinner was grass-fed strip steak and salad. Feeling great!

          I plan to train almost daily for the Tour de Cure. Planning on 20 miles on the bike trail tonight.


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            Finished 21 miles on the bike trail yesterday evening after work. Average speed was 13.8 mph. There was a stiff offshore wind that provided some resistance, which I need. The bike trail is flat, but the 61 mile course on the Tour de Cure has some good hills... Dinner was primal slaw and a bockwurst. Fell off the wagon a bit and had some black bean quinoa chips from TJs.


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              Hi Egerland, just wanted to wish you good luck with getting your DM under control.

              I'm not familiar with Krill oil...will need to look into that.
              Why no it b/c of the high fat content or you just don't tolerate it?

              Lucky you got to hike in Yosemite! I love that area.
              “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

              ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own


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                Hi Bullymama! I'm not sure about the cheese, since it is pretty calorie-dense. I have a suspicion that it may be contributing to my belly fat Giving up cheese is difficult, so I've been trying to stick with smaller quantities of artisan cheese instead of supermarket brands.

                For a good (and very lengthy) discussion of krill, Google "eades krill" Dr Eades, a prominent advocate of primal eating, has a post with a lot of discussion on the benefits. Perhaps for reasons relating to his medical license, he recommends krill for mainly joint pain. However, reading between the lines in the posts, you can see there are many other benefits, some apparently confirmed by relatively small-scale studies.

                Another promising agent in the fight against diabesity is Earl Grey Tea. Bergamot, the citrus oil used to flavor the tea, has been the subject of recent reports that tout its ability to improve blood lipids and reduce blood glucose.


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                  Another bike ride after work yesterday, 10 miles or so done fast (for my age). Dinner was a grass fed NY steak with some Bubbie's pickles. Nuts for dessert. Slept OK...

                  Plan is for a 20 mile ride after work tonight. Got to do some lifting soon, too.


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                    Nice going with your activities! I have some grass fed NY steak in my freezer too and can't wait to dig my chops into that!
                    “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

                    ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own


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                      Felt like crap all day yesterday, woke up with a headache this morning. Ah, the joys of getting older!

                      Bought some glycine supplements after reading about them in the Primal Research thread. Too many reasons in favor to list here.

                      After skipping my bike ride yesterday, I made myself ride for half an hour before work today. Another ten miles planned for the late afternoon.

                      Meanwhile, I'm looking at the aspirin, wondering if I should take some.


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                        Managed to shrug off the blahs by getting some extrad sleep on Friday afternoon and went to bed early that night.

                        Rode 40 miles over the weekend, and I can tell that I am getting fitter. Almost ready for the Tour de Cure next Sunday!


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                          26 mile bike ride after work, one hour and fifty minutes to complete. The offshore breeze provided a bit of resistance training at times. Dinner was a big rib eye with brussel sprouts. Feeling great!


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                            Glad you're feeling better, Egerland. Wowza, nice "little" marathon of a bike ride you did yesterday
                            “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

                            ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own


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                              Today is the last day of training for the Tour de Cure on Sunday. At this point I've cycled 157 training miles in a week and a half. No weight lost - I think my legs got bigger!

                              I've got a slight overuse injury to the right knee. Before krill oil, my knees would have been a lot more painful with all this riding. I know it's chronic cardio, but this is one race, not a regular lifestyle of riding fast every day.

                              Anyway, I'll do another ten mile ride this evening and that's it 'til the race on Sunday morning.
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