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    Hey all! My name is Dave, obviously. I am a 38 year old Physical Therapist currently living in Rochester NY, but moving to somewhere in North Carolina next week. I'm starting this journal to bring a little consistency to my diet. I have a very short attention span, and tend to go into info overload easily. Every day I look at a new eating plan and decide to try it out. I have decided to try primal for one month consistently and see how I feel. I come from the typical low fat, high carb moderate protein way of eating. I did lose sixty pounds several years ago eating this way, and have largely kept it off. I weight 185 now, unsure of body fat. I am pretty fit, but would like to change my body composition. I have a terrible addiction to carbs and diet pepsi, both of which I will try to kick this month. I think you could label my eating as somewhat obsessive. I constantly worry about what I'm eating and why, consequently eating more than I need to. Fortunately I work out enough to counter some of this, but I would like to start seeing positive changes instead of maintenance. My goal is to update this journal dailly, if not with exact diet then just how I did for the day. I will post before and after pics after the first month!!