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    I will use this journal to track my food, activity and other primal related stuffs.
    MDA is my main source for killing time during the 4 hours I spend behind a computer at work Mon-Fri.

    lil history

    I was always "husky" growing up. Kinda athletic (ice hockey) but most of my functional strength came from good ol hardwork. I was put to work at a young age landscaping and helping my dad who was a general contractor and my strength was above average compared to my peers. I loved (still love) to eat. My family has pasta dinners several nights a week and theres always several gallons of ice cream in the freezer.

    I was born with ear infections and put on antibiotics. I got sick contantly growing up. Strep throat about twice a year. Antibiotics constantly. After highschool, my focus was computers (3d modeling, animation) and I spent WAY too much time at a computer desk with horrible posture. By 20 I was pretty out of shape and my weight was climbing. By 22 I was about 220lbs at 5'10". Worse than that I just didnt feel good, ever. Poor health = depressed. No good.

    I started reading about meditation and thought it could help me with my depression. Trying to meditate, I became more aware of some of the signals my body was sending me. And it was screaming at me. Back pain, headaches, sweats, racing heart, etc. "ok... if i want to be able to meditate, i need to calm my body" This lead to yoga. I think it was in a yoga book that I read the benifits of a vegetarian diet. Did some quick research online and decided vegetarianism was the way to go. At the same time I stopped eating meat I also cut out all processed junk and I felt way better (duh). Unforunatly I blamed the meat. I started lossing weight and I was feeling pretty good. I didnt have allot of energy, but I never did, so I wasnt concerned.
    few year later... skinny fat. down to 145 at my lightest. Determined to build muscle and burn fat I would wake up early and run before work 3-4 times a week. Lift weights 3-4 times a week. Eat 6-8 meals through out the day and track all my food intake. On the rare few days I could keep everything in check (eat enough, work out allot an get allot of sleep) i felt pretty good. But the second I missed a meal I fell right back down to the beginning.
    Early 2010 and this is just not working. An my body is beginning to reject my heavy grain diet. horrible digestion. I stumbled across MDA whille lookin for info on vegetarian protein. The info made sense, tho i was skeptical at first. After a few days of reading I decidied to give it a shot. This was around valentines day 2010.
    No more grains or sugar and I ate a steak with a BAS and went for a hike,
    ive found my way.

    No more running
    lots of moderate pace hiking and biking
    yoga, pushups, pullups, dips, squats
    lifting heavy things whenever possible
    benchpress about once a week
    box once or twice a week.

    about 3 months in and the body comp changes have been amazing. My weight is up to 165.
    Im no grok star yet, but I defeinatly dont look like a vegetarian anymore.
    6pack beginning to show, shoulders and arms getting some nice definition.
    Just got a belly pooch that is shinking by the week & some loose skin.

    I take marks advanced health formula and omegas and Ive been using probiotics to get my gut back in line. and its working great!

    After seeing Batty's vibrams I know i need to get some. Unfortunatly my kitty is sick and in the vet, costing me about 2 pairs of vibrams a day, so ill have to hold off for a bit.

    Thats my history. daily journal time.

    no breakfeast

    lunch- made lamb meatballs
    1lb ground lamb, 1 egg, oregano, garlic, fennel seed, cayene pepper, crushed red pepper, sea salt, shredded coconut
    i ate about 3/4 of these and finished em for dinner

    afternoon snack - smoothie, 1can of coconut milk, 1 bannana, 4 black berries, juice of a lemon and a lime.
    More fruit then i usually eat, but it made the coconut milk go down smooth.

    - no breakfeast

    lunch- oconut milk curry with 1 lb of steak, some cauliflower and green onions

    dinner - my band was playing a vegan thyroid cancer benifit. A few months ago i would have loved this buffet. I only at some broccoli and a few slices of pineapple.

    Had about 10 stips of bacon with avacado and hot sauce before bed.

    only seven hours of sleep and im kinda groggy today. Gigs all weekend. Maybe i can sneak in a nap.

    Every one in the band has had a horrible cold in the last weeks. I feel fine.
    Need to keep up on the sleep to keep my immune system goin strong.

    thats it for now

    damn, that felt like allot.


