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    I decided I will post my meals so you all can tell me when I am messing this up.

    2 eggs, portabello mushroom, @1 oz goat cheese, 2 pieces of bacon- cooked the mushroom in 1 Tbs. coconut oil and bacon fat, coffee w/ heavy cream and liquid stevia---My stomach has been feeling "off" in the morning and during workout so I am going to stop the heavy cream and see what happens.
    16 oz water
    p90x- Chest, Shoulders, tri's and part of Ab Ripper X

    After workout:
    Smoothie: 8 oz So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk, banana, protein powder, ice, diatomaceous earth and maca

    Stomach still a little off so I took a nap

    Late lunch:
    Seared Ahi Tuna and Asparagus, 16 oz water, mango

    5 oz pork roast (last of our homegrown piggies- on the hunt for another)
    lots of brussels sprouts cooked in coconut oil w/ 2 Tbs. pine nuts
    16 oz water

    16 oz water
    @1/3 c. coconut milk mint chip ice cream

    Might have had another 16 oz water, but can't remember

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    Without posting numbers and goals, its hard to tell where you stand, but your selection looks pretty darn tasty.


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      If you're trying to lose, the mango and and ice cream may have to go. Also pine nuts have a very poor O3:O6 ratio.


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        Oh sorry, didn't think to list goals. I am 36 yrs. old, 5'5" and currently weigh about 146-148. My weight fluctuates daily. I was hanging around 148, but came down to 146 when I started PB last week and then gained it back on the weekend. According to the little pinch calipers my BF% is 21. I only pinch one site as I was just figuring it from doing the Chalean Extreme workouts and that's all it calls for. I loose inches much faster than weight and am pretty muscular. I would like to shred more fat, especially in my butt and thighs.

        I am in month 2 of p90x right now also. I am doing the classic version.

        Yesterday was my last mango. I don't usually eat them, but they were on sell at Costco and looked delicious. The ice cream is an occasional treat and I only eat a few bites. Not too worried about it, but I will definitely keep it in mind.

        Didn't know that about pine nuts! I use them in my brussel sprouts because I love the texture difference and they just complement each other. Maybe I will try chopping almonds are something.

        Anyone know it there is a better way to track homegrown meats. I use calorie king (download for my computer) and the stats are for store bought products. I know that homegrown is lower in fat and calories. Just curious!


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          coffee w/ So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk, stevia
          hot italian chicken sausage, 2 eggs, spinach

          Plyo X 16 oz water
          After workout:
          smoothie: 1 c. SD coconut milk, 10 strawberries, DE, maca, ice and stevia

          5 oz homegrown pork roast, @2 c. broc w/ pat of butter
          16 oz water

          Apple, few nut clusters, homegrown beef stick

          16 oz water
          Ahi tuna
          Spinach salad w/ blueberries, 5 strawberries, 1 oz goat cheese, 1/2 avocado, drizzle honey maple dressing

          3.5 mile walk
          32 oz water


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            coffee w/ original So Delicious coconut milk
            2 eggs, 2 bacon, 8 oz water

            8 chicken meatballs, yellow squash and asparagus sauteed in coconut oil, 8 oz water

            p90x Back and Biceps, Ab Ripper

            After workout smoothie:
            8 oz original SD coconut milk, 13 frozen strawberries, protein powder, DE, and maca-- this was super thick from the strawberries so I ate it like ice cream.

            5 oz pork roast, tomato w/ 1 oz goat cheese and pesto basil, 8 oz water

            Americana w/ White Choc Powder- not primal, but needed it for the cold baseball game.

            beef jerk stick from butchers, few bites of Mint Chip coconut ice cream.


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              Hey betty- have you taken measurements?! I notice huge weight fluctuations depending on water, excercise , time of the month etc (i really have no need to be weighing myself frequently but i cant help but sneak on it) . but i do notice a changing in body shape in terms of definition and shrinking ! Make sure you check that out so you can include it as "progress" !!
              Your diet looks pretty solid and your workouts too, keep up the good work!!


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                I do measure and also do pictures once a month. I have lost WAY more inches than weight. I know I should just stay off the scale, but it is an addiction. Guess it's better than alcohol or drugs!!! lol I think if I hadn't measured I would not have made it this far because the amount of weight lost with the effort I have put in would be beyond depressing.

