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    Tuesday, January 7th

    6:00 AM - 11:00 AM Fasting

    8:00 AM 30 minutes power walking

    11:00 AM one slice mortadella (carbs: 0), slice of whole grain bread with 2 pieces of cheese (carbs: 14), 3 hardboiled eggs (carbs: 2)

    12:30 PM 15 minutes power walking

    1:30 PM Real fruit smoothie (carbs: 40)

    7:00 PM Steak salad (carbs: 1), 1 small tajada (carbs: 15), Cranberry vodka drink (carbs: 25)

    9:00 PM 1 Beer (carbs: 13)

    TOTAL CARBS: 110

    Am extremely impressed so far with how low my appetite is on this diet. If you had tried to tell me as a vegetarian that someone could survive til 7pm on a slice of whole grain bread and 3 hardboiled eggs (plus 45 minutes of exercise!) I would have said you're insane. But I did and I didn't even feel particularly hungry at dinner time.

    Overall I am thrilled that I can keep the carb count so low and still enjoy cheat beverages like a beer and a cranberry vodka. However, I know that this means that I am probably missing out on some key nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and tubers that could be taking the place of those items. So while clearly there is room for improvement, its kind of a relief to know that cheating a little does not equal ruining the diet completely.