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Primal Journal...great results so far, need some critiquing

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  • Primal Journal...great results so far, need some critiquing

    I went paleo/primal back in mid-December when I hit a weight that I was not happy about. At 5'8" I've always had a stalky athletic build, and typically weigh in around the 170-180 range. 2009 was filled with a lot of craziness, our second child was born (which meant little sleep), I was traveling for a good month straight for my job, and eating like crap had become a norm. Workouts were too infrequent. I did not like where I was headed, and then mid to end December I stepped on the scale and knew it was bad. I hit 205, which was my all time high...and there was not a lot of muscle mass on me....looking in the mirror it was obvious.

    I went really strong for about 3 months and since about the past 1-2 months I have plateaued a little bit, so I am hoping put down my progress and thoughts might help me a little bit more to break through. I'm down to about 182-185. My bf% is about 15% right now (I measure with a Tanita scale)....I'd like to be around 10-12%. My progress has been amazing so far, I don't mean to discount it, just frustrated since the slow down. I've felt better than I have in a long time cutting out all of the extra crap....dairy, grains etc....I never realized how bloated I felt on a daily basis until I took all that out of the equation.

    My workout cycle is this:

    Day 1 (Mondays)
    HIT - superset every group of 2 exercises, all to failure
    Squats (full range)
    Standing Milt Press
    Weighted Pull-up
    Seated Calf Raise
    Side Raise
    Alternating dumbbell curl
    Weighted Dip

    Day 2 (Wednesdays)
    Incline Bench

    Day 3 (Saturdays)
    Functional Day (all exercises 2 sets, 10 reps)
    Hanging jerk
    Weighted Chin-up
    Explosive smith bench (push bar up past hands and catch when down)
    1 hand snatch (kettlebell)
    Box jumps
    Lateral jumps w weights (go from side to side one 1 foot)
    Pushups integrated with dumbbell rows

    Day 4 (Sundays)
    Abs and Sprints
    OH Squats
    Medicine ball slam
    Hanging suitcase lift
    Hanging leg raise
    Rubberband crunch
    Cable crunch
    Decline ball twist
    Incline oblique dip

    My eating is great Monday - Friday lunch....then it seems like Friday dinner has been ritually dubbed pizza night at my house. I'd be ok with that...but it starts a downward spiral of poor eating throughout the weekend. I've got two little guys in the house who eat great, as does my wife, it just seems like I'm never really prepared when we're out of the house all day on the weekends, and it results in some pooor choices. So any advice or motivation as I start to post some of the daily activities up here is greatly appreciated...

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    So far Monday has allowed me to get back into the swing of things:

    Squats: 300 - 8, 6
    Standing Milt 135 - 9, 6
    Weighted Pull-up +35 - 9, 5
    Bench 235 - 8, 5
    Seated Calf 140 - 13, 10
    Side Raise 40 - 9, 6
    Alt DB Curl - 5, 3
    Weighted Dip +65 - 9, 6

    Pre workout: Apple with almond butter (plus caffeine for workout)
    Post workout: shake (egg protein plus a little amond butter)
    Snack: 4 carrots
    Lunch: Huge salad with lots of vegs, some olives and chicken breast (a little balsamic and oil)

    Dinner will probably be either flank steak or chicken breast with broccoli. Then some berries and a cassein protein shake before bed.


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      No workout this morning, day off

      I ate breakfast this morning....two eggs over medium with thin steak and a pan full of broccoli and spinach all cooked in coconut oil...mmmmm....

      My test will be at lunch. Going to an upscale restaurant to take out a client...this is where things can get tricky for me. The mtgs typically consist of myself, a partner or two and the client..... I'll probably go with the tuna nicoise salad as it is primal (just get the dressing on the side, though it's pretty much lemon and oil anyway) with vegs and rare tuna. I brought a couple and some steak with vegs. Dinner tonight will probably be a chicken breast with a plate full of sauteed vegs, then just my casein shake and some berries before bed.


