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Hockey, Pictures, and a Primal Journal

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  • Hockey, Pictures, and a Primal Journal

    Hi everyone,

    As a longtime MDA reader and part-time Grok, I've decided I need to fully embrace the craziness that is going Primal. While I've been a reader for years (5?, maybe 6?) and have considered myself Primal for the majority of that time I recently realized that I have never gone a full 30 days 100% Primal, so that is my initial goal. I'm hoping this thread will be a good way to keep me on track and that I can receive some valuable advice and talk to some great people while here. If all goes well I'll definitely keep posting after my 30 day success as well.

    My Background: To start things off, I love hockey. It has been my sport of choice since i was 3 years old and I haven't gone 3 months without playing a game in over 20 years. As a former college hockey player who recently graduated I have suddenly found that my body has very swiftly adapted from a reasonably lean 6' 3" 215 lb to my current state of 282 lbs (all since June 2013). While I still play men's league hockey and coach the college team I played for, my body knows that the physical activity it once enjoyed is no longer present.

    Along with the weight gain, I've found myself tired, sick, and sleeping poorly since I last stopped eating Primal when my senior season ended. Now eating well needs to be about quality of life rather than performance (though looking great on the rink and in the locker room won't be a bad side effect).

    Browsing the internet last night I found an interesting string of posts on LinkedIn about the best advice ever received. One of the posts was entitled "Do Ridiculous Projects and Share them with the World". That article really resonated with me and while most would not classify this as ridiculous, it is a personal project that I'd like to share with the world.

    My Goals: I plan to post here every day for the next 30 days. At the minimum, I hope to include the details of my favorite meal of the day as well as one of my favorite pictures i have taken. If possible I'd like to include a picture taken that day, though this first one is from a few weeks ago.

    I will be eating completely Primal for the next 30 days as well. No exceptions

    30 Day Weight Goal: 265 lbs (-17)

    Comment requests: Anything! Off the top of my head suggestions for how to improve my photography, anything at all about hockey, or any Primal topic that comes to mind would be great. If you have anything you think I should read please link it here as well!

    The House.jpg

    Thanks for reading!