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I'm not gonna freak out this time-diary! :-)

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  • I'm not gonna freak out this time-diary! :-)

    Hey everyone. I've decided to give paleo another go, and this time without freaking out at every turn and in the end giving up. Last time I was struck with information-overload so my head went nuts, and also I was eating way too much food cause I didn't have a sense of when I was supposed to stop. So my IBS kept acting up, because my body just couldn't process that much food.
    This time i have also finally found some excersise that I enjoy, and I now do water aerobics twice a week, yoga once a week (but looking to do more, I'm super enjoying it!) and playing around with the kettlebell 1-2 times a week. When it gets warmer outside I'm defiently going for some nice walks too!
    Other changes that I've learned from my last go:
    This time I'll let myself have a little dairy (not sure I can give up my creme fraiche just yet, and switching from a 9% to a 38% fat was weird but I've done it! haha).
    No eating tons of fruit and chocolate inbetween meals.
    Eat whats served at other peoples houses without guilt. Move on the next day.
    Don't freak out if I devour something I "shouldn't have"!

    I'm trying this again, because I've been dealing with severe depression since I was 13. I am now 22 and it has been more than 2 years since I last felt a positive feeling in my body. That doesn't mean I don't have decent days - I am not unhappy all the time, like I use to be. In fact, my life has improved vastly the past 2 years. But I believe that many years of pain and inactivity has damaged my body and soul, and I'm willing to try anything at this point to be able to feel something again.
    I'm also dealing with IBS, but the best improvement I've found to this problem is not the elimination of specific foods, but eating smaller meals more frequently and avoiding bingeing. Also destressing and stomach massages help.

    Anyways, I'll be updating here mostly what I eat and how I've felt and so on

    - Katharina

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    This is the third day on paleo, and so far I havn't felt anything from giving up my daily 2 liters of diet coke. I was expecting headaches or fatigue. But I'm glad it's not there Giving up coke was alot easier this time than all the other times I've done it for periods. Coke is really my achilles heel, I always go back to it

    Yesterday I made a roast, and the bean fries that had been in the oven underneath the roast soaking up the drippings were DELICIOUS! Nom nom nom.

    I just made sweet potato, onion, chicken leftover and bacon hash with a fried egg. It's nice to have so much time to cook and focus on my food right now, since I'm at home all day.


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      Yesterday I felt ravenous most day. My body called out for bloody beef and bananas and so I ate alot of that! I promised myself I'd listen to my body and eat what it wants (within paleo), and not stop untill I'm satisfied and full. At the end of the day I did an approximate calorie count, even though I'm not supposed to, it's hard to get out of old habbits that fast. It ended up being around 2000 calories which is crazy high in my mind, even though I know that technically it's not THAT much.
      I'm used to eating 1200 calories a day trying to lose weight and feeling hungry and bloated.
      I've also convinced myself that I've got no muscle left and therefore don't need any calories to maintain my weight. So in my head I need around 1500 calories to maintain, but I don't think that's the real truth. I'm also more active nowadays as I go swimming, water aerobics, kettlebell or yoga most days. Yesterday I did 10 minutes of kettlebell and 15 minutes of swimming. While not much, it's awesome for me!


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        I seem to be alternating between having a day where I eat normally and feel full and don't think about food, and a day where I could just keep eating and nothing really gets me full, and I crave alot of fruit aswell.

        Hmm.. Just gonna keep listening to my body, and eat when it tells me to. As much as I'd like to lose weight, my health and recovery is more important, and my IBS has been great the past days plus I havn't been bloated. So I'm gonna keep it up


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          Damn... It's my 5th day of primal and I am STARVING!!! unfortunatly I am extremly lazy and tired today and have no good food readily available so I've been eating tons of eggs and bananas today. I even ate a few squares of dark chocolate.
          Gonna thaw some chicken breasts for tomorrow and make sure I have meat in the fridge at all times.

          It's hard not to grab something convinient. HUNGRYYY!


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            I've noticed a few changes that I didn't expect from upping my calories and exchanging my powder-soups and rye bread with primal foods.
            First of all I am not freezing cold all the time anymore! I'm actually quite comfortable. Before, I'd be inside with the heat turned up, blankets and robes around me and extra socks. Now I'll just wear a sweater and feel great. It's amazing.
            I've also started dreaming again. I havn't remembered any dreams for months, but for the past 3-4 days I've been dreaming loads of vivid dreams! Last night I was in a competition where I had to find chocolates and guess what kind of chocolate it was lol. I didn't even wake up with a craving for milk chocolate, thank god.

            I'm going out for a steak and salad with my sister. I'll be having some baked potato and garlic butter aswell. Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good!