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    I've dipped my toe in the water with this a few times... and like many people I've read about had a hard time making it "stick". I could give a lot of excuses but the truth is it's just been easier for me to eat the way I've eaten for years, and I keep choosing to go back to that.

    So here I am, hoping to do some writing, think my way through whatever struggles keep landing me here at the starting over place.

    A little introduction, in case anyone else reads this. I'mI a woman in my mid 30s. This morning I weighed in at 212.6 at 5'3, and I'm very aware that I have weight to lose. At my heaviest, which was in 2009, I weighed 280. CW plus a sudden love of working out helped me lose 80 pounds relatively easily. I learned a lot by counting calories, some things which surprised me and went counter to what I expected. "Wait, it's not that I'm eating too much all the time, it's that I'm eating way not enough and then binging?!" One of the cooler results of this history is that I don't look like I weigh 212. I'm still overweight, and it shows, but not as much as it should.

    I love running, but don't want to do it every day. I don't go very fast. I love getting stronger. I don't drive so my life already includes a decent amount of walking and biking, though it's been far too long since I biked for fun.

    I'm a working singer and actress, and as part of that I also do some dancing (though my size and inexperience makes that a little harder). I juggle that work, my part time day job of substitute teaching, some directing, and music arranging, so I work a LOT.

    So here's my plan. I'm diving back in. For the first month I'm going to weigh in every morning. I'm going to document my food, my sleep, my activity, and whatever related things I run into. Today's the 29th of December, so let's see what happens. I have some goals, but for the moment I really just want to get things going.

    Day 1

    - 6.5 hours with some wake-ups. I had a hard time falling asleep.. random free floating anxiety (which is something I deal with)
    Weight - 212.6

    Assisted pull-ups (70ish pounds) x30
    Knee push-ups x26
    Planks x2 (1:02 and 0:40)
    Inverted press (overhead bodyweight press on incline, 70ish pounds) x30
    Bodyweight squats to parallel x40
    The usual daily dancer stretches

    Coffee with powdered hazelnut creamer (not the best thing, but I love it and don't want to just throw it away. Will replace with something better once it's gone.)

    B- 2 eggs with salsa and 1 slice of provolone cheese, 3 pieces of bacon, 12 cherries, 1 cup mushrooms cooked with the bacon

    S chocolate. I'm not going to coat this. Christmas candy leftovers.

    D pork ribs, potatoes with cheese, green beans, almonds, Irish cream, also not ideal
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    Day 2

    Sleep 8ish hours, a little broken
    Weight: None, I wasn't at home where my scale was

    WoD Half an hour walking and running, half an hour on the bike


    B - Coffee with creamer, 2 eggs, left over pork
    L - Strawberry Banana smoothie I made with ff yogurt and milk
    D - BAS with chicken, eggs, cheese, and all kinds of veggies, mixed nuts, cocoa (last of the Christmas chocolate)

    Something happened last night and all of a sudden I felt very nauseous and wrong. Not sure what that was about but so far it hasn't happened today. I'm also doing a lot better about drinking water than I have been lately. As a singer that's pretty vital, and it's something I'm good at skipping.

    Also discovered that Panera has "off menu" gluten free salads with just meat, eggs, and veggies. That is going to help a lot over the next few weeks, as I'm starting a new show tomorrow and Panera is one of the go-to places for people to go on the really long days.


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      Welcome. I wish you well.


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        Thank you!

        Will come back to add to this later...

        Day 3

        Sleep: 4.5 hours, ouch. Saw that coming
        Weight: 211.6

        WoD 2 miles walking to work

        B- coffee with cream, bacon,2 eggs, half a mashed sweet potato with butter. Tea for the road.

        L - Strawberry Banana Smoothie

        D - Hamburger without bun, cucumbers and tomatoes, almonds, candy (mike and ikes) and Irish Cream for NYE
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          I am also a re-starter and plan on beginning soon. I had a successful weight loss, excellent sleep change, no more acid reflux issues, no more joint aches, less stuffy nose about 3 years back. Why did I edge back into CW?

          I did not know about Panera's off menu offerings which is good to know.

          Keep with it, as will I, as we know it works and is much easier than CI vs CO.

          Female back to the basics: 5-2017
          CW: 2017: 150
          GW: 130 a dream, I know
          Muscle soreness surrounding Neck, Thyroid and Rosacea issues.


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            I edge back because it's a decades long habit and it's easier mentally to reach for food I'm familiar with when life gets crazy. Even knowing it'll be better long term to stick with it, sometimes I just get lazy. Still... here's the saddle!

            Day 4 - Happy New Year!

            Sleep 8 hours plus 1 hour of dozing at the end. Last night I ended up going to bed just before midnight with a terrible, terrible headache (probably from the campfire and cordite smoke, and the loud noise and bright lights of fireworks going off directly over head.)

            Weight - No idea... again I wasn't home to visit the scale until halfway through today.

