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Joining the Pack - My Primal Journal Begins

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  • Joining the Pack - My Primal Journal Begins

    Yesterday I turned 33! Maybe it's because my birthday is in January, or maybe it's just my perspective on birthdays, but I've always treated my birthday as my personal New Year holiday. On my birthday for the last three years, I've made the same resolution: to try to be the healthiest me possible.

    I'm a moderately athletic person who enjoys boxing (only bags, not people), various aerobic activities and over the last couple of months have begun jogging. I eat pretty cleanly as well. Clean and humane meats, eggs, veggies, whole grains with the occasional dining out cheat. Very little alcohol, no smoking or recreational drugs and no junk/processed foods. The way I eat now is very different than they way I was raised and has taken years of learning and developing good habits, learning to cook and some seriously creative financing as I'm on a very low-income budget.

    My good habits (and good genes based on my parents) have given me a generally healthy disposition. As far as the basics of blood pressure, cholesterol, immune response, digestive system, I'm pretty health and always have been. What drives me towards a change is that despite a baseline of general health and an active lifestyle, I've always been overweight. Since adolescence I've carried more body fat than I would seem to need. I also have a good deal of muscle mass, I'm long-limbed, and of a medium build to begin with, but still carry a lot of weight that I'm positive I don't need.

    As I get further from 30, I realize that I'll only continue to put on the pounds of fat unless I find a better balance of nutrition that works for me. That's why I'm starting a Leptin Reset diet as described by Jack Kruse using Mark's Primal Diet as a guideline. I'm going to keep a journal using this forum a couple of days a week to help chart my experience and stay focused. I also look forward to reading others' experiences on the forum.

    I'm logging my food in the Lose It app for iPhone to keep track of the protein, fat, and carb counts for the day.

    Here's to 33!