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  • Dakini's It's a journey and a destination! journey

    I figured I should start one of these to keep myself accountable. I have been dabbling with Primal for a little bit, but am now actually trying it out fairly strictly. I have a daughter that's 20 months old and she's on the journey with me. For her, I'm looking at it as a way to teach her better eating habits, and she's doing well (eats better than her cousins for the most part).

    It's been almost a week since I've had Pepsi (a weakness for me) and the same for breads and pasta. It's been hard, but I'm managing it. I swear I have the low-carb flu, but I'm trying to eat protein and fat when I'm feeling light headed and weak, and it's been helping, when I can. (It's hard when you work full-time and don't always bring the right snacks.) I've been having salads at lunch, though I have to get better at the dressings. I've been experimenting and some have worked, and some have not.

    So far, what have I seen? I'll say I started a week ago. I'm definitely feeling the low-carb flu - light headedness, tired, loss of concentration. But, I'm also sleeping better at night, and feel full longer. In fact I can not eat breakfast and be fine most days until lunch. Not today, but a lot of the days (I've never been a big breakfast eater, but then usually got hungry around 10 in the morning) I can go until noon. The past two days though I have noticed that I'm getting hungry earlier, but then the low carb flu symptoms are worse, so I'm contributing it to that.

    We'll see how it goes. I really want this to work as I have quite a few pounds to loss (not sure exactly as I don't own a scale) - probably about 50. And I want to feel healthier so that I run around more with my daughter, I want her to grow up without the same issues about weight and food that I did, and I want to be here for years for her. I'm not going so much for weight as fit of clothes. I'm currently in about a 12-14 (depending on brand), and would love to get to a 4, but even a 6 would be fantastic.

    Sorry if this is a little rambling - brain is foggy today. I'm hoping to clear it up with some tea and meat.

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    Should add that my tummy pouch is getting's not scientific, but it's getting smaller!

    And I've decided I have to grocery shopping after I clean out my fridge. And pantry. I need to have more veggies on hand, and I have to figure out how to stop my fridge from freezing them (ever had frozen lettuce? Gross!).

    After lunch (not so healthy salad) I'm feeling better, not so low-carb flu. I guess I need to eat some regular meals, and I'm thinking the salad dressing had some sugar in it. Boo. At least it's still better than what i was eating a week ago.


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      Ugh. So not a healthy supper. I'm hoping I will have my daughter out of the house for an hour or two tomorrow night and I can clean out the fridge. And cook a primal meal with leftovers. I know one reason I'm not feeling the flu-like symptoms is that I ate some carbs. Sigh. Tomorrow is another day, and even eating 75% primal I've noticed a difference. And cutting out a lot of processed foods and carbs is still a step in the right direction. This is a journey to good health, and a destination all at the same time. Right now I've just started the journey, the destination is a ways off, but the journey is a learning experience. Good experiences and bad experiences all make up our journies. All I can do is do better. And the (admiddedly) smal results I've seen just tells me I have to work harder.


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        This weekend I did really good, except for at a bridal shower. I had some dessert because it was my favourite. Well...I'm not doing that again. I got an instant headache and felt really bad, and it didn't taste that great either (too sweet). Just convinced me that it's not worth it, especially as I didn't really enjoy it.


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          Why oh why do I do it? I had pasta last night. I knew I shouldn't, but there was nothing else (I wasn't at home). And today I feel horrible. I feel like I have a hangover. But, after some tea and Tylenol, I am feeling better. And as much as I wish I could go get bacon and eggs, that's not happening - no cash in the wallet! lol IF until lunch it is then. While Sunday I learnt sugar is not good for me anymore, I now learnt that pasta isn't either. Next time, I'll eat what I can and leave all pasta. Another lesson learnt.


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            Had a mostly good weekend. IF on Sunday because my little girl was sick, and then ate 3 hamburgers (no buns) and veggies. But I also had Pepsi 8( But still feeling ok. Not doing it again though. And Monday I ate most of a whole roast chicken (baby girl had some too).

            Today's been good - IF til lunch, other than tea, and homemade beef stew (didn't have the bannock). Pretty good. Just have to figure out dinner though - cleaned out my fridge and don't have a lot anymore. LOL I'll figure something out.