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PaleoGreg's Incredible Journey from Fatness to Fitness

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  • PaleoGreg's Incredible Journey from Fatness to Fitness

    First official day on Primal Blueprint journey! Here we go! And I want to keep myself honest and accountable here recording progress and celebrations, and when it all goes somewhat to horribly wrong (hopefully not that often on the latter).

    It's time for me to finally do something really for me and learn how to manage eating sensibly as best as I can, with all of what life my throw at me, without going totally off the rails and crashing and burning.

    I spent last week getting myself as closely transitioned as I could without going crazy. Not a big bread or pasta or rice person (as I used to be) or processed food eater, so the transition last week was not that hard, and I expect it will continue for a bit. I have three patterns that I am aware of that have not served me at all in the past and that I need to finally master:

    * Comfort eating
    * Comfort drinking
    * Lack of consistency of picking myself off the floor and going right back at it when I derail

    Current thinking is that I will be mostly primal. I will limit dairy, and severly restrict red wine at least for the first part of this journey. Need to watch it on the chocolate as well. Will do the best that I can with organic/regular meat and veggies from the supermarket as that's easiest right now and shouldn't do any damage to the budget, expecially if I am drinking much less. I aiming for a supporting structure and methodology as guide lines, and not rules and like a bit of wiggle room for when there are some wobbles. Lots of carrying water and chopping wood needed, here, i.e., sticking to the plan as much as is feasbile without making myself nutz and following through on eating to plan, working out to plan, and getting the cycle sprinting a few times a week.

    As it's been so long since I have been really fit, I'm not even sure what numbers to aim for right now. Probably its about 200 pounds at 6'1, but I am not attached to that per se. Still, from this distance, it's something to aim for. Ideal is to be fit, muscular, feel and be healthy, and have a flat firm tummy, if I happen to look younger as well, I'll take that with no complaints!

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    Day 1 fully primal went reasonably well, I am pleased to say. Experienced some low carb symptoms after I got home from work which was a little unpleasant, but I know these are the signs of transitioning: headache, hard to stay warm, and rough time falling asleep. For me, headaches can be kept at bay with more water intake, so just need to keep myself hydrated. I have to just push through the other sypmptoms. I also worked out my macros and I might be a little bit too low carb, so I need to do some tweaking, like add in a small portion of chocolate. I don't seem to have any carb cravings which is greate. I'm on de-load this week for weights, so workouts will be super fast. Tomorrow is working from home, so I may have a spin at IF. We'll see how I feel.