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Trying to find my way... Out of exhaustion and jiggle

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  • Trying to find my way... Out of exhaustion and jiggle

    Hello, I'm a 31 yr old mother of two,wife of 13 yrs trying to find my health.. I live in Alaska, born and raised and really love it here besides not seeing any sun whatsoever from abt Nov until end of Jan (hidden behind the mountains) which wrecks havoc on my body esp lately!

    I've been exhausted, lethargic, gaining weight for the last year or so with the exhaustion being moderate to severe(at times) I've put on abt 20lbs this last 14 months and now almost weigh what I did when I delivered both kids. Heaviest ive EVER been I need to lose at least 30 lbs, but back to feeling like I'm on deaths door. No one should have to talk themselves into getting off the couch to do dishes because they are so exhausted!! This sucks

    Well finally went to the dr had to drive 250 miles to see someone I felt capable of diagnosing or problem solving this issue. After taking abt half my blood out lol or so it seemed. I just got the call yesterday that my Vit D is very low what a shocker lol who knew no sun exposure for 3 months would do that I had my suspicions also was low on iron. So the Dr. Prescribed me 50,000 iu vit D, haven't picked it up yet from the pharmacy and not sure how often she's going to want me to take it (guessing 1x a week) she also suggested I get min 100g protein a day to up my iron...

    I've been doing some research on Paleo and feel it can/will help me become healthy and reach my goals (#1 being, feeling like I'm in my early 30s and not 105 or so) I head to cabo end of Feb for family vacation and would love to have some of this stuff figured out and lose some jiggle poundage..

    This is my third week of starting to convert over to Paleo it's been slow going with quite a few cheats here and there of sweets(huge downfall of mine) and even a few grain cheats which gave me heartburn which I've never really experienced in my life!! Not even pregnant!! Eye opener for sure.. Also felt bloated and really affected my digestion.

    Hoping starting this journal will help me in my journey not only to see where I've come from and the big improvements of adopting this lifestyle but to document a part of my life to always look back at.


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    Well end of the day review... I ran/fast walked a mile in 12:58 min for me this is not bad lol esp for the first time running in a year probably maybe even longer.... And I shoveled mid thigh deep snow for 2 hours off of 5 different outbuildings.. Ohh did I mention I live in the snow capital of the US yeah no shortage of shoveling to be done.

    Now to food well had Caribou pepper steak left over from last nights dinner for my breakfast. Yumm (no rice) and a handful of lettuce drizzled with hot sauce.

    Lunch was more pepper steak, banana, eek 2 small caramels (stupid sweet tooth) & some Greek dill and cucumber dip with nothing other than a spoon

    Dinner had a homemade canned stew I did back in Nov with potatoes, (only had a cpl small cubes) carrots, peppers and mountain goat with a gravy sauce threw some hot sauce on that and also had homemade canned beets. Now for the really bad :/ I had to use up some fresh cream a friend brought back from Washington so I made homemade blueberry ice cream I only had 1/4 of a cup and it was to die for!!!

    Organic blueberries, only added 1/3 of sugar recipe called for, heavy Unpasteurized cream and Unpasteurized whole milk with a lil real vanilla from Mexico wowza!!! So looking back this looks like a bad day food wise so hoping to greatly improve tomorrow. Though I have cut out grains and cheese and been pretty faithful with that (I'm trying to look at the positives here) off to bed gotta get my 8 hrs in



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      ImageUploadedByMarks Daily Apple Forum1389894382.547173.jpg breakfast today: red cabbage, green onion, broccoli sautéed in coconut oil with two eggs added (green onions turn the eggs green lol) and a few dashes of hot sauce yumm!! I'm on a good start for the day


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        Snow keeps hammering down so ill be heading out here in a few to shovel conex's. going to also get another mile in on the treadmill today as soon as I see the people under me step out of the house... My treadmill shakes the house and betting it sounds terrible from below lol.

        So realistically I don't see me losing 30lbs by Feb 28th not even 25... I'm hoping for 15-20 not even sure that's possible but I'm gonna give it a shot!! Just gotta stay away from sweets, grain and cheese and way up my output.

        I'm now started on Vit D and Iron today is my third day and it almost feels like I can already tell a diff in my energy level! I will be ecstatic if I feel even halfway like I used to...

        Well time to put the mess from making breakfast away, clean the kitchen and bundle up to face the elements.. Hope all you in Paleo land a great day



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          Today's recap:

          Already posted my breakfast above
          Lunch: a Banana
          S: Apple
          Dinner: homemade chicken curry with quinoa
          Dessert: 3 Dates

          Workout: shoveled 3 hours and ran 1 mile in 11:42 minutes (shaved off a whole min from yesterday but boy I'm feeling it today!!)


