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    B: 1 whole egg/2whites/1tbsp. almond butter/2 cups mixed greens/english coffee w/ stevia

    S: 1.5 oz almonds/1/2 baker's 100% unsweetened choc. square

    L: 3-4 cups mixed greens/balsamic vinegar/2 eggs/1white/1 med. tomato/1.5 cups lightly steamed broccoli florets

    D: planned 4-6oz. some meat/fish on bed of greens

    S: (before bed if hungry) 1/2 can tuna/squeeze lemon and drizzle EVOO

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    Hmmmm... What's an 'English' coffee?

    Note to self: Make Almond Butter tonight. Yum!


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      oh oops, meant english tea : )

      Haven't weighed in awhile, and thought it would go back up without the crazy endurance rides, been walking/ sprinting/lifting and haven't gained it back! 117lbs

      B: 1 egg/2whites/1/2tblsp. raw butter/1/2 red ppr/1/2 grapefruit/coffee/stevia/splash milk

      L: planned: chicken sauteed in oil, mixed greens, tomatoes (our market carries local heirlooms! Yum)/green ppr. and whatever other veggies I decide to throw in!

      D: Going out to eat with my sister who came in town.. craving some salmon! Thinking... 6 oz. salmon with large veggie side

      S: ?? Don't know quite yet


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        Oh yes and for dinner last night I had 6 oz. of new york strip with mixed greens, chopped raw carrots, balsamic and 1 whole pint of grape tomatoes (I couldn't stop, I love them!!!)

        Yesterday's totals 1308 cals, 50% fat (75g), 30% protein(103g), 20% carbs (70g)


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          hmm there seems to be a trend in my breakfast!

          Core work: 30 mins/30 min jog

          B: 2 eggs cooked in butter/handful cherry tomatoes/sauteed mushrooms/spinach/2tbsp. organic salsa/coffee,splsh mlk,stevia

          S: handful mixed nuts (oops, peanuts/cashews here, but just a few) Diet Pepsi Cherry (my diet downfall, I know, I know, but one every week is a BIG change!) 1 baker's unsweetened choc. bar

          L: IF

          S: IF

          D: 6 oz chicken w/skin/large spinach salad w/ broccoli/salsa

          english tea w/splsh mlk


          L: BAS w/ tuna/cherry tomatoes/avocado/salsa

          S: Beef Jerky (I was in a bind, lack of planning, at a gas station, before going on a tubing adventure for 3 hours! Yikes) with a couple of roasted, salted almonds

          D: Went to a great rest. with my sister and friend

          5 oz free range chicken with skin, gravy, arugula salad with sliced onions and balsamic dressing, 1 rosso potato, 1 bite fried mozzarella

          After Dinner we went to Nonah's, a popular dessert/coffee place and I had: 1 french press coffee w/ half n half and Equal..

          Yesterday was a very "off" day for me! Oops.. back on track today though!


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            B: 2 almond pancakes w/ butter/coffee/stevia/splsh milk

            S: Whey protein shake with a couple of almonds

            L: coffee with half/half, Salad with 1 can tuna (this was amazing TUNA!! get some Wild Planet Sustainable Tuna if you can find it... all the omega 3's were left and no water added!)/5 cherry tomatoes/6 kalamata olives

            S: couple cherry tomatoes before dinner w/ .5oz. Gouda Cheese

            D: 4 oz. braised lamb chops w/stewed diced roma tomatoes, 1/2 cup. mushrooms/2 c. spinach/balsamic vinegar/ a bite of the bf's cinnamon whole wheat toast and a bite of sweet potatoe

            S: English Tea w/ coc. milk and stevia/ 1/2 unsweetened baker's choc. bar (yes I know I need to eliminate this)

            Fitday (1533cal/104gfat/47.6carbs/116.2g protein)

            wt. in a.m. 117lbs (-3)

            A trend I'm seeing is that the milk here and there adds up the carbs. Gonna replace it with the coc. milk I bought today. Also I ingest a lot of stevia packets. Not sure if that's a good thing. And I need to ditch the stupid baking chocolate. I was using this to curb my intense chocolate cravings!

            The almond pancakes are great, but I think I'm going to use them as an occasional treat.. they are loaded in calories per serving and not too low on the carbs either. BUT THEY ARE YUMMy!


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              B: 1 cup e.w. scrambled w/ mushrooms/spinach/2 slices nitrate free, organic turkey bacon/.5oz Gouda/coffee w/splash cocconut milk/stevia

              S: 1/2 can tuna/1.25 tbsp. almond butter/3 celery stalks

              L: missed

              D: 6 oz. poached dill salmon/mixed greens/.5 baby zucchini/broccoli florets/12almonds/ 1tbsp olive oil/balsamic

              BLT's (I stole this, but I thought it was funny and def. useful...Bites,licks, tastes): 1 cherry while making breakfast, around 4 walnut halves from trail mix sample at market, 2 mini samples of coffee with half n half, bite of unsweetened choc. bar that I decided not to eat b/c I said I wouldn't

              Goals tomorrow: no half n half, no nibbles of baker's bars!

              Fitday: 1207 cals/73gfat/29 carbs/108g protein

              a little low on calories, but that huge dinner filled me up nicely


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                PC-glad you liked the BLT's :-) (I actually stole it from my weight watcher days-it's a cute little acronym). Question for you, how come egg whites and not the whole egg? I ask because it's something I had to get used to also since I bought into the CW of eggs leads to bad things. Old habits die hard. The yolk carries all the nutrients and is the best tasting part. I'm not criticizing your choices just asking. Have a great day!