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    Joined the forum a couple of months ago but haven't gone primal yet, just been reading about it and testing some stuff.

    Realised I really have to make the effort with this or else my health may never improve. I have a number of different health issues that I have been trying to deal with for most of my life, but have yet to alleviate. I thought I would see instant results with this but turns out it may well be a long term process. I recently got to the point where I felt like I just couldn't carry on, but I have been reading a lot of literature on the subject of health and nutrition and have started to spot some underlying patterns and trends. This has given me a new burst of enthusiasm and hope, so I'm going to go 100% primal for a good while and see how things stand then. I don't do well with moderation with this kind of thing, either I'm in all the way, or I'm not. The 80/20 rule doesn't really work for me as even 20% non primal food seems to wreck havoc with my body and mental/emotional state.

    From trying different foods and paying attention to how I feel after eating I have noticed that gluten, sugar, diary, and alcohol, as well as all processed stuff, really messes me up. I feel bloated, sticky, inflamed, hot, and anxious. I also have physical symptoms after eating these foods such as sinusitis, cracked/swollen lips, tendonitis, tiredness, low mood, extremes of energy (high then low), inability to sleep, depression etc. It's really affecting my quality of life across the board, from relationships to career, so I need to get this sorted!

    Have come to believe that I may have a gluten intolerance which led to leaky gut (I seem to have the symptoms of both issues). While this can be hard to diagnose, I am going to act under the assumption that it is the problem underlying my poor health and act accordingly.

    Based on this I am going to implement daily intermittent fasting, with 16 hours fasting and an 8 hours feeding window. This will take the form of one small pre meal snack, and two large main meals. The idea behind this approach is that it will give the body a rest from digestion and will aid in healing of the intestinal system. I have also found that if I eat breakfast as well as lunch and dinner I tend to feel inundated with food experience associated discomfort, so a shorter feeding window may suit me much better.

    I am also going to train every morning before work, even if it's just some dynamic stretching and yoga. This daily effort with help get me in a healthy mindset for the day and give me some time to work on my strength, fitness and posture. Am aiming to get in 3/4 decent strength training sessions in per week, with the other days being used for postural and core work.

    I will keep a list of symptoms and track them each day as a way to get feedback on results (I understand this is almost entirely subjective and thus may be affected by my own biases but I think it will still be helpful).

    See you on the other side,

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