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Ramblings of a primal and slightly OCD eater!

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  • Ramblings of a primal and slightly OCD eater!

    I'd like to say from the outset that my diet plan seems rather anal and it would be an easy assumption to make that I stress over it a lot. This, however, is not the case. As a slightly OCD person, who was diagnosed as an adult with Asperger Syndrome (the accuracy of that diagnoses is open for debate), I feel more relaxed when everything is planned out in a nice repetitive routine. Doing what I want when I want actually causes me stress! Anyway, I've been eating this way for a good year or so and I'm very impressed with how it's made me feel. No more hunger pangs in the morning, lots more energy, less brain fog, less bloatedness. And a weight that stays nice and stable. I could go months without weighing myself and I'd still be able to accurately guess how much I weigh to the nearest couple of pounds. I thought I'd use this forum as a way of tracking changes in my diet and exercise, and also any changes in the results. At the moment my diet is as follows:

    • Omelette. (5 free range pastured eggs, a generous glug of EV Olive Oil, 1 large red onion, 1 teaspoon mixed herbs, 1 teaspoon turmeric, 3/4 teaspoon black pepper, 30g tomato puree, a squirt of chilli puree, sea salt)
    • 1 tablespoon(ish) Extra Virgin Coconut oil
    • 5,000ui Vitamin D, 400ui Vitamin E Mixed Tocophenols, 1000mg Vitamin C
    • A cup of energising tea (yerba mate, guarana, ginseng, green oats)

    This keeps me going for a good 5 or 6 hours without any hunger pangs

    • 1 pack of cooked meat (roast beef slices, salt beef, or parma ham) or 1 can of sardines or mackerel
    • 100g mature cheddar cheese
    • 1 large raw carrot
    • 75g shelled Pistachio nuts, or occasionally Macadamia nuts
    • 30g 85% cocoa dark chocolate
    • Cup of Chai green tea

    • Usually 2 cans of sardines or mackerel
    • A mix of veg - normally cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, spinach
    • a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and EV olive oil

    • Once a week I will have liver instead of fish

    • If the above meal happens to be after a workout then I usually add sweet potato or quinoa cooked in bone broth (I will call it bone broth here as I think you're primarily from the US. I would generally call it stock in the UK.)

    • Once or twice a week I will have a stew using beef or lamb or pork shoulder. The stew is normally made with bone broth, sweet potato, onion, carrot, herbs, garlic, and a splash of worcester sauce.

    So there you have it. That's pretty much my diet week in week out. I'm always open to adding things that may be beneficial. I have no idea of the effect that this has had on my cholesterol, I've never had it checked. This will hopefully change in the next couple of weeks. I used to be a smoker - for just over 20 years. It's been about a year and a half since I gave up - will my cholesterol levels have normalised in that amount of time?

    I go to the gym about 3 times a week however I've become increasingly frustrated at how busy my gym is, preventing me from getting on the equipment I want to get on. So I cancelled my membership this morning and am now going to buy an adjustable fold up bench and some dumbbell weights and do it all at home instead.

    Admittedly I don't do any sprinting. I should but I never seem to get round to it. So many things to do, never enough time. I'm studying hard at the moment for the Cisco CCNA exam which is taking up nearly all of my spare time.

    I'm going to be getting the Perfect Health Diet book for Christmas so that may give me a few new ideas.

    Anyway - I really should be doing some work - I'm sure my boss doesn't pay me for writing rambling posts on internet forums!

    To be continued....

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    I am a big fan of having a fixed meal plan. My breakfast is exactly the same every day. Lunch and dinner often repeat as well. Very easy to follow.
    I'm glad Primal is working so well for you. Welcome.
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      Welcome Mark!

      I'm not a fly by the seat of my pants person either, it makes me very anxious. I'm glad you're doing so well with Primal and I hear you on the gym being busy, sometimes I have to physically stand in line to get my paws on a machine. Good luck with the studying!
      You have to fall in love with the process of becoming great.


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        Just been thinking about the gym - I've been paying 38 a month - which I believe equates to around $62. For the price of going for 3 months, I could easily buy everything I need to do it at home. I'll save a fortune!


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          Had a great meal last night - Pork Shoulder slow cooked for 8 hours in bone broth with carrots, onion, garlic, and a few herbs. And a side dish of veg. Admittedly the veg didn't taste so good as its frozen fare - fresh tastes better but sometimes convenience wins. And for dessert - pomegranite seeds with my new favourite topping, Cornish Clotted Cream.


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            I don't even know what Cornish Clotted Cream is but just the name sounds amazing. What a delicious dinner!

            I agree on the frozen vegetables, I generally try to fry them somehow if I'm eating frozen. My favorites are either stir fry with shrimp and lots of coconut oil or green beans in bacon and brie or blue cheese. I cook the bacon, steam the frozen green beans, fry them up in the leftover bacon grease and top with brie. I'm making myself hungry just typing this!
            You have to fall in love with the process of becoming great.


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              In Norwich (UK) this weekend, as I usually am for 2 weekends every month. If ever my diet plans get destroyed, this is normally the time. I have a tendency to crumble if my normal daily routine is destroyed. Im determined this time though to stay on track.

              Got a bit of lower back ache again this morning... really need to start doing some stretching. A sit down all day job really takes its toll.

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                I work a sit down job too, I make it a point to go reply to emails verbally instead of just shooting off a reply. Gets me out of my chair a lot! I also drink a lot of hot tea so multiple bathroom breaks move me around.

                Good luck staying primal! If you slip up, its not the end of the world... either its the 20% of 80/20 mark recommends or its a reminder of why you do primal in the first place. I had rice this weekend and seriously regretted it... tasted so good, felt soooo bad.
                You have to fall in love with the process of becoming great.


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                  Well for the first time I made it through the weekend without resorting to pizza or a biscuit tea dunking binge! Was almost tempted again in the week as there was a program on TV about the history of biscuits and associated rituals - which sounds incredibly boring I know, however I found myself getting all nostalgic and craving a taste of all the biscuits I used to eat as a kid. Good point you made about replying to things verbally instead of emailing - will try that to get me out of my chair more often. Had my blood pressure checked earlier this week and got a score of 124/82 which I think is good. I donated a pint of blood on wednesday - first time I've ever done that, the girlfriend persuaded me. Today, I've had a little blood test taken for a cholesterol check - simply because I've never had one before and I'm curious.


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                    Good job on avoiding the biscuits! Nostalgia is a powerful prompt for eating, sometimes I want food just because it reminds me of being a little kid.
                    You have to fall in love with the process of becoming great.


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                      It's so easy to forget to update this thing! Hope everyone had a good Christmas, it seemed to be over in the blink of an eye for me. Just finished reading Perfect Health Diet which was really good. Still sticking pretty much with the same diet except I've started adding more portions of buttery mashed potato to my evening meal. Just got my cholesterol results back from the GP, and I'm massively disappointed that they measured Total Cholesterol - and thats it! Anyway, it came out 4.8 mmol/l which translates to about 185 mg/dl. Without HDL and Tryglycerides readings, it doesn't mean an awful lot to me though.


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                        Aww thats disappointing about the test results! If you request it will they test everything next time?
                        You have to fall in love with the process of becoming great.