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    SO.. today went pretty well! Considering that we had very few options available in my house and we are EXTREMELY low on $$ this quincena (until next payday). Here is what I ate:

    6:00 AM-11:00 AM FASTED. Did housework, cleaning, sweeping, laundry, cooking for the family, etc.

    11:00 AM Cooked rice for my suegro, who is staying with us for a while lying low with a bad machete wound on his leg. May have tasted more than was really necessary to know whether the rice was done or not, properly salted, etc. (carbs: 30)

    12:00 PM Omelette with 2 eggs, 1/2 slice of cheese, red pepper, cilantro, and thinly sliced leftover chicken breast- about 2 ounces. (carbs: 5) Half a grapefruit to top it off. (carbs: 7)

    1:20 PM 8 ounces of orange juice from a single-serve carton. (Emergency drink- feeling lightheaded and dehydrated while walking about half a kilometer in the hot sun, grabbed the juice instead of sugary sodas which were the only other option.) (carbs: 23)

    3:00 PM Diet coke (was on the run in the equatorial sun, feeling real dehydrated and the only other options were full-sugar sodas and added-sugar juices which I didn't want any more of)

    5:00 PM One beer (carbs: 13)

    6:00 PM Small salad with a good amount of sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, a bit of lettuce, and about 2 ounces of sliced steak (carbs: 3)

    7:00 PM One beer (carbs: 13)

    My biggest achievement today: NO GRAINS! Carb count: 89 grams! These are huge logros for me!

    Where to improve: Obviously, my beverage choices were not the greatest here. Juice and diet coke were emergency puchases when I was running around suburban Panama and starting to feel dizzy in the midday sun. And I know, I know, beer isn't primal either. Also, could have had half the carb count if I had just kept my face out of the rice pot.

    Another issue: No real exercise today besides just walking around- probably about 30 minutes of slow walking in the afternoon sun, plus a lot of daily housework bustling around, hanging several batches of clothes on the line and bringing them back in when they dried, sweeping, mopping, cooking, etc. Heart rate MAY have reached the minimum 55% MHR while walking around town.

    Overall very pleased with today!
    And for the record, my calorie count and food volume was quite low today, and I did not feel hungry all day long!