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  • Catherineís 2014 Resolution Diary

    I have never done New Yearís resolutions, Iíve always thought they were silly. However, this year I do have some changes and improvements I want to implement and Iím going to keep this internet diary to help me monitor. Maybe it will help?!

    I cut out grains in 2010 and was pretty strict about no grains (except the fermented kind) for 3 years. Lately Iíve added in white rice with no issues.

    One of my resolutions is to drink less. I donít think I could ever give up alcohol b/c I like it too much but I definitely need to cut down. One reason is b/c I am definitely less bloated and the other reason is that I want to get as light and strong as I can for this seasonís bike racing. I finished up last year in pretty good shape with good results and I want to see if I can do better. Also, for some mysterious reason, my husband signed us up for the Breck Epic this year and I really need to get in the best shape ever for that.

    My other resolution is to finally sell one of these mosaic cow skulls that Iíve been doing. I think they are good and getting better and Iím just sure Iíll be able to sell one some day. It goes too slowly to make a living at it but it would be neat to know that someone else on this planet thinks one of my skulls is cool enough to give me money for it.

    Jan 2014 so far:
    Alcohol note:
    After the xmas party blowout, I managed to keep drinks to 2-3 per day. I did go overboard, probably like 5 or maybe even 6 beers after finishing that 80 mile road/off road ride. They went down fast!

    Last night Ė had maybe 3 small (~6 oz) glasses red wine. 2 would have been fine. Will do better today, hopefully.

    Mosaics note:
    Finished one skull and grouting over the holidays.

    Started another one but itís going pretty slowly. Prob spent 3 hrs on it. Not sure I like it yet.

    Bike riding Ė didnít do much last week b/c of cold weather plus I was still recovering from the 80 mile thing. Rode like 40 miles on the dams on Sat, prob like 28 miles ez thru town on Sunday.

    Yoga Ė 1 90 minute hot, 1 60 minute hot, 1 hr long dvd at home (ez). Got some new yee dvdís FREE w/my ebay bux, maybe Iíll do one tonite.

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    Have you looked at going cold turkey for a while instead of trying to cut back?


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      I thought about it but ... I honestly don't think I have the willpower right now. I think it might happen naturally. Or not at all. I really can't imagine doing a long hot sweaty bike ride and not having a nice cold beer afterwards. Lone Star, the national recovery drink of texas.

      The problem is that there is never just one beer.

      and actually, it's embarrassing to admit, in the past 20+ yrs, i can only recall 2 days without alcohol and that was b/c i was in the hospital for minor surgeries.

      just keeping alcoholic drinks to no more than 2 or 3 per day is a vast improvement, believe me.


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        This is a UK site, but it's a good assessment tool:


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          Only 1 glass of red wine last nite! Tonite will be the real test, coming home after a stoplight interval ride w/ the guys. Maybe I’ll juice some beets instead of having a beer. Or two.

          Did the Rodney Yee dvd last night. So many standing forward bends! My hammies are feeling it today. I realize that I truly do prefer the hot yoga – I like spending more time in the positions. The flow yoga just goes too fast between the positions. But I’m sure that I’ll get used to the routine and it will be easier. It’s kind of impossible to do hot at home and sometimes I just don’t feel up to doing that whole routine at the studio so having the dvd’s to do at home is just a necessary evil. I sure wouldn’t know how to put together a yoga workout on my own!
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            Originally posted by MamaMidwife View Post
            This is a UK site, but it's a good assessment tool:
            Your current drinking is likely to be harmful to your health

            those kind of tests aren't telling me anything I don't already know. It's just really hard to wrap my head around the fact that a couple of daily drinks are truly bad for people. I know it's not "primal" or paleo but IMHO, you only go around once and by god, wine and beer taste good!

            I'm just trying to get to where wine and beer are with a meal, not just a habit.


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              worked on the current skull for about an hr.


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                perfume note - I'm trying to decide which fancy perfume I'm willing to splurge for. I'm testing between 4 samples that I bought. So far, I think Cafť Rose (Tom Ford) is winning. I liked the Oud Fleur at first but I think it's a little too manly. I think I will try the Kilian Rose tomorrow. Noir de Noir is really fancy and smells like evening and/or winter perfume to me, so I think the sample that I have will last a long time, I can't imagine using a whole bottle of it.


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                  Booze Note: AGAIN, I amazed myself by only having one small glass of red wine w/ dinner. This was a huge success for the day b/c this was after the stoplight interval ride w/ the guys, after which I am hard wired to chug a lone star. Instead, I chugged water. Some would say that is what Lone Star is but I’m immune to beer snobbery. Lone Star is AWESOME in the hot summer. I challenge anyone to say that their triple dunkel hoppy frou frou beer is as refreshing in 90+ degree temps. Anyway, I digress. It’s not 90+ degrees yet and I managed to get thru the day and ride w/o beer. SUCCESS! It’s like untraining Pavlov’s dogs. Not easy.

                  Training Note: Was a small fast group and I was the slowest. My usual riding pals were unable to attend b/c of sick kids, etc, so I had to hang with the faster guys. A small fail as I got dropped before the med ctr but thankfully they waited for me to catch up and then didn’t kill it so bad on the rest of the ride. Good times. Those guys are great!

