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    I have started implementing primal eating since the 3rd of Nov, 2013. Previously I had been doing Carb Nite for just a few weeks, and found out I do not have enough energy levels to sustain my more endurance based workouts as well as fueling adequately for my martial arts training. Therefore, I am doing a mix of Carb Nite by John Kiefer, and Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.

    My Concept

    I will be following Kiefer's concept of no high GI carbs at all until late night on a day where I have had training, or will have training early morning the next day. However, I am also following Mark's carb intake chart where I am allowed to eat more carbs; instead of 30g or less a day, its 50-100g a day. Sweet potatoes (kumara) would be my food of choice as opposed to white rice or mashed potatoes, though they are also good options. I find eating high GI carbs late night helps me sleep, and gives me energy for the next morning and sustain my hunger levels until late afternoon.

    My Meals in General

    B: 3 to 4 eggs and 1 medium onion fried in coconut oil together with a meat of choice (usually bacon or mince beef.) Otherwise, I sometimes skip breakfast if I am not hungry. I sometimes just take a cup of coffee and go without the actual food.

    S: I don't usually snack before lunch.

    L: Meat & Vegetables fried/baked in butter or coconut oil or rendered duck fat.

    S: Macadamia Nuts or almonds, or a piece of Dark Chocolate (72%-85%)

    D: Meat & Vegetables fried/baked in butter or rendered duck fat.

    Supper: If training the next morning, I eat one kumara either steamed or baked, without fat, but salt and pepper.


    I am a serious Wing Chun practitioner, and train 3 times a week.
    2 of those sessions if not 1 are for me to teach younger students and beginners, otherwise I will be training. To me, Wing Chun sessions are not workouts, but just a time for me to relax, understand myself and one another as well as the essence of Wing Chun, the art behind it. However there are times where I do get to sweat a lot, but never really intense.

    I do endurance weight training twice a week, on Sunday mornings and Thursday mornings.
    I have just recently started this routine so at the moment I am just doing a beginners program so that my body gets used to lifting heavy things. This is my first time doing a weight training program!

    At the moment my training session is like this:

    3 sets of 20 Squats at Squat Rack [bar itself only (20 kg)]
    3 sets of 20 Bench Presses [bar itself only (20 kg)]
    (these are the only two that I use weights for at the moment)

    3 sets of 20 Alternating Lunges
    3 sets of 20 Full Burpees
    3 sets of 8 Pull Ups (full body weight)
    5 sets of 1 minute wall sit or 1 leg stand on a balance cushion
    3 sets of 50 mountain climbers


    After 6 weeks I will get a new program to fit my new well and improved body
    During these 6 weeks I will be adding weight as I go up and doing more reps if required.



    I will be going to Australia tomorrow so I may not be able to post my journal up until I come back
    My energy levels have been getting better, I used to be sleepy and sluggish during the afternoon
    at around 2 to 4pm but I think I'm getting used to my new diet now, doing well so far but
    sometimes sneaking in a chocolate or two due to random cravings or a bit of flour or rice but always tried to
    sneak that only at night and not during the day so I keep my insulin flat until night time.

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