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Overcoming the F Words (Fat, Fatigued, & Foggy)

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  • Overcoming the F Words (Fat, Fatigued, & Foggy)

    IMG_3720.jpg My Primal Journey has come about from a long battle of health issues. It seems that ever since I was born, I have been dealing with something. It was never so severe that anyone really took notice, but I have never in my life felt truly healthy.

    It wasn't until 14 months ago that my symptoms became so chronic and severe that this time it didn't go unnoticed. As a 22 year old in my last year of university, my health hit what seemed like bottom for me. It started in May when my menstration just stopped. Then by September I would go to one 80min class and have to come home and sleep before I could muster the energy to go to work. My stomach felt like it was shredding my insides to bits all day, so I was only eating an apple and nut bar and maybe a small dinner, but yet I was gaining weight. My mind just felt like it wouldn't work and a depression hit me so hard that I didn't want to be hugged by my own mother (and she is truly my best friend).

    I finally realized that something was truly wrong… Instead of seeking mainstream medical help, I went to a private clinic (rare here in Canada) to see a doctor that specialized in hormones and used a very different approach than your average GP.

    After over 30 pages of intake forms, way to many files of blood she gave me the diagnosis: Leaky gut, SIBO, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, and a severe hormonal imbalance. My body was so devastated that she feared that auto-immune disorders were in my future.

    It was at this point that I took a stand for my health. I researched everything that I possibly could. The only problem was I had already been Primal/Paleo for over 2years with a year before that as a vegetarian in hopes of helping my digestive issues. So I took it a step further - I turned to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

    This diet was the most psychological test I had ever taken. It tests all of your limits and truly puts your diligence and will to the test. I ate pureed vegetables and meat for 4 months. Although I had regained a lot of energy, I was still dealing with my symptoms including: bloating, constipation, brain fog, slurred speech, etc.

    After a 3 month vacation to SE Asia, I returned in an even worse health state. As much as I tried to stick to my eating plan it was impossible. I came home exhausted with my digestive system wrecking havoc; it took me 4 months working only part time and sleeping as much as possible to finally recover. However, during this time my food cravings were so beyond severe, binge eating was a regular occurrence.

    In order to negate these symptoms I was put on bioidentical hormones to help me. I started taking 7-Keto DHEA and Liothyronine (Thyroid Hormone). While this has been a great help, it has not been the magical pill to help turn me around.

    So I turned to a doctor in the US to help me. I have been doing many medical tests that will give me an even clearer picture of what is truly going on in my gut and ultimately with my health. Results still to come.

    So today, I am writing this journal to help me recommit to my Paleo lifestyle. To keep me accountable for the lifestyle that I am wanting to live, and to build a community of support. While my family and friends are an amazing support system, it is often difficult for them to understand and truly get the way that I need/want/choose to eat and live.