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    Hello world!

    I'm just about to go for a walk. But my hands are itching to make a first entry into the my very own primal journal. So here I go.

    I've been primalish for over two years now and I'm taking a Primal 21-day challenge. This is to actually remind myself that I can do good to myself and my beautiful Primal body (I talk to it using words of love, you know

    My main resolutions for the 21 days:

    -No cigarrettes (Yep.)
    -Almost no alcohol (except for my birthday)
    -No caffeinated coffee (decaf and black tea is alright. I know, I know)
    -Lots of vegetables instead of potato, rice and sweet potato (almost no sweet potato
    -No chocolate
    -Reduced cheese and milk products
    -Sleep at least 7 hours
    -Walk at least 1 hour a day
    -Reduced fruits (I skip them completely every second day)
    -Connecting to myself and other people in an open, honest and playful way. (Open to interpretation)

    Ok, that's it. I ran out of the supply of bullet points.

    And one more thing. I think I will ramble about anything else that comes to my mind in this journal. Because living is primal!

    So let's do some much needed heart-warming food-bringing walking.

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    Ok, so well done yesterday for me. No ciggs, no wine, 2 hour walk. Reeeelatively primal food.

    Today started with a question I sometimes ask myself when I get more than 100g of chocolate as a gift from someone: "Do they wish me well?" Particularly if it's a milk chocolate. To help thinking processes I had to help myself to over 100g of this 400g box of chocolate covered caramel and dehydrated strawberries wrapped in a rose-coloured layer of yougurt. My teeth joined the thinking with squeals of mild complaint. So I had to put the rest of the sugar laden foods into the cupboard and pretend I've never seen them. Maybe I just need to take the rest of it out of the apartment completely?


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      Today's sun has set and the day has wrapped itself in a warm layer of darkness. It feels like spring rather than winter. I'm just about to go out to a local pub with a friend and enjoy some non-alcoholic specialties, if there are any. But before that, here's a wrap up for now.

      Waist measurement (the only way I keep track of the body composition, well fat really): a little under 97 cm. This summer I had 94. I want and I need as well to make it go down to 88cm to keep myself in a good metabolic state. God only knows when it was 88cm the last time.

      Ciggs: none
      Alcohol: none so far
      Walks: unfortunately none as well, computer glue very strong today
      Sleep: 8 hours
      Coffee: none, just buckets of black tea

      Breakfast: 4 frankfurters, cucumber and rucolla salad with olive oil, ooooover 100 gram of assorted milk chocolates (they were waiting for me at the table as a birthday gift from my mates - they made a mistake of giving it to me 1 day early, well, of actually giving it to me at all)
      Lunch: tomato and 2 egg omelette; rucolla, cucumber and feta salad with olive oil
      Dinner: Pollock, broccoli, cheddar, more chocolate (another 100g?). ok, I'm quitely throwing the rest of it away this evening

      And I have invited my friends for the Birthday drinks out in the city tomorrow. This I'm very proud of, as it hits right on my resolution to connect. You see, I've recently moved to the new city, so all my friends here are pretty new and I might be quite shy organizing my own birthdays, but it's worth it!

      Arivederci for today!


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        Just found your journal, finding it very interesting! Can't wait to hear about the birthday celebration -
        My Primal Journal:

        "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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          Thanks Siobhan! It's today, so I'll tell you about it soon. First Korean food and then drinks. Today, red wine is on! Enjoy your Friday!


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            My mind is barely moving, and everything is in slow motion. Sounds of the distant cars out on the street, my facial muscles all went to bed or a peaceful Buddhist meditation. It's strangely pleasant. Yet, it's the result of having swum in the sea of red wine, vodka and Korean spices yesterday. Fun birthday with friends. Some alcoholic spillage was inevitable.

