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Ruth and Jen's Primal Restart!

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  • Ruth and Jen's Primal Restart!

    Thought it was time I started a journal about our primal living experience. What better time to start it than on the day we restart (or redo) our Primal blueprint 21 day challenge?

    A little background first of all.
    I (Jenny) first came to really believe in the Paleolithic diet about 10 months ago through reading many books on health and fitness and also discovering the legendary Tim Noake's views on carbohydrate intolerance. I'm not sure what initiated the interest in the first place but being a medical doctor I've always been interested in the science behind the human body. I also see on a daily basis the effects that a pathological lifestyle has on the human body and was acutely aware of how most of Western society's ailments are caused by lifestyle choices.
    Not only that, being in my early 30s, I'm realising that although I'm not that old my energy levels aren't what they used to be. My knees weren't enjoying running as much, I felt like I was in a rut in work and chronic stress levels were making anxiety levels hit the roof!! Ruth noticed this as well and I remember being really tearful one day before Christmas and having no idea why whilst poor Ruth tried to console me and work out what was going on. I had absolutely no idea and couldn't even explain to her!
    When I picked myself up and shook myself off I started really thinking about lifestyle and what I could do to make myself healthy - Body and Soul. I then presented the evidence to Ruth and she was great! She listened thoughtfully and felt that the change would be great for both of us!
    Ruth herself had tried diets in the past - she would now call these fad diets that worked dramatically but temporarily and were never sustainable. In fact she felt truly miserable on all of these diets. Similar to me she was tired all the time, had little time for exercise and didn't particularly enjoy calorie counting or see the point in chronic cardio work - she certainly had never seen any sustainable results from either.

    After a holiday at the start of the new year we adopted a Primal lifestyle - very strictly to begin with and then slightly more relaxed about 2 months in.
    The results were proof that this was the lifestyle we should always have adopted. I lost more than 14 pounds and Ruth in excess of 20 pounds. Plus it was so easy, so sustainable and even intermittent fasting felt completely natural because our protein and fat consumption kept us satiated.

    So why restart I hear you ask?
    Well, for whatever reason we've got a little lazy. Even just a little complacent and bad habits have started creeping in. Being a age-grouper triathlete I decided I would reward myself on occasion as it was the off-season.

    We know primal is the right choice so today we are starting our 21 day challenge and I'm going to try and document our progress.

    Today I weigh 151.2 pounds (at my lightest in the last 10 months I was 144 pounds). I know that at least three pounds of this is water as last week I was 148lbs. I look bloated after a weekend of work where I ate sugar laden things!! I'm in off-season training so that includes lots of long-slow mileage, strength training and I'll start adding a wee sprint here or there every 10 days.
    Ruth is going to start doing the four primal moves and walking the dogs on a regular basis. I'll work on the sprinting with her as well.

    Big shopping trip planned later and I have even threatened that I may try an egg coffee every now and then!

    Bring it on Grok!

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    It's weird. Did a trail run today and have had some smoked salmon and pecans as well as some coffee and cream. Weighed myself before showering after my jog. Down to 148lbs. Water retention is crazy!
    Anyways - it's roast chicken and veg tonight for tea...Yum!

    Productivity today - good.
    Energy levels - no slumps!


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      I know exactly what you mean about getting a little lazy and bad habits creeping back in. Great that you've nipped it in the bud.
      Water retention is crazy!
      Amen to that sister!


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        Hey Jenny, welcome to MDA If you're a fan of Tim Noakes you might be interested in this:

        It's a documentary about a guy (from Northern Ireland, coincidentally!) who goes on the Primal diet. I believe Tim Noakes features heavily in it.
        "I think the basic anti-aging diet is also the best diet for prevention and treatment of diabetes, scleroderma, and the various "connective tissue diseases." This would emphasize high protein, low unsaturated fats, low iron, and high antioxidant consumption, with a moderate or low starch consumption.

        In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

        - Ray Peat


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          Thanks guys! Will definitely check that link out. It's a small world!


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            Not a bad day today on the primal front - we both IF'd for 24 hours and then had an evening tea of Ribeye steak (medium) and creamed spinach and mushroom with some Ardennes pate on top of steak. Delicious.

            Again apart from having coffee to kickstart me this morning there was no energy slumps at all today. Nice even keel on that front. Ruth feels the same - she has a mild headache but that's it.

            No exercise today just a long day at work on my feet. Will do a plank and some push-ups later though. Have yet to buy a pull-up bar!

            Might make some prosciutto egg muffins tomorrow for breakie! Yet to try bullet-proof coffee - slightly scared!


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              Might make some prosciutto egg muffins tomorrow for breakie! Yet to try bullet-proof coffee - slightly scared!
              Muffins sound good but I am also scared of bullet proof coffee. Just sounds so icky.


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                Day 3.
                Made baked Parma and egg cups this morning for breakfast. Ruth was impressed.
                Beef chilli tonight on a bed of lettuce.

                2mile walk with dogs and a 3.25mile jog for me. Did feel a bit more of an effort than usual but I think it might be keto adaption in action. Right knee a bit sore also but reckon it's my olio tibial bands are a little tight so going to do a bit of rolling on a roller.

                Don't want to weigh myself every day but going to try and do it weekly on Wednesday. Was 146.2lbs today.


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                  Hi jencossy, small world indeed fellow norn ironer. Do not fear the BP coffee. Go to Lakeland in boucher road and buy one of their wee whizzy things, it's called an aerolatte, put a large desert spoon of coconut oil in black coffee let it dissolve a bit and whizz it up. If needed keep the aerolatte on hand to whiz again. Hubby adds kerrygold as well as CO and loves it. I really wouldn't have it any other way. I would miss it.
                  Anyway good to see you on here.

                  Hi random! *waves*
                  I'm not saying lets kill all the stupid people in the world, I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem take care of itself.


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                    Aww kikiperpie! That's great advice. Have you ever put eggs in your coffee?


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                      Originally posted by Jencossy View Post
                      Aww kikiperpie! That's great advice. Have you ever put eggs in your coffee?
                      No, I don't think I'd be able to stomach that!
                      I'm not saying lets kill all the stupid people in the world, I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem take care of itself.


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                        All still well on primal front. Had a bit of a cheat meal yesterday evening with pork ribs, asparagus and sweet potato wedges and tiramisu for dessert! Yum.

                        Made some baked frittata and prosciutto muffins yesterday morning for breakfast too. Got the recipe from Nom Nom Paleo which is a really good app for the ipad with great recipe ideas.