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    So... im bambam husband to the absolutely fitting name angelgrl. Im 43, 6'4", currently 180 lbs and hot as hell lol.
    I am and for the most part the same weight i was in high school. I have always worn 31-34 jeans and a size 12 shoe so my feet are long too. I have always loved the outdoors and have been a contractor for 20+ yrs so having a physical job has kept me in ok shape.
    I have always tried to eat healthy, (cw healthy) i always drank water when thirsty, rarely soda with a meal. Usually milk or tea but when not eating its water. Lots of natural fruit juices etc. (Natural! Hahahaha!) Oh well better than coke i guess.
    Now, my diet..... that was 95% carbs and 5% lean meat. Mostly chicken. Which turned out to be good since i found out carbs and fat = death. No fried foods to speak of. Even prefered veggies on my pizza to meats. My colesterol in 08 was 126. I have always been the guy that could and would sit down and eat a whole bag of oreos and not gain a pound. Yup all the women hated me for it too. Loved my sweets. But most of the time i ate 1 huge dinner, like a whole large pizza and then quick snacks durring the day or night. (Oreos!!!) Yum!

    So the bad side to all this was bowel changes around age 24 that got worse, and worse, and worse, and so on. To the point that i was certain my death one day would come from a bowel issue of some sort. The second issue was no energy, EVER! Not even after a snack or meal. Come to find out my insilin producing guts could bench press a car from the 43 yr workout ive given it. And last was wicked body aches. If i did have any energy they kept me from doing anything i didnt have to.

    So angelgrl does atkins to lose some weight and comes across

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    (Continued from above)
    Marks book. So she starts telling me all this stuff and it makes more than senses if you know anything at all so then i say why the hell am i eating my foods, food??? (Think about it, youll get it! Haha) cows have 7 guts to break this crap down and even they dont fully digest it and i only have1 stomach. So we get the book and start to reading it and we get to the skinny fat part which clearly i want to hear about. So she starts reading this stuff about fat visserals and i stop her and say (i really did this) did he just say i have a fat liver??? So she laughed and said yes he did. So heres the thing......
    I can see how being call fat would hurt but visserals are so private arent they? I felt like he shoulda kissed me first or something.


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      Anyway, i had to suck it up as i looked down and saw the bulge of my gut that has very little fat on it and had to conceed that maybe my liver is fat. I do have to admit i always wondered why i didnt have a washboard with no fat there. So we both went primal. I did start by cutting way back on carbs but we had so many we had bought i thought id just pick at em a bit at a time so we didnt waist the $. I did that for 2 weeks. Basicly i had no carbs all week and then id have 1 dinner loaded with em. So even after just 2 weeks of mostly cutting carbs, she had a wad of cookie dough in the frig she made me 2 weeks before so i said make me 4 a week till its gone. Ah ya.... i just went 2 weeks no sugar! Who would think carbs and sugar were different? I mean they are both carbs right???? NOPE! I ate 4 stupid cookies after 2 weeks of some bread but no sugar at all and i felt like the US Constitution the next day.


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        My body hurt so bad i didnt wanna get outa bed. Now.... all of you that are worried about giving up carbs and doing this listen close. I, me the man writing this am telling you, on this earth there is no greater junk food junky. Its yummy and i had no reason at all not to eat it as i could have all i wanted and not gain a single pound. Even with a dinner, i prefered to fill up on bread. When i made a sandwich it got 1 slice of meat so it couldnt mess up the taste of my yummy roll. (Carb JUNKY!) For just 3 days when i cut my carbs to 1 meal a week. Just 3 days did i actually crave bread and c


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          Cookies. After that they just sounded good. Then..... i ate the 4 lousy cookies. Since the following day cookies no longer sound good at all nor does any carb i used to love. Ya know when yera kid and ya ate something you loved till ya puked? Weve all done it. Well heres my carb pill. Go just 2 weeks with no carbs and then sit down and eat a big fat chocolate cake with 3 jars of frosting on it and you wont do it ever again. Americans want the fast easy pill.... there is yer anti carb fast fix. If you still want cake after the following day.... well yer not to bright and deserve what you get for doing it.


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            I went completely primal on 3/13 and gave the rest of my carbs (i mean ALL of them) to my neighbor. Ya im a nice guy huh? Poison the neighbor. Well when he asked why i didnt want them, i told him i learned carbs were poison. He looked at me stupid and said hell ya ill take em. So before you judge methink. He didnt ask how they are poisonous, he just thought i was nuts so as stated above stupid should hurt but too often it doesnt so you deserve what you get. Pain is how we learn and if yer too dumb to learn from pain im betting life will sweep you away to make room for someone that can make use of the air you waist. Dont get me wrong we all have a right to live but natures rules are not quite as pollitically correct as the forum rules.


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              So anyway. Since the 13th ive pretty much had carb flu but just today i did notice that my energy is up a tad but the big thing is my body doesnt ache and its been a long time since ive felt that.

              I will try to keep this up to date as us fat liver ppl seem to get very little attention compaired to the outside fat. Ttyl ppls!


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                Your my hero. I cant wait to see us get lean strong and healthy together. LOL i love the neighbor but its true he doesnt care about his health so much. Would that we could give everyone marks book and have them research it. Lots of love to all of you on your journey. Nice to meet you all.i love all the info everyone puts out there everyday and the support.