                This is probably way too much information, but has anyone noticed that they poop more often eating primal and the color is much darker? Sorry, but I am really curious if it is just me. I can happily say that my gas has diminished greatly.


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                  mmmm your meals are making me salivate


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                    LOL betty, my scale is like crack, I am horrible and yes I would not have chose this lifestyle if it were for how much the scale moves....the "CW" style is how numbers move for me. Thank god for inches
                    Pooping is a funny thing, a lot of people are split, some get blocked up while others flow much more freely-but eventually it regulates out to something "normal" As long as it's not dark red or black tar, you should be good. If you look up poop on the boards, there are some great insights! Also google or search the " bristol stool scale" for some interesting info.


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                      Well I have definitely determined that the heavy cream is not tolerated. I tried it again today and the tip of my tongue had this numb feeling. It has happened before, but this time I was able to tell it was the cream. I also get a lump in my side when I eat something that my body doesn't tolerate. So far I have determined gluten and at least liquid dairy are no no's. So coconut milk in the coffee!


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                        coffee w/ coconut milk, 2 egg omelet w/ 2 slices bacon and goat cheese, 16 oz water

                        Yoga X: moving section only

                        huge romaine salad w/ carrots, tom, snap peas, goat cheese, fajita chicken breast, cucumber, 16 oz water

                        coffee w/ heavy cream

                        Dinner: chicken breast, bacon, some jo jo's, 2 glasses homemade sangria

                        I also spent several hours in the garden cutting back roses and bushes.


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                          This weekend was full of little cheats again. ARGH!!! Weekends are SO hard. My hubby loves to eat out and usually he wants italian, which happens to be a favorite! So instead of beating myself up I am going to congratulate myself on the things I avoided:

                          Had a steak at lunch instead of the biscuit, gravy and potatoes I would have loved to eat.
                          Had cashews and didn't eat any of the "junk food" that my mom and sisters were eating on movie night.
                          Avoided the sodas and smores that the boys were eating at the bonfire
                          Had tea instead of coffee at the lunch to avoid the creamer and sugar

                          Yesterday we built raised garden beds and added the soil. We made 4 huge beds. Today I will get them planted and figure out a cold frame so they don't frost. I haven't had a vegetable garden in a few years because we frost so late and early. I have only had success one year. So we built beds so they can to covered easier and hopefully I won't have to fight the horrid weeds as I did before. I am planting 4 blueberry bushes and some raspberries also. I have lots of strawberries already in with my flower beds.

                          So far today for food:
                          Breakfast: sausage w/ scrambled eggs and goat cheese, zucc sauteed in coconut oil
                          coffee w/ SD original milk, stevia
                          tea w/ coconut oil - I am testing someone's theory about this being an energy boost. I have lots of work to do today.

                          32 oz water
                          Costco caesar salad- used just a tiny bit of dressing
                          beef stick - natural from butcher

                          smoothie: 1 c. SO original coconut milk, frozen strawberries, DE, maca and stevia to sweeten

                          p90x: Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

                          rockfish breaded in almond flour and cooked in coconut oil, broccoli and green beans w/ butter
                          16 oz water
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                            Time to resurrect the journal.
                            My goal is the keep my calories and macros. close to the recommended amounts in the book. Which if I figured right are: Calories 1900, Carbs 80.8, Fat 111.0, and Protein 142.5.

                            Also to record how I react to certain foods. For example I had cut coffee other than a few latte's since the beginning of the month to see if it was causing the chest flutters. I just had a cup this morning and the flutters are back. Not bad, but there and I feel anxious, jittery. I do NOT have it happen when I have had a latte though. Too strong at home maybe????

                            Animal fat - Bacon grease
                            Egg - Large Egg, 2 Egg
                            Broccoli Slaw - Broccoli Slaw, 3 oz
                            Homemade Pork Sausage, Raw - Pork Sausage, Raw, 3 oz
                            Mushrooms - Crimini, 2.5 oz
                            Darigold - Heavy Whipping Cream, 2 Tblsp
                            Calories 599 Carbs 11 Fat 45 Protein 28
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