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Let's Try This AGAIN (Caffeinated)

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  • Let's Try This AGAIN (Caffeinated)

    Well I just started on my 3rd Primal Journey. My first 2 ended but i can't say they were complete failures. The first time I went primal I stuck to it for about a month. Then at the beginning of 2013 I started and I was good for about 5 months and I learned ALOT during that time about living the Grok lifestyle. I started a greenhouse with aquaponics, I gave up dairy and sugar and I was doing FANTASTIC and then I got achilles tendinitis from running in barefoot shoes and increasing my distance too fast. I got super frustrated and stopped the whole thing. That is when something crazy happened. I had noticed that 5 months my sinuses and allergies had gotten much better. I wasn't nearly as congested and didnt get sinus headaches nearly as often. In fact up until last week I had been sinus infection free for the entire year (I usually get 3 a year). Then I started eating like crap again with bread and pasta and all that fun stuff you miss when you start primal. Well, literally 2 days into eating like that the sinuses came back with a vengeance and I was doing sinus cleanses and taking decongestants daily again. I am pretty sure I am allergic to gluten and that proved it for me. The cleanses and decongestants worked up until 2 weeks ago when I finally came down with a sinus infection and for me this was the last straw. I am back on the primal bandwagon and this time I'm sticking to it. I'm hoping to convince my girlfiend to go Primal so that we can eat the same things but apparently she loves pasta too much so I have to stick with it to PROVE that you lose weight and get fit by eating this way...also I don't want anymore sinus infections lol.

    I'm going to start off clean and going as low carb as possible to jump start the weight loss as right now I'm 5' 11" and 233lbs which is pretty much the heaviest I have ever been in my life.

    My first challenge is to drop all the crap food and then I will work on dropping the caffeine. I'm pretty much addicted to it. I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning and then depending on the day 1-2 Monster Energy Zeros' and possibly a diet mt. dew. I know they are horrible but I NEED the caffeine to survive. I work from 0630-1600 every day and then have class from 1730-2030 on Monday and Wednesday. They make for some LONG days. I'm hoping that going primal will bring me all energy that other people have said they get. I'm not going to cheat this time at all like I have in the past. As far as food goes... I'm going cold turkey!

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    Today's meals consist of:
    Breakfast: 3 Eggs with 3oz Roast beef mixed in
    Lunch: Broccoli Cheese soup that my gf modified to leave the gluten out.
    Dinner: Ham and Sweet Potatoes leftover from Thanksgiving

    Breakfast: 3 Eggs with roast beef mixed in.
    Lunch: Roast beef and brocolli
    Dinner: TBD

    I figured post thanksgiving would be a good time to start!


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      I'm in Ketosis! I could smell it! TMI? lol i dont care. im happy!


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        Today I had scrambled eggs with some BBQ pork mixed in for breakfast
        Ruby Tuesday salad bar for lunch
        Seafood date night for dinner. Which I'm going for salmon and veggies so that will be primal as well.
        I weighed this morning and haven't lost anything yet.


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          I need to invest in Bacon. Just scrambled eggs for breakfast is getting old already. I have also hit the gym each day this week.
          Tues, Thurs Sat will be Running. Yea i know chronic cardio blah blah blah but it's cold and HIIT on a treadmill is dangerous lol. Any suggestions for HIIT at the gym?
          Mon, Wed, Fri - Upper Body lifting.
          I've gotten weaker and weaker and it's time to lift heavy things!


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            Happy Success Story Friday! Man I really want to be one of those success stories. I could be the "I've been a fat kid all my life" success stories because I've been big since I was about 10. It's crazy to think that I have been overweight for that much of my life and now according to that wonderful BMI chart and my doctor... I'm obese. Though whenever people look at me now after knowing how much I weigh they ask.. Where do you put it? Well believe me it's there. Actually, I've noticed it more this week than ever so maybe it was a great time to make the switch.

            Last night my gf and I went out to date night and went to a seafood restaurant where I had She Crab soup as an app and the grouper with a bunch of veggies, some sauce and palenta(???) in it. Well to my surprise the palenta was kind of like rice and I didn't eat too much of it because I didn't know if it counted as primal or not. I didn't know about she crab soup either but I love it so much I figured I would just pack that into the 20% of my 80/20. Now that i have looked it up I see that is has flour in it and I am sad but MAN was that little bowl delicious haha

            Well for today I'm having 1 of the leftover tacos from Ruby Tuesdays yesterday but I'm only eating the inside. No tortilla for this guy. Lunch I have chicken and brocolli and I'm not sure whats for dinner yet but If I have it my way it's going to be italian sausage and peppers/onions. I don't think sausage is technically paleo but it was in my freezer and it's meat so I think it's close enough to eat it for now.

            All in all I haven't noticed any difference or changes from being paleo except that I've had a constant urge to eat beef jerky and I have been SO THIRSTY! I've drank a gallon of water each day for the past 3 days without even trying and I never drink that much. Anyone else have that?


