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  • A New Beginning......

    Starting a journal to help me try to stay focused and achieve my goal. Healthy body with a healthy amount of weight loss for good measure

    Weighing in at 184 lbs and wanting to be under 140 and being honest, under 130, it will be a long test

    I have been aware if and trying to eat paleo/primal for at least 1 year this time round. Did spectacularly well in 2007 and with about same start wright got to 135 in about 20 weeks. It is much harder this time

    Just about to reach my 51st birthday and menopausal symptoms creeping in are not making life easy plus work life is currently very stressful as our own business is struggling in the current climate. We rob peter to pay Paul every week

    I live in a non primal family, but I am trying to get them to eat different things. It is difficult when they lunch at school at there are many pasta/rice/potato and pastry based meals as well as sandwiches everyday. Taking their own is not an option.

    I have a lovely man who puts up with my various theme for health and eating without complaint, but often confusion, especially when I slip up and give into my cravings!

    I try to go to the gym 4-5 times a week as it fits in better time wise and the facility is lovely. 3 times resistance with wrights and a couple of times with some cardio and 'sprinting'

    If success was dedication to everything except food, I would be set my goal in no time, but, the bit that is the biggest struggle, putting the right things in my mouth, is the hardest. Although, I have done it once and I will do it again!

    So here to record what I eat, maybe how I feel, will see how it goes. Not always good at keeping upto such things but will see

    Today, a good day. Decided yesterday/ last night that enough was enough and I must shop feeding myself food that is damaging (Favorite choc but anything sweet and Corby, so brad,biscuits,cake,sweets etc) I can either be fat and stressed or slim and healthy and maybe still stressed but I am sure I will feel better with the latter!

    2 eggs scrambled in Coco oil and 4 pieces bacon
    Veg stir fry, cabbage,bean shoots,water chestnut,pepper,onion, fried ground beef with salt pepper and herbs and just a tiny splash of oyster sauce ( must find some good/ quick sauce or flavours for meals like thus)
    Strawberry and blueberries with a large dollop of full fat Greek yoghurt. (Once I've used the dairy will revert to coco milk/ cream if I need to )
    Planned to be gammon, egg and roasted peppers,tomatoes and onions with roasted butternut squash and sweet potato wedges
    Maybe more berries
    I will try and remember supplements of magnesium, fish oils and evening primrose

    There, let's see how we go, 1 day at a time

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    You are about where I was when I started and your goal is where I am! You're a couple of years younger than I am but I think when we reach this stage a couple of years is an eyeblink.

    Have you tried fish sauce or coconut aminos? I put them in everything. Also sriracha.

    Your food looks great!
    My Primal Journal:

    "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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      Thank you! It is really good to hear about the food. Sometimes I wonder if I have this right.......

      I will try to find similar items to your suggestions in uk tho only ever heard of fish sauce! Silly question, is it fishy?



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        It is made from anchovies, but believe it or not it isn't fishy. You can find these two items in the asian section of the market, perhaps by the soy sauce, tamari, etc. Coconut aminos might be a bit harder to find, definitely a specialty item. But fish sauce should be available. It's not expensive.
        My Primal Journal:

        "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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          Hi Jant, Congratulations on the decision to start again. Deciding to go Primal in a non-primal family is a tough decision. Its tough to stick to it also. It does get easier. Applause for your supportive husband. Not all are ready to support our crazy diets and health escapades. Do you feel any different now, or is it too early to tell?


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            Thanks for your comments and yes my hubby puts up with most any idea I have. Bit soon to feel anything yet, also have a major cold virus that I can't seem to shake which isn't helping. Am trying not to focus on wright loss though and just concentrate on the foods, that way the health/weight should look after itself - I hope !


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              This another day and so dar so good!

              Being Saturday hopefully not too just pushing on with washing and ironing etc

              Breakfast good
              1 97% pork sausage
              2 bacon
              2 scrambled eggs
              Handful of blueberries

              Lunch planned to be
              Stir fry - not sure what meat. I have some ground beef I could fry off and use

              Might be a rib eye steak and salary stuff
              Berries and cream

              Have I heard mention of coconut cream? Is this like a thick milk? Only coconut cream we seem to have over here is in a solid block, wouldn't really work with berries.....?

              It should be a good weekend as it's Mother's Day tomorrow, but family under orders for no chocolate!


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                Hey Jant,

                Thought I would say hello as I am also in the UK - in Bedfordshire.

                I made the commitment to primal in November last year, having already lost 2.5 stone on Weight Watchers, but then I'd stalled, was bored of the programme, and knew that I couldn't go forward on a diet of 60% low fat carbs - I already knew I was gluten sensitive even though I'm not officially celiac.

