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November Whole 30 Journal - Hopefully Healing Shoulder Injury

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  • November Whole 30 Journal - Hopefully Healing Shoulder Injury

    This journal is a place for me to record this Whole 30 experience. It will be a modified Whole 30, modified to suit me. The biggest thing about doing a Whole 30 for me is the total abstinance from dairy. I love dairy. Not milk to drink, but I LOVE cheese. All sorts. And butter and cream. So this is a big step for me.

    Two years ago, I did my first Whole 30. Quite an eye-opening experience. First time ever going an extended period without dairy, never mind the other restrictions. I lost about 4 lbs in the month, rather disappointing, but I had been using macademia nuts daily, so that was likely the reason for the minimal weight loss. The most interesting part of the experiment came in the 3rd week, when an old Achilles tendonitis that I had been dealing with for over a year, suddenly vanished, never to return. It was rather amazing.

    Last year, I did a whole 60. By the end of that time, I was having disrupted sleep, which disappeared as soon as I relaxed the restrictions and allowed more carbs into my diet (gluten-free grains in moderation). I did it nut-free that time, so was able to lose more weight.

    This past year, I have been dealing with a chronic wrist tenosynovitis, which has been going on for almost 15 months now. It's currently in pretty good shape, but the year of having a bum wrist has left me with shoulder, neck and back problems from compensating for the weak right arm. Stupid me, of course, would still try to do all the usual stuff, but with really bad body mechanics. So now my shoulder is buggered up - tendonitis type pain, aches in the night, reduced range of motion, can't lift above my head without pain - that kind of stuff.

    I am hoping that a Whole 30 will work the same magic for my shoulder as it did for my Achilles tendon. I decided two days ago to start this Nov 1. In addition to doing this, I am involved in some very intensive chiropractic and sports medicine type treatments that are already having a good effect. So, there are definitely confounding factors at work here, but the bottom line, the big goal, is simply to heal the shoulder, get my back, hips and neck back into proper alignment, and get back to robust good health and the ability to do a full complement of exercises.

    So my version of the Whole 30 goes like this:

    Totally grain-free, totally gluten-free, totally legume free, totally dairy free.
    Ad lib fruit and starchy veg to keep my carbs up to a reasonable level. It's apple season, and squash season, and turnip and beet season...
    Allows for a wee bit of soy sauce if we go out to our fave sushi restaurant. I eat sashimi - Whole 30 compliant.
    Almost nut-free. One oz macadamias if a binge were to be likely, possibly a bit of almond meal for a Whole30 compliant mug cake if I'm desperate - not expecting to be, though.
    Sugar is not a bogey-man for me, so the tiniest bits in other products will not cause me grief. But since there's basically no processed foods in this plan, it may not even happen.
    There might be a martini or two in the month. But it's a pretty pure alcohol, no sugars, no mixers, just vodka, vermouth and olives. At most two in the month - it's a Friday evening thing for hubby and me.
    I weigh daily. So sue me...

    So here goes...

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    Nov 1 - Day 1

    Off to a great start. Despite yesterday's fiasco with Halloween candy and other foods, today started off smooth and stayed great all day.
    B - 3 eggs (my own, free-range chickens), cooked in ghee, coffee.
    a.m. coffee at work
    L - bowl of home-made Whole 30 compliant stew, with beef, turnip, parsnip, carrot, celery. Delicious. Also cucumber slices and a raw apple.
    p.m. 2 Mennonite pepperettes
    S - sashimi at our favourite sushi restaurant. Edemame (yes, they are soybeans, but I figure they are more like string beans at that stage.
    eve - tea.

    Unlike most other days this week, particularly early in the week when I did 2 1/2 days of the potato hack, I was not hungry at all today. I've been getting bad abdominal gas and bloating the past few days (might be due to eating several raw potatoes earlier this week?), so I'm anticipating that my gut will settle down and flatten out somewhat overnight. I hope...


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      Hi Marthat,
      I am interested to see the results after 30 days.
      Not wanting to rain on your parade or anything but do you think 30 days if enough time considering the age of your injury?
      link to my journal


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        Originally posted by jacmac View Post
        Hi Marthat,
        I am interested to see the results after 30 days.
        Not wanting to rain on your parade or anything but do you think 30 days if enough time considering the age of your injury?
        Who knows? But it worked last time and that injury hung on for over a year. As I said, it's not the only approach I'm taking right now. The chiropractic/sports medicine treatments I'm taking are definitely having a positive effect. I'd say my shoulder is 75% better already in terms of aching at night and about 50% better in ROM. I'm just now been given the clearance to do some simple shoulder raises with about 2-3 lbs, so I can start the process of rebuilding my strength.

        I dropped two lbs of post-Halloween bloat overnight. Belly is feeling flatter already. Still had an evening of bad intestinal gas, though. I'm hoping to ditch that really soon! I've bought probiotic tabs to add to my day.


