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    Well, after popping in an out for many months it's time I started a journal. I think I may have already started one before...clearly it was an effective tool. *ahem*

    Each month I've inched closer and closer to getting real with this. I tried way back to go cold turkey, but crashed an burned on that, so I decided to take the time I needed to figure it all out. It's taken longer than I intended, but I've made a lot of progress as far as changing my diet and learning out to be Primal in the real world. I haven't lost any weight, however, since I've been far from consistent. But I'm ready to get serious about it--this time with way more knowledge and preparation.

    And then there's my goal! My very general goal is to look better and be fitter than I've ever been. I've never been athletic and have never been in great shape, and I want to know what that feels like. I don't want to go from chubby young person to chubby adult to dead. Lame. I don't want a lack of physical fitness to hold me back from doing anything I want to do--hiking, biking around my really hilly neighborhood, etc. And I want to look smokin' doing it. I don't have any health issues yet, and I'd like to keep it that way!

    But I need a more immediate goal, yes? That goal is Burning Man--the crazy festival in the desolate desert of Nevada--and it's at the end of the summer. This year at Burning Man, I want to look and feel hot. It's my version of the impending bikini vacation--and there will be a bikini, and I'm going to do it justice

    My starting weight (I'll add more stats when I measure) is 149. I've been here before but never heavier. I'm 5'4". On the heavy edge of average, but the padding has got to go! I want muscles. I don't have a firm weight goal in mind since it's more about how I look and feel, but for the sake of a number I'd say 130 with decent muscle definition is attainable--if challenging--by the end of August.

    Now we can start. On to the boring journally bits for Day 1:


    Breakfast: 3 pastured eggs, about 1 Tbsp organic feta, 8 oz whole milk latte (I've been good about cutting out milk but this morning was a mess and I caved)

    Lunch: I bought lunch a the co-op on my way to work. Turkey loaf (thankfully very Primal with just meat and veg, except for the smear of bbq sauce on top) and roasted veggies. Veggies were roasted in a olive oil/safflower blend, so not perfect, but not horrible considering it was a store-bought meal.

    Snack: about 3 small almond flour, grain-free crackers I made last week from (Elana Amsterdam's Almond Flour Cookbook). Yummy!

    Dinner: The bf and I went to a Mexican place near my apartment, and I had a huge bowl of tortilla soup. It was amazing. Not 100% Primal as I ate some of the tortilla strips and I'm sure it was made with veg oil, but it was pretty decent. I resisted a margarita, especially difficult since this is basically a tequila restaurant and I had a teensy sip of the boy's drink and it was amazing! But once my vat of soup arrived I was happy.

    Activity: Nothing of note.
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    I'm IFing today! We'll see how it goes. I had a nice big breakfast and didn't bring a lunch to work. I am prone to uncomfortable hunger pangs and a very impatient grumbly tummy when I put off eating, and headaches as well, so this afternoon might be unpleasant. But I'm going to power through at least until I get home from work. I've always considered retraining myself to not be so sensitive to missing meals--it's not as if it's a medical condition or serious low blood sugar. I do think I can get used to it, and when I stick to the Primal WOE consistently I've noticed that the hunger pangs are much less severe. I just feel normal hunger, not gnawing hunger. So! Onto the log:

    Breakfast: 3 pastured eggs in butter w/ a bit of grated cheddar and salsa, small glass of whole milk kefier, two shots of espresso with a blop of cream.

    Lunch: IF

    Snack: Made it until 4:30 then caved, had a Mojo bar (not very Primal, but mostly nuts) and a bit of beef jerky when I got home. I was RAVENOUS. But hey, I made it 10 hours without food and I'm still here

    Dinner: I made beef stew tonight, and only JUST finished it, so dinner was really a few almond flour crackers and a BAS. Then a taste of the stew, which is very yummy! Can't wait for lunch tomorrow.

    Activity: I was considering doing a stair sprint on my way home from work (there's a huuuge flight that cuts up a hill in my neighborhood, it overlooks downtown Seattle and is a lovely place for a killer workout) but since today is my first IF I might not be up for it.

    If I don't do stairs I'll do my "lazy girl's apartment workout" after dinner, which is basically turning on Hulu and doing circuits of squats, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, and a random upper body dumbbell exercise, one minute each without resting, until I can't do any more.