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              Well I managed to stay Primal over the weekend.

              Been to the gym every day and have stayed on the primal path. Have not lost any weight yet so i guess no miracle first week stories for me but I shall see how this week goes. Maybe the 2nd week is the charm.
              I tried to fast this morning but after getting almost zero sleep last night due to a disagreement with my girlfriend being on my mind all night I ended up not being able to stand it and eating at lunch. I had a taco salad without the shell or the beans. I did have a couple chips with the salsa but nothing too bad.

              This whole typing to yourself thing is weird. I think this might be my last journal entry. I know what is going on... why do I need to type it out to myself?


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                Yesterday was a sort of failed attempted at IF.

                I successfully skipped breakfast and then come lunch time i was insanely hungry which I believe was due to not getting hardly any sleep from the night before so I had the taco salad for lunch.

                I was going to go primal nap in my car between work and class but i sucked it up and went to the gym anyway to do some upper body.

                I did triceps, biceps, chest press, row, etc.
                Then I didn't have any dinner. When i got home I had maybe half a cup of cottage cheese right before bed to curb the hunger and get protein for the recovery.

                Today I'm eating normal and going to go try to do some HIIT and hope I dont die on the treadmill.

                Eggs for breakfast,
                Chili for lunch
                And I am cooking bacon wrapped pork loin for dinner.

                Changing the recipe up a bit. It calls for maple syrup but I'm trying to stay in ketosis for a bit. Lately I havent had any symptoms of being in Ketosis so not sure if im in it or not but I should be.


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                  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and progress so far with your third primal journey. I know it's a bit weird typing a post and having no response, but it's helpful as a self-reflective tool. You can look back at this and see what you might need to alter. One suggestion I could make is to not eat out as much. That's one of my biggest mistakes! There's so much hidden garbage in the food some of these restaurants serve as food.

                  What's your progress like with the energy drinks? I know how it is to feel dependent on them, but I've stopped drinking them a while back. Nothing wrong with a cup of coffee in the morning though.

                  Another suggestion I have is to get Tim Ferriss' book 4-Hour Chef. It will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen and you will never run out of ideas for flavor combos for those eggs. On a typical day, I enjoy my eggs with hot sauce.


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                    Hot sauce on eggs is great! It's my favorite too. I love anything spicy though. I'll check out 4 hour chef. I read 4 hour work week and 4 hour body. Didnt know chef existed haha.

                    I try not to eat out much but it's hard when you are 27 and thats all anyone does is have get togethers and go out to eat lol. We are going to olive garden tomorrow night so I used Healthy Out to figure out what they have on the menu that is Paleo. This will be my ultimate test. I have avoided the cookies and treats so far but have not been confronted with breadsticks and lasagna yet... o man its gonna be tough!

                    Energy drinks I haven't done any better. Haven't slept very well this week and work has been nutz. Going to try to kick them starting tomorrow since I'm working from home and then i have a 3 day weekend. Will see how it goes. Does anyone know if caffeine pills would be a better alternative or should I just quit cold turkey?

                    Thanks for the response btw.


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                      I totally get the going out to eat all the time situation. Otherwise it feels like there's nothing to do when hanging out with friends.

                      It might be helpful to cut the energy drinks in half to start. You might experience some crazy withdrawals if you do it cold turkey. Let us know about the progress.


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                        Found out a way to give up Monster and Diet Dew! I found straight liquid caffeine. I'm going to add that to water in decreasing amounts instead of going cold turkey! Much healthier!


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                          Well it's been 2 weeks that I have been primal and sticking to it at least 80% and I'm down a little over 6lbs! I have completely given up Monster and Diet Mt. Dew since Sunday and I must say I don't like it lol. It's weird how much of an addiction i have to Monster. I woke up in the middle of the night craving one last night but I'm going to stick with it. What I have been doing is using our Soda Stream to carbonate water, adding some lemon and lime juice and then adding 2 80 mg packets of liquid caffeine to the water bottle which is equivalent to 1 Monster and then drinking that throughout the day.

                          I've been keeping a simple diet.
                          3 eggs in the morning with some type of meat, today was roast beef.
                          Chicken and brocolli for lunch
                          Chicken and brocolli for dinner.

                          Yesterday after the gym I wasn't that hungry so I took some salami I had leftover, slapped some cream cheese on it and wrapped it around a dill pickle to make what we call "Pickle snacks". Not 100% paleo but still low carb and delicious.

                          I think I'm definitely in Ketosis though. I've had that metallic taste in my mouth right before bed and also when I wake up in the morning. The weird thing is I've had a constant headache the past 2 days and again this morning. I can't figure out what it is. I'm drinking the same amount of caffeine as I was before so it shouldn't be a caffeine headache.

                          Any ideas?
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