            Cigarettes: none!! very proud
            Alcohol (previous night): a bottle of red wine, 4 shots of vodka (I did not buy it, I got it! *looking down guiltily*)
            Waist: still 96 and a half (pheeew)
            Walk: two grocery roaming hours
            Sleep: 6 hours
            Breakfast: none
            Lunch: hmm, brain, move and remember! .. ah-a! meatballs and green beans preceded by a rather disgusting concoction of turmeric tea (black tea, cream, alpine salt, ginger, turmeric and a few spoons of black sugar molasses), 50 grams of dark chocolate - it follows me everywhere, shoo-shoo, go away
            Dinner: a few thermoses of chicory, 2 eggs, rice, seaweed (with rapeseed oil, but soooo yummy), rucolla, cubes of cheddar

            It was great time yesterday, people, smiles, good.


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              Ok, so I have not wrote anything for a while. This is because two things happened. First, I drank way too much at my own birthday. Second, I felt reaaally bad after that. So bad that I had to completely and I hope only temporarily rethink the food. That means moving to a Conventional Wisdom type of food, but the special type of CW - the one they give people with gastric problems in the period of recovery. It's a wonderfully murky world of rolled oats, kiesel (very interesting drink, let me tell you), kefir, low-fat fish, low-fat everything. In some way, it's even nice - to change the eating style for a while, see how the body reacts and then at some point go back to normal. So far so good. There's only one fly in this Chardonnay - hunger, thoughts of food in between meals, dreams of the next round at the table. Well, I guess I have to live with it.


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                It started recently. A couple of months ago, in a busy time before Christmas when I was sitting in a cosy little Korean restaurant tucked away in the center of London and sharing a dinner with a good friend I had recently gotten to know. We talked, laughed, listened and had fun time. At some point I realized that my friend still had most of her food on the plate, while mine had been cleaned and was now shining it's enamel white right in my face. My friend noted it too and appologised for being a slow eater. 15 minutes later she had to apologize again. And again 10 minutes later.

                Throughout my life I have known that I eat fast. Very fast. I was always the one to finish my food first no matter who I was competing with. So this evening with my friend started me on the train of thoughts about my relationship with food. Usually, when I hear the words "relationship with food" it is in the context of emotional eating, sugar cravings and the type of food people eat. However, I am not that much of an emotional eater except for an occasional dark chocolate binge. I stopped eating added sugar three years ago. And this was the same time when I was blessed to come across Marks' blog and built primal principles into my lifestyle. And yet, my relationship with food, like subterranean water stream goes deeper that this. It's messages that I say to myself. It's how I taste the food, smell the food, touch the food. It's when I eat. It's how I eat. It's where I eat. It's with whom I eat. It's what I do when I eat. It's what my mind things when I eat. It's how I feel when I eat. It's what I feel when I eat. It's my rituals and my habits around food. It's even what happens when I don't eat. All of these I want to deconstruct, get to the roots, listen to the long-forgotten story of how I actually built my brain connections around the food the way I built them. It's a long road, but I want to make several posts in here where I can openly explore it right on the spot, verbal sketches of my past the way I remember it or the way I was told it was.


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                  Okay. As Mark said, primal is only a basis for spiritual and social development. It's the foundation. I want to build a house now. And experiment. I will be putting something totally unrelated to the Primal. At least at the first glance. Just to make myself accountable. Short 5 minute sketches. 31 one them.


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                    Pedro gently closed the creaking entrance door of his house behind him. It was 5 o’clock in July. Morning. The days are usually long and hot this summer. Mornings fresh. This morning had a gentle warm glow in the air. It smelled of liquid chocolate. The sea wind from down the hill dropped the saltiness that it carried and picked up the flavour of cocoa beans instead. Up, up, up, to the houses on the hill, to the corners, and the roof tops, and the languide cats it brought the smell.

                    Pedro started the mornings like this for the past 17 years. Waking up, quickly shaving and going to the town chocolate factory. Today he shaved, walked till the street bench several meters away from his home and looked at the sea. An old dog with lots of gray hair on the muzzle came to him and tucked his nose to Pedro’s knees. The man put his hands on the unkempt neck of the animal. The air suddenly stopped smelling of chocolate. The town slept.