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    Hi Everyone!

    I am starting a journal for some tracking and accountability. I decided to try out Primal eating as my New Years resolution. I am new to the Primal label, but not so much the eating style. I ate TF/GAPS for a couple of years and really enjoyed tracking and tweaking my diet. I am severely gluten intolerant and grains and I don't get along.

    I am a mom of three kids and I haven't been able to lose the weight from my 3rd pregnancy (My son is 18 months old!). I currently weigh what I did at 9 months pregnant with my first two! Yikes. I had a really depressing moment at Thanksgiving this year when I realized that despite "dieting" and "working out" I hadn't lost a lb. in a whole year. I started wondering what was wrong with me and why my body was broken, but being honest, I ate a LOT of sugar and gluten free junk food over the last 2 years.

    I would have gone straight back to GAPS but I can't handle the absolute rigidity and fanatical adherence at this point. I started looking for ideas on the 'web and remembered that one of my friends used to post a bunch of things from Mark's Daily Apple. Love the website - Love the recipes. Hopefully this will be a really positive change for me.

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    Well yesterday got slightly off track despite my good intentions. I found two problems with primal eating that I am going to need to address to be successful.
    1.) I always need to have meat in the fridge. Frozen in the spare freezer isn't good enough when you are hungry
    2.) We are Orthodox Christians. We typically fast from meat, dairy, eggs, fish, wine & oil on Weds & Friday and a few longer periods during the year. I haven't been fasting because of breastfeeding but it is really time to start again soon. Later the longer fast periods seem like great times to try out some things like resistant starches and the potato hack but for now I just need to figure out how to make a fasting meal for my husband and something else for myself.

    Yesterday my day looked like this:
    B: Coffee
    L: 4 egg omlette cooked in 1tbsp bacon grease with 1/2 onion & 1/2 bell pepper
    D: 2/3c white rice (I actually measured!) & mixed stirfy veggies in coconut milk curry.
    Dessert: 1/4c coconut milk mousse I made for the kids. Coconut milk, coco powder & xylitol

    Fitday says it was 1200 cal and a 28/61/11 c/f/p ratio. Wayy too low on the protein as I basically had none for dinner. 34g total.

    In other news, I jumped on the scale this morning for the first time since early December. The good & bad news is that I weigh exactly what I thought I weighed, to the pound. The good part is that if I gained any weight over Christmas, it is gone. The bad is... same exact weight for a year. Oh well.


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      I had the most rockin' breakfast today. I am not sure where it falls on the primal scale. I tried to make a breakfast pudding for the kids -- 1.5c coconut milk, 1tbsp almond butter, 1.5 tbsp maple syrup, tsp vanilla, and 1/4c chia seeds. Blend the first 4 ingredients in a blender, pour into a jar, stir in chia seeds and leave in the fridge overnight. Holy Wow it was amazing. The kids didn't care for it (didn't love it, didn't hate it. Ate a couple bites and ran away). I was so surprised by how good it was I ate about a cup.

      I had a late lunch of 3/4lb seasoned (local grass fed) ground beef in a bowl. Now I am sittin' around wondering if I should eat any dinner. Kinda lacking in the vegetable department today.


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        How about avocado on your fasting days? A big bed of greens w diced avocado w a lemon squeezed on top!
        Of course, if you eat nuts and nut butters, those would be good for snacks on those days. A veggie soup, even one w squash or potatoes, would work.
        I'm getting hungry just thinking about the possibilities


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          Kmarie - thanks for stopping by! That is basically what we try to eat on fasting days but previously my husband and I would both feel very sick without the protein unless we had a HUGE load of carbs to compensate. Wednesdays & Fridays are one thing to get through and the longer fasts (about 2 months) are another. I am hoping that as we become more fat adapted things will change and fall into place.

          So this weekend was pretty good overall. Went skiing and I am pretty sure my ski pants fit looser than they did on new years. It is hard to say exactly because I wear cold weather training pants that are basically fleece-lined neoprene yoga pants. I also jumped on the scale again this morning (Told myself I wasn't going to but I am such an addict!) and was 3lbs down.
          I am having a hard time finding the motivation to get outside but I am hoping to ski again at least a couple days this week.