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Primal Journal: Kenzie(Canada)

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  • Primal Journal: Kenzie(Canada)

    I am finally going to make myself accountable and start posting my daily numbers. I have been primal for about 2 months now but tend to have a few slip ups here and there and I want to be as consistent as possible.
    For some background. I am 26 year old female 5'10 live in Canada and have been active my whole life. Was a dancer till university and then a chronic runner until 3 years ago when I fractured my hip and foot, lost my period for a year and a half and was underweight at my lowest 120lbs. I have suffered from some health issues , have accepted them, as I wouldn't have learned the lessons I have otherwise. For the past 3-4 years I have not been well. Low energy, depression, mono, chronic migraines, stress causing many work leaves, IBS, ....the list goes on. AS a result I started to gain weight as my body "I believe" was going through a lot of stress and the cortisol levels started accumulating. I am now around 165lbs. I stumbled on MDA a couple years ago and have been following religiously since then. At this point I was a vegan, my main reason for this was I didn't want to take in any negative energy from the animal being killed and ingest it into myself. I was already depressed as it was I didn't want anymore. I am a very compassionate person and the thought of taking an animals life for me to eat it just didn't make sense. I was taking in Mark's information daily and it just started making sense to me. Long story short I left my stressful job as an FP working 10 hr days and commuting 2.5 hrs. I am now eating meat, have always eaten veggies. I am a celiac and lactose intolerant. After 10 years of chronic migraines I can finally say that I have been rid of them for 2 months. I am still hoping for my hormones to return to normal after a lack of a cycle. I have more energy then I have in years and I am starting to feel alive again. And would love to lose 20 lbs.
    Pretty much it is all around my midsection. Recent blood test show that my fasting glucose is a little high. and I am still iron deficient. ( due to chronic pain, I started chewing gum....think my pancreas has stopped producing insulin to get rid of all the excess glucose. That’s just my theory though, goin to the dr. this week)

    Sorry so long, just have a lot goin on.

    30 days, then from there reassess
    1) keep up with already existing exercise. Morning HIIT, walk to and from work, occasional run. (I work in a care home and I am VERY active throughout the day, teaching exercise and running around the building doing programs, I am never sedentary)
    2) carbs less than 10% daily ( maybe I am insulin resistant?)
    3) NO nuts or nut butters ( eat ALL of them)
    4) No emotional eating
    5) no sugar
    6) IF 20-24 hrs 2 times a week


    Exercise: (As always use Bodyrock tv) today was: Punisher workout
    3 rounds of
    Burpees with push ups – 20 reps, Side Lunge Jumps – 50 reps, Jump Rope Jacks – 50 reps, Pull Ups – 5 reps, Hanging Leg Raises – 5 reps, Ninja Jump Tucks – 10 reps.

    and play outside as it is almost 20C

    B: IF
    L: IF
    D: have to wait and see

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    D: turkey patty, spinach and cauliflower

    Not hungry, walked for an hour today in the gorgeous weather!