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Primal Blueprint Journal for Lydia D.

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  • Primal Blueprint Journal for Lydia D.


    I am mostly primal by nature (so why the weight?!?), but just reread the basic shopping list and got to it. Here's what I got:

    Organic jumbo brown eggs
    Grilled chicken strips (plain)
    Decaf organic fair trade coffee
    Organic plum tomatoes
    Organic avocados (4-ct bag)
    Roasted macadamia nuts
    Brazil nuts
    Organic garlic
    Freeze dried blueberries
    Organic bell peppers (tri-color pack)
    Organic celery hearts
    Organic salad spring mix
    Acorn squash
    Spaghetti squash

    As a child, my dad made us eat a plate of salad before we could have dinner. I grew to HATE salad. I still cannot have lettuce without gagging on it, but I know a BAS is part of this program and a part of being healthy, so I'm going to try my hardest. I do OK when the salad taste is drowned out in other toppings, so that's going to be my goal: couple handfuls of salad with a ton of toppings and some good fatty dressing to wash it down.

    I'm still debating breakfast this morning. Since I took the time to go grocery shopping, I'm late starting my work. But I know I'll work better if I eat, so.... We'll see what happens.

    EDIT: I noticed after I posted that I didn't clarify my grocery shopping needs. I have PLENTY of organic chicken and beef and such at home. I have broccoli and other dinner-type veggies. I just was light on the BAS/lunch choices, so that's what I picked up.

    Once a week, I go hiking with a friend on his lunch break. This week, we are increasing that to two times a week. I KNOW I need to play..... I WANT to play, but here's my dilemma - I moved to town not to long ago. I live in an apartment and really don't know many people around. Add to that I started a business and work insane hours, I have a perfect storm of excuses not to play and exercise. I did join the local gym, and I like it there, but injured my foot 6 weeks ago, and got some nasty salmonella poisoning 3 weeks ago. Between the two, I haven't found the motivation to go back.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, my weekly trip out of town is to my parents house. My dog is there. I can walk her while I'm there! Granted, that means packing more clothes and making sure to pack a jacket since it's notoriously cold and windy there, but... I can do that! That kicks me up to a good 3 hours of gentle walking/hiking a week. I think that may be a good start.....

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    Ok, so today's food.
    Breakfast: coffee with some coconut oil
    Lunch: 3 scotch eggs with a dash of SF homemade General Tso's sauce
    Dinner: Chicken with bacon and caramelized onions in a homemade cheese sauce. Butter sauteed broccoli with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese.


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      Sounds good! I'm trying to get motivated to start journaling again. Been primal a year now, but journaling only lasted about 3 days for me. What kind of salad dressing are thinking about? I'm not crazy about just oil and vinegar type, but I love making homemade mayo and adding garlic, dill, and maybe Italian seasoning. It makes me want a salad ALL the time! I also love making a pesto or chutney out of cilantro, garlic, and parsley, ginger (and sometimes other stuff) and throwing it on top of the salad. Makes the salad the best part of the meal.

      Good luck!


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        I LOVE LOVE LOVE blue cheese dressing. It's just about the only dressing that can make me choke down a salad..... so that's what I'm having. One of these day's I'll make my own, but until then I use Ken's.


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          That's my favorite store bought too. When you're ready to try making your own, make the mayo with an immersion blender and add blue cheese crumbles to it. It is super easy. You will be happy I make a jar every week.


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            Oh awesome, I will, thanks!


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              Trying... trying SO hard!

              Well, yesterday was messed up, so I didn't get my walk in with the dog. However, I DID get a good BAS in for lunch!

              Breakfast: Coffee

              Lunch: 2 cups mixed baby greens, 1/4 of a large cucumber, 1/2 chopped bell pepper, chopped celery, 6 cherry tomatoes, 4 oz grilled chicken, 1 1/2 Tbs roasted sunflower seeds, and topped it with some blue cheese dressing. It was actually good!

              Dinner: Grilled lamb chops and 1/2 a very small butternut squash, topped with butter and some black truffle sea salt.

              I had some wicked sweets cravings, so I had a a small container of full-fat greek yogurt with some frozen strawberries for dessert. I hope I will be able to kick the sweet cravings once I get back home today.


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                Fiery Crash & Burn

                Wow! Epic flames on that crash and burn!
                I did good Wednesday. Don't remember all my food, but I know I ate perfectly, just ate a bit too much at dinner when I had munchies and ate some brazil & macadamia nuts.

                Thursday, I had a networking luncheon at CPK. I thought I did good. Despite the pizza and pasta and carby salad offerings, I had the caesar salad minus the croutons, and 3 pieces of pepperoni pizza where I scraped off the toppings and left the bread. I thought I was winning.

                Afterwards, I went to the Chamber of Commerce office to do some work. The director wanted to treat me to lunch since she knew I didn't eat much at the luncheon. We went to a Mediterranean restaurant where again I thought I did good - I chose the shwarma and got salad instead of sides. I ate it, and still felt kinda hungry. So I ate the homemade pita that came with it. I tried to do good with dinner: pecan crusted pork chops with butter sauteed veggies.

