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    Iíve never been good at journaling. This community has given me so much, however, that I felt like this journal might be a small way to give back. So, here goes!

    My stats: Female. 35 years old. Iím 5í4Ē and very thin boned. Right now, I'm around 120 lbs. I'd say 110-115 is my ideal, though I was a little less than that at the start of college. I know that sounds low but at 120 lbs I have a fair amount of flab on my midsection. I gain all my weight in my midsection and face. Too bad it doesnít go anywhere useful like my flat butt or chicken legs, LOL.

    I had a scary-at-the-time fainting episode in mid-December due to low blood sugar. I vowed to get myself healthy after the stress of the holidays. In addition to properly fueling my body, my goal is to strengthen/tone my body overall.

    Iíve been eating PB style at about 90-95% consistency for about two months. My main remaining vices are red wine and trail mix packets from Trader Joes. Iím trying to limit those more.

    I started low-carbing it (for the nth time) at the beginning of the year. After discovering this site and subsequently purchasing the PB book, I experimentally cut out the processed foods and carbs (still eating fruit). I noticed that my almost daily headaches and bouts of nausea went away. What a feeling! Like others, I also used to suffer from crazy bouts of low blood sugar and had to eat every two hours or I would get weak, shaky, and sick. Imagine my glee when I completed my first IF (18 hours)! I havenít worked up to a full 24-hour IF but Iíve gone an accidental 22 hours without breaking a sweat.

    About a month ago, I also cut out dairy because I was getting desperate to not have acne into my late 30s. I donít know if it was the dairy elimination but so far so good. I donít really miss cheese, which is a surprise to me, and my skin is looking better than it has in years.

    Iíve really taken to the rule of moving frequently at a slow pace. Every day that it isnít raining, Iíve been taking hour+ walks over lunch. Weekends are naturally active with walks, bike rides, house/yard work, or just horsing around with my kids. Iíve also been doing some very basic bodyweight exercises. I saw SimpleFit posted here and itís right up my alleyÖminus that part about not yet being able to do a pull up. Iíll get there though!

    Well, I think thatís the gist of me, hopefully I can keep this up!

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    On to the actual journaling...

    B: 2 eggs + 2 sausage links + one cup of white chai
    L: BAS + one tin of sardines in olive oil
    D (planned): 1 TBSP coconut oil + pork roast leftovers + brussels sprouts

    I went for a 1.25 hour walk over lunch. Walked to Border's and hauled 3 books back. Plan to do some pushups this evening. I did a lot of squatting over the weekend via staining the deck and working the gardens plus I went on a long hilly bike ride yesterday. So I'm giving my legs a day or two of rest.


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      I ate dinner as planned yesterday and had a rare bit of dessert. I found some ice cream made with coconut milk. I had a small scoop of that topped with some pistachio nutmeats. SO GOOD. Unfortunately, even in a small amount, the coconut ice cream didn't agree with me. I did get in 45 push ups.

      B: IF
      L: one tin sardines in olive oil + apple
      D: coconut oil + spaghetti squash w/ garlic & tomatoes + chicken

      I think today is going to be a rest day...something about this gloomy weather and last night's poor sleep is making me feel rather lethargic.


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        Yesterday's planned meals didn't go at all as planned. I did IF until 1:30 a little over 17.5 hours. I ended up having a BAS that I put together at Whole Foods. A couple of hours later, I had a little bit of sausage. For dinner, I had chicken that was dipped in egg & flaked coconut, then fried in coconut oil. Topped with a little bit of salt and YUM! It was a hit for the whole family.

        TODAY'S EATS
        B: 2 eggs over easy + 1/2 an avocado + 1 tomato
        L (planned): tin of sardines in olive oil + apple
        D (planned): spaghetti squash w/ garlic, tomatoes, & spicy sausage

        Long walk over lunch + walk with kids to soccer practice (that should total close to two hours walking today)

        Towards the end of yesterday's IF (the last hour and a half or so), I started getting heart burn. WTF?


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          Forgive me Grok for I have sinned. I ate my sardines for lunch and then had a banana chocolate chip muffin. Ughh! That ruined the entire day. I felt bloated and crappy the rest of the day. I had a handful of raw nuts (cashews, almonds, macadamia) for dinner. I did get my long lunch walk in. Hoofed it to the grocery store and carried a heavy bag of groceries back (my reusable bag is teh size of a paper sack). Didn't have time to walk to soccer practice so that didn't happen.

          TODAY'S EATS
          B: 2 eggs over easy + 1 tomato + 8 oz raw, organic kombucha
          L (planned): sliced red peppers + apple + tin of sardines
          D (planned): I have a Board meeting tonight and the rpovided dinner is salad and sandwiches. I'll probably grab some salad and pick some meat off a sandwich. If I'm not hungry, I'll just IF until morning.

          Another beautiful day, another looong midday walk


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            Not hungry this morning and feeling a bit blue. I'm doing an unplanned IF out of pure laziness and grumpiness, LOL. Last IF, I ended up with heartburn towards the end. So, I'm wondering if it could be from the tea I drank? It doesn't normally give me heartburn and I can't imagine why it would but it's just so weird. Outside of being pregnant, I hardly ever get heartburn and it is strange to get it without having had any food...

            TODAY'S EATS
            No clue. I've got the afternoon off so I may just go home and have a BAS before running errands.

            TODAY'S EXERCISE
            It's raining. I'm hoping it clears up enough to go for a long walk. I was thinking of walking to the library, 5 miles round trip. I'll do it in the rain as long as it isn't POURING. I'm also planning on doing SimpleFit routine this evening.


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              Broke the fast with a tin of sardines and a smoothie (coconut milk, banana, handful of berries, handful of ice). Yum!