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    Hey peach! Glad to see you back! Thank you for your such kind words in my journal, I was so upset when I posted all that, and reading what you wrote really made me feel so much better! <3 everyone in this community.

    Don't sweat falling off the wagon, so to speak, as all the negative thoughts about that just amount to more stress, which definitely doesn't help anything. The fact that you came back and got right back on speaks volumes about your commitment! You got this!!

    Check out this post Mark wrote regarding the relationship between thought patterns and health: The Placebo Effect in Diet | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple

    I'm hoping I pick up your organization and cooking skills (soup for breakfast? meatloaf? real recipes?) just by hanging out in your journal!

    OH and before I forget: sorry to hear about your brother and sister not including you!! Families, I swear. I hope you had a great Easter though!!


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      Day 1

      So I decided to restart with Day 1. I'm not so much trying to do an elimination diet as to just challenge myself to stick with this for 30 days.

      I managed to pick up a stomach bug that woke me up at 3:30 this morning. Ugh. I didn't continue to feel that bad but I had zero appetite until late this afternoon. As a result, today's food is a little weird and was all consumed after 5 pm.

      2 small slices Curry Turkey meatloaf
      ~ 3 oz steak
      10 or so black olives
      Spoonful of coconut butter

      Plus lots of mineral water sipped throughout the day.

      My tummy seems to be tolerating all of that pretty well so I should be good to go tomorrow.

      Good night, everyone!


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        Ha! the universe is helping you restart with a 'cleanse'
        Hope you feel better soon
        link to my journal


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          Awwright, 30 day challenge (re)accepted! You got this!!!