                  Mosaic note: didn’t work on it

                  Work note: got some surprising news from a recruiter that I’d been in contact with for about a year now; the place I interviewed at like 8 months ago that wanted to hire me but their backlog didn’t come thru now has the backlog and wants to hire me. This is pretty cool as I will now be direct and making mas dinero. Also will have more responsibility and challenges.

                  Quick summary of the weird work history of late: I had worked in project controls at an EPC place for 10 yrs, and it was getting kind of stale. A cycling friend in seismic wanted me to do cost stuff for his new department at an existing company (originally he wanted to start his own company but that fell apart). Anyway, turns out that he was crazy and so was the company. I stuck it out for 3 yrs until his p&l got taken away from me and I could see the end for me too. So I tried to get back into project controls. This wasn’t easy as most positions were for schedulers. I finally found something contract and it turned out to be a big dud. Stayed there for 3 months. Found another contract position which was better but it’s also running out of work. I’ve been here for 3 months, contract. So to have this direct opportunity is great. Hope it works out. I think it will.

                  perfume note: I thought the Kilian Rose was coming out ahead today but I think I did 1 squirt too much. Hopefully it will mellow out soon. Don't worry, I sit in a lonely cube so I'm not stifling anyone!


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                    Alcohol Note: Another big success – only 1 glass of red wine w/ dinner. This day was a challenge b/c my husband got back from a business trip – the previous 2 evenings I was on my own so somehow it was easier to stick to resolution. However, he’s not drinking at all right now so that made it a little easier to stick to it. I guess the challenge was we watched a movie that he wanted to see (some Riddick movie) and normally I would drink to konk out b/c it was boring; however, the movie was boring enough that I konked out anyway. Well that’s not entirely true; it wasn’t boring but it wasn’t what I felt like watching. It actually seemed like an OK (ie, typical) Riddick movie.

                    Mosaic Note: nothing

                    Workout Note: No biking; did an ez 1 hr Yee DVD – conditioning for athletes. Boy he sure does like those standing forward bends. It was a pretty ez workout, maybe I can somehow get my husband to try it too.

                    Perfume Note: I think the Cafť Rose is winning. Kilian Rose is a little too sweet; the Cafť Rose has more depth. I've just learned about a Montale Rose that I might try. Samples are fun!

                    Job Note: bastards did not send me the offer letter yet. I’m not worried but disappointed. It should arrive today.
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                      alcohol note: yesterday hot yoga kicked my ass. After i chugged 32 oz+ of nice cold water, i still felt a little too nauseated or something to really eat or drink. eventually i ate some white rice w/ butter and parm and black pepper. had one glass of red wine. such a good girl. especially b/c a stray can of good beer was located and i resisted.

                      mosaic - nothing

                      perfume - cafe rose is still winning

                      job note - got the job offer! will respond monday. today was my day off on the 9/80 schedule and i didn't see the offer til it was too late to respond.

                      alcohol - none so far. will struggle mightily to stick to one or two drinks. i can probably stick to it b/c i'm enjoying this lesser bloated me. Plus i'm realizing what a struggle the classes are gonna be that i'm gonna be racing in. Chicks 1/2 my age are gonna be kicking my ass, but i wanted a challenge and i will surely get it.

                      mosaic - got some good work done

                      workout - nothing; we did errands for most of the day. that's ok, i don't usually do anything on fridays... this weekend should be able to get some good rides in.


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                        had 1 glass red wine and one "good" beer. oddly enough, the beer didn't taste as awesome as i expected tho it was good. i liked the red wine better. probably b/c it's not hot weather yet.


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                          had three drinks! And it was interesting b/c i could tell right away that I really didn't want/need the 3rd one, it was sheer habit. Getting a lot of good work done on my skull. We did a crummy ride on cx bikes at the levees on the west side - 2 flats, lots of wind, lots of ms150 riders, recumbents and radios. It's better to get out early but we were lazy and it was cold, so we waited for it to warm up. Also, we picked up my singlespeed which will be ready for racing next week.

                          awesome ride at double lake. weather was great. i could have ridden all day long but 2 out of the 4 people in the group didn't feel similarly so we cut it a little short. I rode my full suspension and it was so much fun.

                          had 2 red wine drinks.

                          the one per day will start today. it's really hard but i know now that i have some more moral support; my teammate was telling me that she too is trying to cut down and do more yoga, etc, so that was awesome; i feel like i have a real support system. She's also a physical therapist and i think i can get her to convince my husband that he needs to do more stretching. He won't listen to me.


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                            turned in my resignation. I'm a short timer now! And i'll have a nice 1 week vacation (granted w/ no pay but whatever) before starting the new job which I think will keep me really busy. Looking forward to it.

                            mosaic - nothing

                            did a 60 minute hot yoga and omg it kicked my ass. Many of us agreed that the room seemed WAY hotter than normal. Usually I can coast thru the 60 min no problem. However the room was packed and I saw many people (more than usual) dropping into child and corpse. It was truly suffocating in there. I made it thru most of it, I think I only skipped camel b/c I hate it anyway.

                            only one glass of red wine w/ dinner. What a good girl. I think I can do this.


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                              Tuesday -

                              alcohol - only one glass red wine - yay!

                              mosaic - nothing, I'm going to get a lot done next week tho

                              workout - stoplight intervals with the guys. whew! wasn't as bad as last week. They only had to soft pedal twice to let me catch back up, so that makes it a really good ride for me. I need to step it up tho so I don't feel like they're babysitting me.