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          Did your whole 60 you did last year affect that injury, or did the injury happen after the whole 60 ended?


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            Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
            Did your whole 60 you did last year affect that injury, or did the injury happen after the whole 60 ended?
            No, my Whole 60 was May and June last year. I hurt my wrist in late August, ironically enough, while I was building my chicken coop so that I could keep my own chickens for eggs. I had my first cortisone injection in Jan or Feb, can't remember. That really fixed it up, but then I reinjured it in May and by middle of June, I had it injected again. Had to get through my son's wedding and wasn't about to be slowed up by a niggling injury, or to wear an ugly splint as the mother of the groom! Now, though, I'm ready to get rid of it for good!


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              Excited to follow your journey! You're off to a great start, and I hope that it helps your injury!

              I'm doing a No Junk November (my own version of cleaning up my act), so I'm excited that someone else in the world is doing something similar

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                Thanks, justme. Have you started a journal thread? It really helps for me to write down my intake, thoughts, changes, etc. each day. Even if nobody else reads it, I often go back and re-read it myself. May help you, too...


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                  I agree, it can definitely help!

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                    Day 2 recap:

                    B: 3 eggs and 3 slices bacon, black coffee
                    a.m. another black coffee
                    L: (delayed until after 2 p.m. - about 6 hrs - a long time for me to go without food) Bowl home-made stew, apple, 2 Mennonite pepperettes.
                    p.m. herbal tea, raw carrot
                    S: Sirloin steak on the BBQ and mixed carrots and turnip (with a small amount of butter - concession to hubby - about 1 tbsp in about 6 cups of veg)
                    eve: out to friends. Martini with 2 olives, a few apple chunks and about 2 more pepperettes (cut into little pieces, so I'm not sure how much) I easily resisted all the nice cheese that they had laid out, and the chips.

                    Overall, a very successful Saturday. I avoided a multitude of temptations and got a huge haul of great food from the farmer's market. Local turnips, carrots, enormous leeks, big bouquets of kale, local honey (for hubby), the most beautiful meaty beef short ribs, both lamb sausage and octoberfest sausage (locally made, no fillers). Then more fruits and veggies from the supermarket. I'm set.

                    So today is Day 3. I'm down another 1/2 lb overnight and back to the lowest weight I have seen since returning from Europe 2 weeks ago. But 8 lbs above my "happy" weight. And I noted this morning that my shoulder did not ache even once in the night last night, no matter my sleeping position. That's a big change in the past few weeks, likely mostly due to the chiropractic treatments, but I hope to make it a permanent state through the healing powers of this Whole 30.


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                      Oh! And the other big news? Almost complete remission of the horrible evening gas. YEAH!


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                        Day 3 - Great day.

                        B - 3 eggs, 3 slices bacon, black coffee.

                        L - out at Swiss Chalet. Had spinach salad with mandarin oranges (canned) and a chicken breast. Likely a wee bit of sugar in the oranges and the dressing, but it was grain and dairy free, so I consider that a win.

                        Spent all afternoon outside in the cold sunshine doing fall yardwork. Exhausted with raking and the rest of caring for a half-acre of well-treed yard. We also picked about 15 lbs of concord grapes, incredibly sweet.

                        S - leftover steak and turnip/carrot mix. Herbal tea.

                        eve - used the grapes to make grape jam. A whackload of sugar goes into jam. I licked the spoon once or twice, but that's all. Hubby tried some on toast - pronounced it great...

                        Not much food today but I wasn't hungry at all. I still have two meals of my autumn vegetable stew for the next 2 workdays. Tomorrow is my youngest son's 21st birthday, so we are having a special dinner. My plan is a big feed of mussels, which we all love, and I will not partake of the bread for sopping up the yummy sauce. Not sure yet about dessert. Trying to think of something festive for a birthday dessert, but grain free. I have lots of apples, but applesauce just doesn't cut it. My usual would be apple crisp, but man, I would find that hard to resist! Any ideas?


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                          Baked apple? Sliced and pan fried in butter with cinnamon and walnuts, topped with a dollop of whipped coconut cream?
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                            Why not make an apple crisp with a grain free topping and a natural sweetener?

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                              Thanks for the ideas. I could panfry the apples in ghee to make them Whole30 compliant, sprinkle with nuts. I have ice cream in the house for the others, I wouldn't care about the cream for me. Since there are no sugars or sweeteners of any kind allowed on Whole30, I can't figure out the apple crisp thing. It simply wouldn't be the same without brown sugar.

                              So, morning of Day 4. I was down a whopping 1.5 lbs overnight, back to a weight that I haven't seen since before Europe. Makes me happy, happy, happy! Back to work today and an early chiropractic appt, so I can't have eggs for B. I'm taking pepperoni sticks and a banana with my lunch. We'll see how that goes. I know from experience that I mustn't get stuck away from home without enough food. Eating bigger meals is allowing me to go hours without feeling like I must snack.