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    Hello all,

    It's time for me to bite the bullet and just start journaling. I need something to hold me accountable. I started primal eating about a month ago and stick to it ~80% of the time. No significant weight changes or change in body composition. I will wait another month before I go in for hydrostatic testing.

    A little about me: I am a distance runner and run several marathons/ultras per year. In fact, I have an ultra tomorrow morning. If you've heard of the group Marathon Maniacs, I am one of them. My goal for this year is to Boston qualify again, so I can run it in 2011 or 2012. I have a goal race in September that will hopefully be my ticket.

    I also teach Turbo Kick 2-3x per week, which is a form of highly choreographed kickboxing. On top of that, I am a beachbody coach and routinely do programs like P90X, Chalean Extreme, and Insanity, to name a few. Currently, I am ending week 5 of P90X and definitely feel the strength gains.

    I've struggled with my weight most of my life. Last year, even though I was running all the time, my weight kept creeping up along with my % bodyfat. I saw an endocrinologist and my levels were normal. I watched calories and did my best to follow a conventional "healthy" diet. I finally broke through my weight gain by changing up my workouts, dropping my BC pill and having shakeology for breakfast everyday. Since last July, I've lost about 15 lbs. The scale really hasn't budged for several months now and I fear I've hit a plateau. I'm still carrying extra weight, but I hope to convert that from fat to muscle in due time.

    Starting today, I will post my daily menu. I plan to have a few extra carbs for tomorrow's ultra. Here it goes:

    (pre-workout) apple with tbsp almond butter
    (post-workout) Protein smoothie
    1 scoop shakeology + 1/2 scoop vanilla whey + 1/3 cup frozen blueberries + 1 tbsp sunbutter + 1 cup fresh spinach + 1/2 cup almond milk + ice

    snack 1: apple

    lunch: 3 chicken breast tenders (~1/2 breast) in sauce of chopped tomatoes, olive oil and olives

    snack 2: larabar cashew cookie
    red bell pepper
    3 oz pulled pork

    dinner: almond, gluten-free pizza crust (3/8 of pizza)
    red bell pepper
    glass of red wine

    snack 3: kettle korn (I know, bad)
    almond cupcake (primal recipe)
    coconut icecream 1/2 cup

    I haven't completely omitted dairy yet. I think over time I will.
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    I completed a 32 mile trail race yesterday. It was hilly and quite the challenge. At times, I wanted to quit because I felt tired, nauseous and had problems with my pollen induced asthma. I am happy I finished. During the run, I ate dried fruit and water. Later, as nausea hit (most likely from lack of salt and de-hydration) I started ingesting pb filled pretzels and potatoes dipped in salt. That seemed to help. To distract myself during the run, I was listening to Born To Run on my ipod After I was done, I ate a lot of was sooooo good! I also had a few slices of turkey immediately after I was done.
    When I got home, I ate whatever I wanted. I wanted SALT!! My husband picked up some Salt & Vinegar chips for me. Over several hours, I snacked on the chips, steamed zucchini, mango, coconut icecream, almond crust pizza, wine and lots of water. I didn't come close to ingesting the calories I burned, but I felt satisfied by the time I zonked out for sleep.
    This morning, I feel good. Kind of bloated, but that's expected after all the salt and water retention for muscle repair. I really don't feel sore, just tired.
    My eating is back on track today.
    So far, I've had breakfast
    1 scoop chocolate skakeology
    5 frozen strawberries
    1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
    1.5 Tbsp almond butter
    lots of ice
    coffee, black

    I will post the rest of my food as the day goes on. Are there any other runners out there who would like to share their experience with eating primal while racing?

    Here's the rest of my day:

    Lunch: 2 eggs fried with 3 strips nitrate-free organic bacon
    topped on romaine lettuce leaves with raw chipotle cheddar slices

    Snack: 1/4 cup raw cashews

    Snack: banana blueberry muffin (Elana's pantry recipe)

    Dinner: steamed broccoli
    baked sole
    red wine
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      So far, the week has gone okay. I'm still hovering around 80% primal. My problem? Stupid tortilla chips! I don't know why I can't keep away from them. Even worse, I have them at night after dinner. I have asked my husband to stop buying them or if he does, to hide them from me. I can only assume I'm craving salt for some unknown reason. I am on week 6 of P90X and teach kickboxing Monday and Tuesday nights. Maybe the extra cardio leads to salt cravings?

      Here's my menu for the day:

      almond milk
      frozen berries

      2 eggs fried with mozzarella on top

      banana blueberry muffin (Elana's pantry recipe)
      valencia orange
      7 brazil nuts
      ahi jerky

      BAS-lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, olives, blue cheese, and balsamic dressing

      turkey burger with smoked cheddar

      tortilla chips (ughh!!)

      workout: TK class ~1 hour