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    oh yea, converted another vegetarian with twice baked pork and spicy beef from china town. Thats 3 veggies converted so far.
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      dude! we have similar pasts, that's funny. feel better kitty

      HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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        busy weekend, lots of gigs.

        no breakfast
        lunch was left over beef coconut curry
        dinner- triple grassfed bacon cheese burger with raw cheddar, mushrooms and onions and some spicy garlic baconmayo. served withb romain and saurkraut

        saturday - no breakfast, client bought me lunch before finishing mixing his album at our studio. Coconut soup with calimari shrimp and mushrooms ans half of a roasted chili duck with yellow curry and veggies. dayamn. delicious.

        got home late and made this salad. Greens were romain, green onion and parsley, mixed with the rest of the bacon mayo. topped with some raspberry vinnegrette pickeled eggs. bacon and an avacado

        sunday - no breakfast, lunch i splurged and got a .75 lb alaskan salmon fillet, cooked in coconut oil and lots of butter with kale and onion

        played hessler st fair. loading and unloadind a few hundred pounds of gear and playing a 45 minute set in the sun. hundred of ppl there, had a blast. Totally surprised that after 8 hours in the sun i wasnt burned, im not even red. got home late and made a ribeye for dinner 3/4lb. only ate about half, ill have the rest on a salad today.

        oh yea, last night i was having a hard time winding down from the day and had a banana and almond butter at about 1am then feel right asleep.

        my cat is better. took her home on friday and quarintined her in my room with her own food and litter box so i could see what see was eating and if she was going. Shes eating now and no more vommiting. I switched the cats to grain free food a few weeks ago and i suspect she had carb flu. cats stomachs are pretty finicky. She seems great now. she's lost weight and her fur feels softer. 500 bucks.... ehh just glad shes okay. i rescued and bottle fed her 9 years ago.

        need to go over my finances and see how soon i can get some vibrams. its my bday on friday so ill probally get them whetheri should or not
        scored a crock pot and thawed a pork roast for this week. got my primal cookbook in the mail. feelin pretty good

        heading to the market for some more apple smoked sugar free low salt bacon.
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          - no breakfast

          - salad with left over steak and some pickled eggs. made some dressing using an egg, olive oil and bacon fat with lemon juice and some dry herbs
          The steak was really rare, and maybe gave me bubble guts... something did anyways.

          -after lunch i feel asleep for about 5 hours. opps. woke up and made a turkey leg in the over smeared in bacon fat before heading down to the studio for worky time.

          at the studio i got some pork egg foo young from china town

          got home and had a frozen bannana with almond butter around 2 am. Yay for starting the week with a messed up sleep schedule


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            no breakfast. ever.

            lunch. finished my left over pork egg foo young

            snack- 5 strips of bacon (apple smoked, low salt, sugar free) with an avacado and hotsaue

            dinner - popped my crock pot cherry with a pork arm roast. GOD DAMN.
            so delicous, and tender and and.... drooool.
            took it to my parents house to share and surpisingly my mom liked it. She read the PB and I think wants to make some changes but she has a hard time eating meat. A life of CW has destroyed her teeth, taste, hearing, smell, etc. but she likes the pulled pork. My dad made a sandwich out of the pulled pork and a loaf of bread. One of those mini round loafs. Not a bun, a whole loaf. oh well, i had mine over salad. Desernt was half a frozen bannana blended with half a can of coconut milk, a few black berried and half a lime, juiced.

            shady pic quality... ill work on that


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              WEDNESDAY - biked to work today
              no breakfast

              lunch was bacon and left over pork roast on greens with onions

              then i went to the beach for some vitamin D and THC
              this little one snuck up on me and started eating garbage, the picture doesnt do it justice, but he was just a few feet away from me. He looked little and hungry, so i didnt think about eating him

              CLEVELAND - our deer eat beach trash.

              Got home and cracked a young coconut, made a smoothie - 1/2 a frozen bannana, some coconut water and flesh and one lime juoced


              did some pull ups, pushups, squats, yoga and used my foam roller to massage my back

              25 mile bike ride in the afternoon. Was supposed to ge dinner mid-ride but i wasnt hungry so I IF'd, Ill stretch this out till lunch on thursday, about 20 hours.

              oh yea, i found a rusty old sledgehammer at the studio, cant wait to swing that thing around.