            WoD - None, taking a rest day


            B - Coffee, eggs, salsa, cheese, bacon, nuts
            No lunch, breakfast was late and I'm trying to get to 2 meals a day anyway as it's easier on the schedule
            D - Chicken thigh, my weird eggplant lasagna (eggplant instead of noodles, it was an interesting Christmas Experiment) broccoli, mixed nuts and dried cranberries, 2 squares of 86% dark chocolate
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              Here goes today. It's not yet 7 and I'm ready for bed... unexpectedly woke up at 4:30 too awake to go back to sleep. Ack...

              Anyway... sleep... 6.5 hours
              Weight 213.4 (not going to let it worry me too much)

              WoD strength routine from a few days ago and 2 miles walked to work


              B - Coffee, sweet potato and eggs with 2 pieces of bacon and a bit of butter and honey
              No Lunch
              D - Chicken, cheese, cucumbers and olives, hard boiled eggs, a banana with 1 tbsp. of almond butter, almonds and dried cranberries.

              I have work to do, and I am exhausted. Will hopefully get some good sleep tonight!


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                Welcome! Keep up the good work.
                Primal since 9/24/2010
                "Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within." Miguel de Cervantes

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                  Thank you!

                  Here is yesterday's update, as I was out from early morning until almost 10pm and pretty much fell into bed then.

                  Day 6

                  Sleep - 7 hours (second night in a row of randomly waking up at 4ish but this time I went back to sleep after a while)
                  Weight 212.2

                  WoD just the walking to work, and then randomly sprinting across the stage several times as we ran a number in which I do that. Moving around but not anything I'd call a workout.


                  B- Coffee, 2 eggs, bacon, pineapple chunks
                  L - Roast beef and cheese roll ups (the local deli is my go to cheap primal lunch spot), dried cranberries and almonds
                  D - Baked potato w butter, cucumbers and tomatoes, eggplant lasagna. 1 square of 86% chocolate

                  Either my allergies are going completely crazy, or I'm coming down with a cold. Either way is going to make the next few days hell with the singing and running around and everything, but I have tomorrow off and will likely stay curled up under blankets as much as possible.


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                    Day 7

                    Sleep - Lots, about 10 hours with another brief 4am wake-up. I took night time cold stuff before going to sleep though.
                    Weight 213.0 Ack... why? (focus on the process, nut the number, focus on the process....)


                    B - Coffee (used the last of my old style creamer, switching to cream with a little sugar and will wean out the sugar) 2 eggs with salsa and 1 oz Colby cheese, 5 oz tilapia cooked in kerrygold butter (seriously delicious)

                    L - Turkey and cheese roll ups, tomatoes and cucumbers, mixed almonds and cashews

                    D - Green tea with honey, chicken thigh, broccoli and cauliflower, blueberries
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                      Ok I got behind.

                      Day 8

                      Sleep- 8, took cold pills.
                      Weight 212.8

                      WoD none except rehearsal

                      B- coffee, eggs with salsa and cheese

                      L- bas, smoothie, dark chocolate

                      D- steak, broccoli, eggs sweet potato chips, almonds and cranberries, ham and cheese roll ups. I just kept eating! Ack!

                      Very glass to have discovered the salad place. Will hopefully make that a regular rehearsal lunch stop


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                        Day 9

                        Sleep- 7h, still sick
                        Weight 212.0

                        B- coffee, eggs with salsa and cheese

                        L- sadness, they and cheese sandwich, chips, coffee cake. Uncomfortable social situation and I caved. Moving on.

                        D- ham, cheese, almonds cranberries, sweet potato chips


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                          Day 10

                          Sleep-6h, sick and exhausted, woke up with an achy stomach probably from the bread yesterday. Not hungry so just coffee before leaving the house.

                          L- bas, banana with almond butter

                          D- steak, mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower, cherries, almonds dark chocolate, cheese, wine... and I'm not feeling full. I may need to figure out how to eat more during the day to keep from eating the house at night!
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                            Day 11

                            Sleep- 7h. This schedule is fairly evil but thankfully only for two weeks.
                            Weight- 213

                            WoD 3 miles walking

                            B- eggs, bacon, cheese
                            L- bas, banana with almond butter, pistachios, coffee
                            D pork and beef in tomato sauce, cheese, eggplant, dried cherries, dark chocolate, whiskey

                            Did better with evening out my eating so it wasn't almost all at night


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                              Day 12

                              Sleep- 7h. I keep waking up a dozen times a night because it hurts so much to swallow. Can't wait for that to be over.
                              Weight 213

                              WoD 2.5m walking

                              B coffee, bacon, eggs, cheese
                              L bas, banana with almond butter, pistachios
                              D. Pork and beef in tomato sauce, cheese, whiskey, dark chocolate, blueberries

                              I think being sick, and working this crazy days is making the food thing a lot harder. I feel nauseous, and like I'm just out of gas all day, and then very hungry at night. It'll get better.