                Yesterday.... sigh. Yesterday Breakfast I did good. Leftover pork chop with some egg. Lunch... I had munchies again. I had nuts and butter and cheese. And then dinner. Oh, dinner! I wanted sushi so bad, I couldn't get it out of my mind. So I went to my nearby sushi restaurant. I got popcorn lobster, spicy tuna with crispy fried rice, and a roll with scallops and eel. I got home afterwards and was find. But then there was nothing on TV. I started obsessing over ice cream. So I got back in the car and drove to Cold Stone Creamery. I got the large. WITH waffle cone bowl.

                Like I said. It was a fiery crash & burn. I feel terrible. However, I also have figured out my brain chemicals are off, at least I think so.

                I realized this morning that I haven't been to the gym in 6 weeks. About the same time I stopped going to church. I'm not saying my church attendance is related to the gym. More like the same underlying cause why I haven't done either. Right now, I don't want to eat healthy, and I don't want to go to the gym. I've lost my motivation and reason, and I don't even REMEMBER why I wanted to do this in the first place.


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                  Ok, so for today's food....
                  Breakfast: the last 1/4 cup of ice cream from last night.
                  Lunch: Big Ass Salad: lettuce, grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, diced cucumber, celery, red/yellow bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, sunflower seeds, all topped with some blue cheese dressing.
                  Dinner: IF this grill will get going (geesh!) grilled ribeye with grassfed butter, steamed artichoke with grassfed butter, and 1/2 an acorn squash with what? Yup! Grassfed butter!

                  I love reading the success stories here. Everyone makes it seem so easy, and the weight just drops off. I wish I could do that.


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                    Welcome Lydia, mmhmm, last night's dinner sounds great. That's what I so love about this way of eating, the "everyday food" is just so awesomely delicious. Even your salad sounds good and I'm not really a salad fan either, though I specially love cucumber, and avocado. Keep up the great work, I'm sure it will get easier with time and the benefits will be worth the effort required. Good luck.
                    Annie Ups the Ante


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                      Thanks Annie! Dinner was soooo good! Didn't do anything for my sweets craving afterwards though So.... 1 small carton of full fat yogurt (why is that SO dang hard to find?!), with some blueberries and local honey.


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                        Feeling Better

                        Some say one primal meal makes them feel better. I think I'm of the 2+ crowd. But then, maybe it's because I'm back on my supplements!

                        One thing I will say, eating primally, my sleep is so much better. I used to wake up every couple hours, but for the past week or so, I've been doing good sleeping through the night. I probably would have last night too, if my neighbor didn't have 1) open bedroom window, 2) new baby that couldn't sleep, 3) probably their first baby, because it went on FOR-EVER! Oh well. I did go back to sleep until about 6:30. I'm trying to wake up with the sun since I have that luxury most of the time.

                        Starting this morning with a big shot of MCT in my coffee. I didn't make it to church yesterday, so I'm going today. Sundays are usually my day for homework, but I have the time for a break in there, and it will give me a chance to charge my laptop without freaking out about time lost lol. I am NOT looking forward to this research paper I need to write!

                        Not sure what lunch will be, maybe just yogurt & blueberries again. That seems to be easiest on my stomach lately. Dinner will be another grilled steak and veggie; and will likely be an exact replica of last night (artichoke and acorn squash).

                        lol now that I'm typing this though, some egg and bacon sounds good for breakfast too. hmmm...... I think I might make that lunch instead. AFTER church though, so I don't chance the same upset stomach that kept me home yesterday. We shall see!!!!

                        I need to start psyching myself up for vacation. It's 10 days away. I'm going from Cali to Atlanta.... the south... home of delicious crappy food. This will be a trip of epic drinking and little to no sleep. I know grits and waffles and fried chicken are in my future. I need to find some way to mitigate the damage, if at all possible. Or maybe I will just not worry about it since I WILL be on vacation.


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                          So.... at WHAT point do cravings go away? Dear lawd I want to snack & munch on junk right now! What do I want? Well, I dunno, but I know I want something I don't have at home.

                          Breakfast was grilled sirloin topped with bacon & eggs, sour cream and some jalapenos. I felt like a rock was sitting in my stomach for an hour afterwards. Apparently I haven't had enough probiotics after this last oregano oil course and I am NOT feeling good!!


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                            Maybe try a banana and/or some dark chocolate. Your food is very primal but sometimes we just really need something sweet.
                            Annie Ups the Ante


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                              Wasn't Primal, but.... It Was Better Than it Could Have Been!

                              Talking to a friend, I realized I didn't take my probiotics like I should have. THAT would explain why my food isn't digesting and sitting like a rock!

                              Breakfast yesterday: coffee with MCT oil
                              Brunch: 8oz steak (raw weight) with 2 eggs & maybe 2 slices of bacon. Topped with sliced jalapenos & sour cream.
                              Dinner: yeah. Don't REALLY want to post it. I had 8 chicken wings (not breaded). I had 2. TWO gluten-free pizzas! I got good toppings..... does that counter the TWO pizzas I ate? Probably not. Good news is that besides feeling full, I didn't have any other side effects.

                              I'm still trying to figure out how to play. I think I may post over in fitness for suggestions.