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                That's cool that you can bike to your office. How far is the trip? People in Dallas are crazy and try to run bikers off the road. One of my old bosses got hit on his way into the office and ended up in the hospital for a week. Witnesses said the pickup that hit him appeared to do it on purpose. They caught the guy and he went to jail and lost in a civil suit, but it was just sad he thought it would be funny to run someone riding a bike off the road.
                God is great, beer is good, people are crazy

                Trashy Women

                Beef Cake's Primal Hardcore Porn<strike>Erotica<strike> mean my journal...


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                  Food porn is right, those meals look delicious!


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                    Beef - the ride is just under 3 miles and i usually have a beverage in hand, nice short easy ride to wake me up. I stick to the sidewalk in the mornings cause traffic is crazy and people dont pay attention. At least 3 times every morning I stop at a driveway to avoid running into a car that pulls out onto the sidewalk before checking for walkers/bikers. They always have this surprised/ashamed look on their face...
                    sucks about your boss, unfortunatly im not surprised someone would do that on purpose.

                    dash - thanks for checkin em out. I love to cook and will keep posting more yummy food pics
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                      no breakfast.
                      ended my 20ish hour fast with a pickled egg and some almond butter. Then i made these chicken wangs. Smeared pan in bacon fat, melted some butter and hot sauce and spread it on em with some parsley

                      i didnt get enough sleep last night and these knocked me out for a few hours. I love naps.

                      Dinner was crock pot meatballs.
                      1lb ground grassfed beef
                      1lb ground lamb
                      2 eggs
                      salt, fennel seeds, shredded coconut and dry itialian herbs
                      quickly browned the balls in lard then added the balls and the lard to the crock pot sauce
                      6 small kumatos (a brown tomato with a real deep flavor)
                      1 can diced tomatos, 1 can tomato sauce
                      some red wine, 1 can of tomato paste
                      a bunch of crushed red pepper
                      kale, shallots (or leeks... dont remember) mushrooms and red pepper
                      let it sit for 4 hours. wow. crock pots are magic. nothing was over cooked, kale still had some bit to it.
                      the meatballs were so moist and meaty.... i couldnt stop eating it. it will make a great breakfast tommorow before my 35 mile bike trip

                      dessert was 1/2 a frozen bannana, some coconut milk and a few black berries.


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                        My birthday on friday
                        breakfast was left over meatballs

                        35Mile bike ride to a town where the band gigs tonight. Ouch. Sunburned badly.

                        dinner at some shitty place, didnt eat the shrimp apitizer or the stale iceburg salad. Luckily the 8oz steak was edible and had some of the potatos it came with.
                        got a dozen wings at the bar we played at.
                        No pictures today. Ill be at home all day aplying coconut oil to my scorched flesh.

                        its gonna be a good year!


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                          I love the "cleveland deer eat beach trash" pic. Is that edgewater? i went for a walk there for the first time a few weeks ago. Not the cleanest beach, but still cool nonetheless.

                          Have you looked into any herdshares? I checked out the Yoder's farm and was considering it, but I think the driving responsibilties will be too much for me. Do you do city fresh?


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                            Hey prince, thats euclid beach on the other side of downtown. I rotate betwen euclid, edgewater and mentor headlands (the cleanest)

                            Ive not found anything on herdshares or heard of yoders (will look into it). I would definatly like to cowpool if any cleveland primals are down. I have some friends who would also be in. Right now I get most of my meat from local roots in wooster. its all frozen, grass fed from different producers in ohio. i go with a large cooler and get a month or two worth of meat. Ive ordered some chickens from Blackbird farms that will be ready for slaughter in about a week. I think it will be about an 1.5hr drive.

                            I did city fresh for two years, i stopped last year. I enjoyed the variety, but the prices kept going up. I think the prices are set based on income of where the pickup spot is, so i could have gone downtown instead of coventry. A full share was $25 last i checked. Between mine and my parents garden and going to farmers markets and visiting farms, i can get my veggie needs covered way way cheaper. City fresh included allot of maple syrup and i loved that before PB. do you do city fresh?

                            p.s. i need to recommend the applesmoked bacon from the applesmoked stand at the west side market. Not sure of the booth name, but every thing is apple smoked, low salt and sugar free.


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                              OK, thanks that's a lot of good info!! With yoders, the herdshare, you have to all take turns driving to pick up the meat for everyone and house it until they pick it up. Sounds like a lot to me. I'm gonna check out everything you suggested. Good excuse to explore cleveland. We've only been here for 2 years and in that time I had a baby so I still don't know the area very well.

                              I haven't signed up for city fresh yet. Was thinking about it.