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        Yesterday was fairly successful.

        Pre-workout - banana and caffeine
        Post-workout - egg protein plus almond milk and almond butter
        Lunch - Heaping salad with deli turkey (not typically first choice, but was at a catered had to rip the turkey from inside sandwiches...)
        Snack - flank steak with spinach
        Dinner - cheated....lobster bisque from the New England Soup wife hit a bout of the flu or something so she asked for turkey noodle from there...and we seldom go...and it's hard to pass it's that I am ok with using 1 cheat for that this week

        all 5x5
        Deadlift - 255
        Shrug - 335
        Seated Row - 220
        Incline Bench - 200

        This morning started off right with 2 eggs, some thin steak and spinach all in coconut oil. Not sure what lunch will entail , but I am sure a large salad. For dinner I think I am making fish tacos for the fam...using bib lettuce instead of tortillas...and my son loves the avocado sauce I put on them


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          So it's been a few days since I posted, but here's the quick and dirty. Eating has been great except Saturday night when some of my family and I ventured to a local creamery and I think I forgot I was not filming Man vs Food. Let's just say I finished an ice cream that should not have ever been thought of...but it was delicious. Sunday I fasted until 4:30 and broke the fast with a habanero buffalo burger with avocado sauce and sauteed vegs in coconut oil.

          I only got a Saturday workout in, no sprints has I had my boys by myself this weekend, with my better half away for the weekend.

          Today's workout was great:

          Squats 305 - 9, 6
          Standing Milt Press 135 - 8, 6
          Pull-up +35 - 9, 6
          Bench 240 - 7, 4
          Seated Calf 140 - 14, 11
          Side Raise 40 - 9, 6
          Alt DB Curl 45 - 7, 4
          Dip +65 - 9, 7

          Going to move forward with more IF. I just put down some casein protein at 9 tonight, so I'll try and keep off from eating until at least lunch tomorrow. I am going to try and fast for decent periods on non-workout days. On days when at the gym at 6 am, I'll limit intake for the most part, but will just have some protein post workout.


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            I had been of an absent week last week. I was traveling a lot for work, which resulted in living out of a suitcase, and eating out every meal. I did ok with most of the eating....but I did go crazy a couple meals. In general an ok week. I missed a couple of my workouts as well, just because I didn't get home until Friday, and the weekend was spent with my boys and wife as much as possible.

            Today had a great workout back into the swing of things:
            Squats 310 - 9, 7
            Standing Milt Press 135 - 9, 6
            Pull-up +40 - 9, 6
            Bench 240 - 9, 5
            Seat Calf 140 - 15, 12
            Side Raise 45 - 8, 5
            DB Curl 45 - 8, 6
            Dip +75 - 8, 5

            I have also decided to try fasting a little more stringent. I will be trying to do fasts x2 a week for just about 24 hr periods. I am definitely not trying to put size on right now, trying to get through the plateau of my weight loss. Going to try and keep on the 85% paleo for the week. As long as the weights don't take real hits, I'll see how this goes. Any thoughts are always appreciated.


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              I had a good day eating today. I had originally planned on doing a 20-24 hr fast through today, however lunch with a client dictated otherwise. The fast ended up being about 15 hrs, so a little under what I wanted, but I am trying to get 2 of these in a week (next one is Thursday). Here's what I put down today:

              - large salad with chicken, avocado, pineapple, and oil/lemon juice dressing

              - 2 eggs over medium with 2 strips of bacon, drizzled with my homemade red pepper aioli and homemade avocado sauce

              - plate of cauliflower (wife makes it great), steak tips marinated in olive oil and herbs (also drizzled with the 2 sauces) and about half a mango

              - mark's banana pancake (egg, almond butter, cocoa powder) cooked in coconut oil and 1 cup almond milk with .75 scoop of casein protein powder

              Tomorrow is my 5x5 workout in the am, so need to head to bed soon to get some rest


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                So far so good today. Had my pre-workout shake (almond milk, egg protein and BCAA) and then hit my 5x5.