                I too have a hubby who is very supportive of my weight loss approaches. Although I do confuse him sometimes, and I have tried to sneak primal in by the back door. So he is very confused this morning cooking my scrambled eggs in butter. But he knows I 'slip' sometimes But he knows about the low carb approach as in I don't eat pasta or bread products because of the flour, and I only occasionally have rice or potatoes cos I'm trying to keep the calories down (as it were). He doesn't know about the coconut oil

                Hope you got your wishes for Mother's Day!

                Best of luck on your journey, I look forward to hearing about your progress.


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                  Thank you for visiting! Yes our hubby's are great really, aren't they.

                  I hope I can echo everyone else's success and so far so good.

                  Mother's Day going well, been busy baking with my daughter, not primal yet!

                  However food should be reasonable today
                  2 eggs, 2 97% sausage, 3 bacon ! Tomato

                  25g 70% dark choc ( my treat)

                  Roast lamb and pork, cauli, broccoli, carrots, swede
                  Glass go champagne
                  Maybe a very small piece of the cake we have made. I will try to take a picture and post in a bit

                  Hope everybody has a great day, not just the mothers!

                  As an aside. I am trying to stay positive and not worry about a pending hospital appointment tomorrow. It is just an examination at this stage but will be uncomfortable, could be painful and may lead to more treatments, but, at least I am being properly checked over.

                  On a lighter note I have ordered some coconut aminos and sriracha from amazon and some magnesium spray to help me sleep .


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                    So another day. Hospital procedure ok in the end, great support from hubby and NHs staff are lovely in our local hospital.

                    Yesterday was ok, succumbed to more wine but used today as a big excuse really. Excuses over !,,

                    3 bacon, 2 eggs scrambled

                    Left over salmon terrine, stir fry left over too, strawberries and yoghurt small bar of 70% choc ( only 8 carbs per 25 g bar)

                    Not sure but we have left over lamb from yesterday, so that and maybe veg.

                    Need to find some energy to make breakfast and lunch for tomorrow tonight so I can have some me time at gym tomorrow morning.

                    Full steam ahead and trying to focus as my birthday weekend coming so need to concentrate


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                      Gosh do I feel better today. Can feel my energy returning, why do I ever stop doing this?!

                      2 97% sausage 2 scrambled eggs

                      Left over roast lamb salad
                      3 tangerine


                      Cod cauli, broccoli
                      Strawberries and Greek yoghurt
                      Handful hazelnuts

                      Slept better

                      Didn't move enough

                      Didn't eat anything poisonous (yeah!)

                      Full of beans!!!


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                        Mmm a funny few days, cravings galore, birthday over now!

                        Need to get on now no matter where I have been.

                        2 eggs sausage bacon mushrooms

                        No lunch

                        Roast pork, cauli,broccoli,carrots bit of stuffing

                        Tomorrow plans
                        Up to gym first thing

                        2eggs 3 bacon

                        Chick salad

                        Dinner roast chick and veg

                        Lots of water

                        If the weather ok try to take kids to park

                        I know the last 5 days quite bad, but I will not give up


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                          So, just pondering the best way to get much better at this and think I have an idea!

                          I know if I eat veg fruit meat fish -that's good. I would love to think I could manage to no poisonous things at all but my brain seems to struggle with saying no so many times. So, am going to do the following with immediate effect:

                          3 meals a day
                          5 hours apart
                          2. Litres water
                          3 hours before bed(last meal)

                          Also, no grains. That's it.

                          I expect that no grains will also remove most sugar too. Will have to be careful with fruit.

                          Will try to log my food too to look back on.

                          I will succeed at this. I feel gross, overblown and plain fat. All unnecessary if only I ate properly.

                          The deal starts now.


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                            Hey Jant! You can do this. I'm (one of many, I'm sure) rooting for you. I've been trying to stick to the Primal bandwagon for over a year now and I think maybe this time.... You will succeed!



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                              Thank you peach. Tried to stay calm and just get on with it.

                              3 eggs 4 bacon
                              Beef salad with avocado
                              Chile and cabbage and strawberries and creme fraiche

                              Dark choc 2 oat biscuits (darn it, but much better than before)

                              Also managed gym 2days on trot this week, long May it continue


                              3 eggs2 sausage
                              Chicken stir fry
                              Roast chicken veg, butternut squash n sweet potato, parsnips, cauli and broccoli
                              Strawberries and cream
                              Handful if walnuts

                              Given recent history this is good

                              Stress levels at work high money is tight and we risk upsetting people by not spying regularly. Trying to hold out till July when we have some big orders due to finalise....

                              Otherwise I am fit and well and so are those I love. I gave a lot to be grateful for.