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            Time to weigh blah but I need to be able to judge how I'm doing with this eating and exercise.....

            Height: 5'2"
            Bone structure: medium ( pear shaped with jungle bubble booty) smaller upper body
            Starting weight: 164.2
            Goal weight: 130
            Fat body %: ? Guessing mid to upper 30s
            Goal Fat Body %: 20

            Whew got a ways to go :/ but I feel like I'm on the right track


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              Having a more relaxed day today been waiting to run my mile but the people downstairs haven't left their house yet and don't want them thinking the sky is falling above them lol. Just doing light housework and did cheat a lil today it's like I'm hungry craving something just not sure what I want or need :/ frustrating!


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                People below never left inside not that I blame them with this weather.... Geesh wet sloppy snow and lots of rain blah ill be good and ready for some beach when the time comes... SOO never ran guess today was a rest day full of phone calls and business wish life was simpler, have a good night.


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                  Good for you Snowflower--taking charge. My wife is from AK (Kenai) so I know how those dark winters are. Her brother gets SAD. Here in Chicago I take more Vit D in winter--did it help you? Stick with it --it works! With good eating and moderate but regular exercise (lift or do body weight exercises!), you'll see body changes soon. For me I lost about 2lb a month for over a year, steady but not terribly fast. Felt great and still do. Good luck


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                    Today wasn't my fav day..... A bit more drama introduced than I like (which is 0!!!!) but got to hang with family to celebrate my FILs birthday so that was nice. Tomorrow having family and friends out for game night and dinner so that should be fun. Did get some cleaning done so that's good!!

                    Yes I believe I have SAD Tom B-D but have never been diagnosed. I'm gonna keep up on the vit D and Iron and see how this goes after a cpl weeks.

                    Does your wife still have SAD? Do you live in a sunnier place now than AK?


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                      No, my wife never seemed bothered by the dark, just her brother (who still is--just a slug in the winter!). We're in Chicago area now (she missed the mountains), so it's a bit sunnier, but not Miami!


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                        Well was derailed a cpl days, had my dinner party made some great Paleo dishes and goodies (brownies and cookies) and did pretty well prob a 60-70% Paleo Sunday and 10% Monday didn't do well yesterday at all.... Today is a new day, hoping I feel well enough to get my mile run in today.

                        Life goes on each day is a new chance to do things different to get a lil bit more nutrition to heal and prevent what I don't want, which is to be crippled, sick, dependent on meds or dependent on others to wipe my butt.

                        I really need to lose 25-35 lbs sooner than later, I'm 31 in the prime of my life and want to feel good, look better and conquer.

                        Hope all you groks have a great day and are all able to do what you set out to do today... Success in little steps!! I'm trying to look at the big picture!



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                          I've never gone to Chicago, we were actually considering flying there to pick up a new mitsubishi outlander to drive home. But changed our plans, that seemed a bit farther than we wanted to travel for a screaming deal we had a great sunny summer this summer it was awesome but every winter is a drag for me. I was born here so know no different but I sure feel amazing after getting home from vacation so I know the sun is a powerful element in health. I've faithfully been taking my vit D 5000 iu every day some days upping to 10k it's only been abt a week but I def have a bit more energy not tons I'm guessing that will take a bit longer in conjunction to eating primal Paleo and exercise. Hope all is well with you on your journey of health.


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                            This is my motivation get back to this!! ImageUploadedByMarks Daily Apple Forum1390321020.600064.jpg


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                              Yesterday's recap: ran another mile my third one I keep shaving off time and really enjoying competing with myself hoping to shave off more today in terms of running time it's bad but I'm down to 11 min mile my mini goal is an 8 min mile then I will be working towards running two miles at a time.

                              Food wise I did really well are 95% Paleo so was quite happy with that no meat though I ate alot of veggies and some almond butter and a couple fruits. Today I will have fish and quite a few salads, veggies and fruit I'm gonna slow down quite a bit on the but butters and nuts since I know they won't help a ton In the weight loss dept. so all In all yesterday was a good day ohh and got an hour of hard shoveling in too.

                              As far as energy I have gained some back for sure but still not enough to be satisfied with or even happy about I'm still forcing myself to move and get going, of course some of that may be due to being the heaviest I've ever been.

                              Have a great day people, keep on keeping on