                Deadlift 260
                Shrug 335
                Row 225
                Incline Press 205

                Not sure what is for lunch...I have been horrible about getting food ready for my lunches at work, but have still been trying to be smart about it when I grab something out...typically the make your own salad place where I can just choose what goes on it. Also made sure to start wearing my VFFs into work. I hadn't been for a horrible reason....laziness of changing shoes when I got to work....but realized walking almost a mile in dress shoes...truly not something I VFFs it is, and it's always great to see the looks I get while walking in the city as I walk in business clothes and my "feet shoes", as my 3 yr old calls them.


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                  My fast was cut short again on Thursday because one of my staff needed a "mentor lunch"....oh the things I do for them... I ended up fasting for about 16 hrs though and did it was ease. Eating has been a little off, but nothing too horrible. Lately I've been taking in about 1-2 cups of whole milk a week. I had cut out dairy totally before, but it seems to have found its way back in. We'll see how I do with it. I haven't had horrible bloating or anything yet....though I did a little last night because I took off a meal and had 2 slices of bread. There wasn't much for dinner...and after seeing my 3 yr old wolf down a pb&j....I had to go for the almond butter and have one myself.

                  Just need to behave a bit with the eating this weekend as I'll probably spend some time at my parents house while my wife is away, so the boys and I can hang there, but the danger is my mom keeps her freezer better stocked than the local ice cream place.


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                    Haven't been on here in a few days as the weekend was a bit crazier for me than normal, the Mrs was out of town so I had the boys to myself. I got my Day 3 workout in Saturday, but Sunday was a no go as I didn't have anyone to watch the boys. We were outside a good amount though. Eating was ok for the weekend, nothing horrible, but nothing worthy of a gold star.

                    Monday I wasn't able to get to the gym for the same reason as Sunday and unfortunately I slept in yesterday so I didn't get that workout in...not happy with myself about that, but just moving on. Ate ok both days, but again need to refine a couple things. My wife flew home on Monday and brought back carmel/chocolate covered popcorn....damn it. Not sure what was with me....I took fistfuls...typically wouldn't go crazy like that. Yesterday was much better in general. Had good clean meals. For dinner I was obviously starving as I put down 2 buffalo burgers (sans buns), a chicken breast and a plate full of broccoli. Finished that off with some strawberries and a bit later made a banana pancake and washed it down with a casein protein shake.

                    Today has been good so far. Worked out without eating...actually felt great. Had a post workout shake of egg protein and almond butter. Also soon as I got home before the shake I had about 3 oz of carrot juice in order to take my supplements (creatine, glutamine and BCAA's). Heading to lunch soon and will prob just get a salad with meat....mmmmm....meat.

                    Workout was great this morning:

                    Squats 315 - 8, 6
                    Standing Milt 140 - 8, 5
                    Pull-up +40 - 9, 6
                    Bench 245 (no spot today) - 7, 5
                    Calf 140 - 15, 10
                    Side Raise 45 - 9, 5
                    Alt DB Curl 50 - 6, 4
                    Dip +75 - 9, 6

                    Extremely happy about hitting my squats up to 3 plates and powering through them.


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                      It's been a good day so far...

                      Had a few nuts with some dried fruit mid-morning. Lunch was a middle eastern salad (sans feta) with steak tips and a lemon/olive oil dressing on the side. it was a huge salad so it's held me over so far. The unfortunate thing, and something I haven't figured out how to tackle yet is I forgot I have a networking thing tonight with someone from another firm. We're meeting for "drinks". I'll try and limit it to 1, but the standard pressure is always there...have not figured out how to come off as not an elitist by not drinking.

                      Took a long walk after lunch as my legs need a good stretch after my heavy squats yesterday.....they are sore....