    Yeah...beef stew and chores took all evening. I did do a bunch of squats in my office to fend off hunger, though. Worked for a few minutes...
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      Wow, I could have written a lot of that! I, too, have never been in good shape (although I've been dieting for years *sigh*). I too want to look and feel good while I'm still young (I'm 25). I bet we've got about the same amount of "padding" to lose, since I'm 5'2" and 130-ish with a smaller-than-average frame. I also want to reach my tentative goal weight by the end of August. I've been inconsistently doing the PB for a while, too... in my case I've been eating primal foods for the most part but wayyy too many carbs. And I seriously recommitted yesterday... just like you. I'll definitely keep an eye on your journal, I hope you stick around!

      Good luck with the IF! I had a busy semester so I stopped eating lunch a while back and it was sooo convenient. Now I've decided to skip breakfast and only eat lunch and dinner... starting yesterday.
      "mayness, you need to have a siggy line that says "Paleo Information Desk" or something!" -FMN <3

      I'm blogging again, at least a little bit.


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        Haha, yep, we have a lot in common! I've been pretty consistent during the week for a while but on the weekends my bf and I inevitably go out for drinks and meals (chips and guac are my kryptonite) and my progress goes *poof*. So now I'm out to conquer the weekends as well.

        Oh man the IF is tough! I'm really hungry. I'm not out to starve myself but I know much of the hunger is mental, "3 squares" is ingrained in my psyche. I'm definitely looking forward to that convenience once I'm used to it! I'm rarely organized enough to have lunch ready so I've been overdoing canned tuna on a BAS.

        Thanks for visiting mayness! We can do this!


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          Good weekend. Indulged a bit but kept more Primal than I've been able to in previous weekends of late! Went out Friday and had an unsweetened iced tea (at bar #1) and a Greyhound that was almost entirely vodka with a splash of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice (at bar #2). Then went out to a late dinner at our favorite new spot where I had a whole grilled trout with veggies. We shared a dessert, and I had maybe 1/3 of it. It was an almond tart with rhubarb and pink peppercorn ice cream. Not Primal in the least but I'm definitely in the "make the 20% count" camp, and that tart was sooooo good. The bar-hopping weekend also involved quite a lot of walking around my neighborhood, so that's Primal, right?


          Breakfast: 3 pastured eggs with Brie and butter (the Brie was my bf's addition, and tastier than I would have expected! It was a "what's in the fridge" move); espresso over ice with cream, 1/2 small French macaron from a local coffee shop/bakery (like I said, I make that 20% count)

          Lunch: plain goat's milk yogurt and a 1/2 serving of roasted zucchini and pulled pork at Whole Foods. The pork was super sweet and likely had tons of sugar, but we were running errands and were a bit desperate for lunch.

          Snack: Okay, so I really need to stock my bf's house with Primal snacks, we ran errands all afternoon and I got really hungry before dinnertime. He did have some Clif Mojo bars, which are a bit sugary but mostly nuts and lower in carbs than almost all the standard bars out there. We split one of those and then fired up the grill!

          Dinner: MMMMM we grilled tonight and each had a huge, fatty ribeye (We go probably 80-90% grass-fed but sometimes we just get organic when we can't blow the bank on steaks) and some local grilled asparagus--so freaking good. And red wine My bf knows his wine, so red wine is definitely one of my healthy indulgences.

          Activity: Not much today barring Friday's bar-hopping and our Sunday walk to the farmers' market, which isn't much of a walk. The weekend was light on activity but Friday I did 200 squats and ton of stationary lunges. Whew! 250 next time. I'm trying to make my "lazy girl apartment workout" more potent so I'm doing thinks like crazy numbers of squats or the Pilates "the hundred". Basically, tough stuff that can be done in front of tv

          This was an especially good weekend because my bf and I talked about food and activity and he's getting more and more on-board with the Primal WOE. He told me that he's been learning a lot from my new obsession with nutrition, and we talked about how much his own diet has changed dramatically even when we're not eating together (he's not Primal). He's not a big cook at home and used to go out to eat at work almost every day, and it was usually a nutritional train-wreck. He aid he's far more conscious about what he eats for lunch and when he's home alone in the evenings, and he feels much better for it. I new he'd been making some changes, but it was awesome to really lay out just how much he'd changed, too!

          Anyhow, bought 2 dozen pastured eggs at the market along with more pastured bacon and some pastured sausage that I haven't tried yet. Also bought a ton of veggies and other staples. This week my three goals are: eat more coconut oil, make carne asada, and RUN the stairs near my apartment. There's an epic staircase that goes up the hill overlooking Seattle, and running it just once would do me in. But in a good way }