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  • Here we go again :)

    It has been nearly 1 1/2 years since I was last involved here. In January I completed a Whole30 and I felt so accomplished. I felt wonderful and lost 8 lbs and it was so nice and then I just FELL. HARD. Right off that wagon. I have struggled since then to get moving with my diet again. Other things just kept getting in the way. I'm a stay at home mom to two kids and as any mother can probably attest we are just not that good about taking care of ourselves. My Whole30 was my new year's "thing" where I said "screw everyone else, this is about me". The biggest issue is that up until recently no one else in my family was enthusiastic about a diet change. My husband went through a new job (that was an upheaval in and of itself) and we started homeschooling. My daughter has become more adventurous with food though my son is not but that makes it a LOT more manageable than it was even a couple of months ago.

    So what changed? Well, on Monday I went to see my endocrinologist for my regular thyroid checkup. At my last visit, about 6 months ago, she said something about how my thyroid numbers were nearing their target and we needed to work on my weight (I had put weight back after the Whole30). I was nervous about this visit and I had ever right to be. She told me my fasting sugars were at 93, and 100 is pre-diabetes territory. I had gained 12 lbs since my last visit. She told me to go low carb (we have talked at great length about paleo, she has seen several patients have great results with it) with a calorie ceiling of 1300. I figure that's fair, if I cut out the junky carbs I can squeeze some good nutrition into 1300 calories.

    I don't know what it was.. permission? acceptance, maybe? My doctor was telling me that I needed to go paleo/primal whereas there are so many people in the community that get the opposite.

    For a few months I have had Primal Blueprint smoothie mix and vitamins/flora on autoship, but I also wanted to try Saving Dinner's smoothie mix. I like it - it's relatively high in carbs but the last 3 days I have been able to keep my carbs between 40 and 50 (my doctor wants me no higher than 40g). I have it with water and Natural Value coconut milk (the canned stuff with no guar gum or bpa lining) and some cacao nibs. She (Saving Dinner) advocates for more fiber -- a big selling point for the Fiber Mender she wants you to buy in addition to the smoothie mix. I have it, but I've got it tucked away after reading some blog/forum posts about fiber.

    I also quit coffee this week. I have a sneaking suspicion that my adrenals are involved in all of this so I need to get off the stimulants and figure out how to relax. My husband has been letting me sleep in so I'm getting a pretty good solid 10 hours of sleep. I think something else that is happening is that I nightweaned my son (and the fact that he only nurses twice a day - nap and bedtime - played into the weight gain) and he has finally adjusted and isn't waking me up often at night. In addition I'm taking the Primal Blueprint Advanced Health Formula, Primal Flora, and a D3 supplement (my numbers TANKED). I drink kombucha 2-3 times a week (if my kids don't sneak it away first!).

    I'm still a little tired, on Day 4 here, but I know that's to be expected. It took 12-13 days for my energy to really perk up during my Whole30 and I'm totally prepared. My carb intake might go up on Thanksgiving but that'll be it.

    I have chicken breasts in the oven (with Penzey's Ruth Ann's Muskego Avenue seasoning), as well as potatoes (for them), cauliflower and I'm making "zucchini butter" on the stove (shredded zucchini, kerrygold).

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    Sounds like you've made a good start back! How is it going?

    Goal: Feel good, be active!


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      Welcomee back Torena, things will be a bit easier now you are getting more sleep. Dinner sounds good, keep up the primal intake and good luck.
      Annie Ups the Ante