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  • PrimalJournal-Grimjack

    My first post- I'll do an intro in the meet and greet thread, here is the down and dirty.

    40yr old white male. Approximately 5' 10". weighed in this morning at 180.5lbs. Have been eating primal(ish) for approximately 5 days. When I started last week I weighed 186lbs. I have not started a workout schedule at all. Here are my before pics. I am going to try to post pics once a month or so to document my progress. Hopefully that will keep me motivated!

    Ok, no laughing!

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    5-13-10/ I weighed in at 180.5lbs

    I ate two scrambled eggs with artichokes and mushrooms in the morning. Some carrot sticks for snack. for lunch it was a salad topped with ceviche and dinner was steak and salad.

    5-14-10/ I weighed in at 181lbs (what happend? I gained a 1/2 lb back.


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      A half pound will happen, depending on your level of hydration and time of day of your weigh. Don't sweat it. Last weekend I had an eight pound difference between Saturday and Sunday, Monday I was back to normal.

      Now, I'm just a guilty as you, but the best bet is to walk away from the scale for a few days.

      I'm only a few weeks in myself, and I'd love to be able to say the scale tells the story, but its all about feel. I feel leaner, have more energy, and sleep better. Good luck mate!