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  • Goyangi goes Primal

    Hi there, I think I start my own journal here. I tried Whole30, but after it, I started eat like before, however I see how it does me not good, because of being hungry all the time and want it eat unhealthy stuff and also way to much calories.
    So I decided I want to go back to more of a paleo lifestyle. Or maybe more like primal, I think I can easily digest milk for example. Ok Iím not absolutely sure about that, but I donít feel directly ill, after consuming large amounts of dairies. I donít intend to stuff my meals with dairies.
    I surely wonít be able to go 100% primal, since I do like unhealthy stuff too, but I want to cut back of them or make primal alternatives. My main problem is sweets stuff, like ice cream, starbucks products, cake and so on. I also like to eat sometimes grain products. But they are less a problem to give up.
    I think at the moment my intention is to build a mainly primal diet, and non-primal stuff just eating sometimes.
    My main goal is at the moment weight loss, I saw how easy it was on whole30 to loose weight. Second goal is to ecome healthier. Iím really tired often, however I did not really see a change, when on whole30.)
    I do go to the gym, around1-3 times a week.
    I use CRON-O-Meter: Track nutrition & count calories for calorie counting and also seeing nutrition. (I feel just safer with it, but I think it will be not that much needed, if I really stay on primal diet and donít intend to make sweets, which would be primal)

    I also made my own shampoo, toothpaste and deo. It really works all well. However I still use some bought products, but I will see, what I could make easily myself and what I think I want to buy.

    Iím still however not so assured of all the theory behind primal. Information about what food is good and what is not, are so many and sometimes the pure opposite of what one side says and what another says. For example when I talk with vegetarians or vegans, their information seems also to say, how healthy their diet is. Also in paleo/primal itself, some people think of some food as ok, which other think are not ok. (For example I saw paleo recipes with tamari. Also some people think potatoes are ok and some does not) About anti-nutrients, I see that other plants have them too, and wonder why are the anti-nutriends in grains such a bad thing. (Do they have so much more in it?) Yeah, you so many questions in my head. However I will try to read as much as possible about nutrition and decide for myself, if I feel like that one particular food is bad or not. (IĎm however not that much sure, if I would feel a bad effect soon enough, and if I could link it to a certain food or not)

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    So, let’s start eating primal.
    For breakfast I had Kefir. I don’t really eat often breakfast, when just small stuff like Kefir, or some fruits or nuts. Ok I did just get up now, and will soon anyway cook lunch. However I hope, this time I will get it with getting more energyful and also could get out of bed easily. What I will make different this time, is surely try to get more probiotic food, because I think I have some candida infection and hope this will change through the way I eat.
    For lunch I will cook a modified version this recipe (Kimchi Stew) . I will use sweet potatoes instead of potatoes , and instead of mackerel I will use zander.Oh and I will use gochujang (red chili sauce) even if it has some unhealthy stuff like sugar into it. I think I want to keep sauces and stuff, even when the ingredients are not that healthy, it’s just easier for cooking. (When possible, I will try to choose a healthier version or make my own sauce.)


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      In the afternoon I drank some Ayran and ate a banana. For dinner I had, rest of kimchi stew, blueberries and a piece of raw tuna. I ate now some Kefir and later some self-made chocolate ice cream(made of 100% chocolate, coconut milk, egg and xylit)

      I could withstand to go to Starbucks. However I wonder, if Matcha Latte could be primal, since it is milk with matcha poweder. (One can choose without added syrup, however I think the powder they use, have some sugar in it)


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        Not so primal today, I was fine until lunch, where I eat cannelloni and fish (some was breaded), I also did ate noodle soup for dinner, and ate some chocolate. Yeah not nice day, especially since I also eat way more sweet stuff, than I intended to.
        Hope tomorrow will be better.


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          Ok, today, for breakfast some kefir, for lunch zucchini, sweet potato, carrots, tapioca with different herbs. In the afternoon, I was in Starbucks and drank a frappuccino (I know, not good choice) and later I ate an onigiri (I wonder is rice primal? I just saw some rice recipes) dinner was kale with orangesauce and cashew and chicken with feta and carrots and parsnips.

          I think it was ok, at least I did not overate on sweets. However I really need to think about, what to choose in Starbucks. I know I could choose tea, put the other stuff, is much more tempting. Maybe Matcha Latte is ok, without syrup? (However I think they put a little bit sugar into the matcha powder, since it also taste slightly sweet)

          I also was in the fitness, did some weight training and was around twenty minutes on the crosstrainer.

          My actual weight was: 78.7 kg

          I was really happy today to find some kale(green and purple one), since kale season is over, but some farmers still have some and sell it. (I think I buy a lot and then freeze it) Also I found nice purple carrots, I really like them. It was market inside ZŁrich main station, which is every wednesday, I think I really want go there every week, they have a lot of vegetables and also sometimes unusual stuff, which one won’t find easily in normal stores, also everything was organic.


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            Food was fine, until afternoon, I had for breakfast kefir and then lunch quail breasts and vegetables with gorgonzola. But then afternoon, I had Matcha Latte (which was halfway ok), after that I did go to the cinema and ate popcorn, ben & jerry ice cream, chocolate milk and blueberries. Later I ate some chocolate too. (Wow, writing it down it looks more horrible, than it felt, when I ate that stuff.)
            I also have now fermented cod liver oil. I think the taste is ok, I actually like it even. I really expected it should taste not nice, when I read what people write about it.