                      I'm going to skip my Day 2 workout this week and although I typically hit Day 3 on Saturdays, I think I am going to try and get out of work a little early tomorrow so I can hit Day 3 then, and head to the beach on Saturday with the family.


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                        so I did in fact go out last night to network. I did have two scotch (but I maybe drink once a month if that). we order apps, but luckily the guy I was meeting with only wanted healthier was happy about that one. We order 4 enormous shrimp and 2 sliders and split the stuff down the middle. Shrimp were great and no cheat there. I did eat the bun with the slider....but 1 slider bun is not something I am going to cry about and can easily throw into my 20% bucket. One slider had bacon on it, to which the other guy said, "Do you want the bacon one, my wife would kill me if she knew I had bacon"....ummm...yes please...

                        So nothing horrible. Came home, ate a chicken breast and some fruit, downed some water and watched the celtics blow it in the 4th quarter.

                        Day good so far. I ate just a banana this morning as nothing else sounded good, but needed something. Ended up eating only half of course, because my youngest is a little monkey and I swear dives at a banana any time he sees one. When I got to work I was a bit hungry so went over across the street and got a veg omelet with chicken breast. Good to go now. Not sure plans for lunch as I suck and did not bring anything...damn it working in the city with all of its options and conveniences.

                        Working out after work, getting out early so can squeeze it in before I need to go home. Doing my Day 3 workout, since I don't anticipate getting a formal workout tomorrow if we're headed to the beach.


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                          So the weekend was kind of a bust on eating. I expect Saturday to be a bit off because it was the first day of the beach of the year for us...and well nostalgia kicks in and there was some cheating that I really hadn't planned on. Sunday was a good day of eating. My wife made me a good primal bfast and the rest of the day was eating. The other thing that my wife got me for Father's Day was tickets to the Red Sox to take our 3 yr old. So yes I did wolf down a sausage with peppers and onions and had a beer at the game, but nothing I regret. Had the best night ever taking him to his first Red Sox game....definitely a night to never forget.

                          Had a great day of working out and eating today.

                          Food today:

                          post workout - chicken breast
                          Lunch - salad with grilled chicken breast
                          snack - blueberries
                          dinner - lots of broccoli and green beans. chicken breast plus some salmon
                          post dinner - banana pancake and almond milk with casein protein

                          Squats 315 - 8, 5
                          Standing Milt 140 - 7, 4
                          Pull-up +45 - 8, 6
                          Bench 245 - 7, 4
                          Calf 150 - 10, 10
                          Side Raise 45 - 8, 6
                          Alt DB Curl 50 - 7, 5
                          Dip +80 - 8, 6

                          Had a pretty good workout. Was a bit tired from being up until about 1 last night (after the game my bro's car wouldn't start which resulted in waiting for a tow truck at our place, etc.). So even on a little less sleep had a good workout. Finished eating at 9 pm tonight, so planning on going to fast at least until 12 tomorrow. I can't remember if I have any lunch meetings...but that's what typically keeps me from going beyond a 15 hr fast.


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                            Yesterday was a good fast. Fasted for about 15-16 hrs. Lunch was ok and dinner was great. Yesterday overall was a good day and stopped eating at 7 pm.

                            Worked out this morning in fasted state.

                            Day 2: 5x5
                            Deadlifts - 260
                            Shrug - 335
                            Row - 225
                            Incline - 205

                            Broke fast post workout with an egg protein and almond milk shake. About to have a big lunch soon. Going out again today, but will be having a big salad with steak tips and avocado on it...mmmm....

                            Will probably take a walk during work today as well since I need to pick up some fish oil...ran out the other day...


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                              It's been a bit since I've posted. I had gone away for a couple weeks on vacation and now back into the swing of things. Vacation wasn't a complete disregard of eating, but not where I wanted it to be. I have now commited to doing 30 days strict primal/paleo to help me break through the plateau/walls thatI've been hitting. Workouts have continued to be great and I'll start posting up here again. Also training for a 4 mile race/run in Aug so need to get moving for that.