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    Originally posted by ebrady98
    Glad you're in a better mood today we all have those days

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      Originally posted by ebrady98
      seriously take it I HATE writiting !!

      Originally posted by ebrady98

      Ummm I dunno, can't say I've ever done it :P we don't take sociology at my school just go with the flow, see what happens
      I have it as the three together socio/psych/anthro and I love all of them (one of my major considerations was forensic anthropology , I love criminology ) so ya I guess ill just have to go with the flow
      Originally posted by ebrady98
      I'm sure you've done well :3 and yes, you do need a rest from the weights *coughs* so i can catch up...
      Hahahaha you have got today too bec i have DOMS in chest and my behind so cant do both :d
      Originally posted by ebrady98
      Oooh, is your dinner spiced? you got a recipe?

      Actually, yeah, you need to post a recipe for your dinners! I want
      it tastes way better than it looks and I always look forward to it now :d
      Its very simple I boil a pound of an type of meat then chop it into small pieces then I add like 1/8 cup hot sauce or mabye more I have no idea
      :d then I add ~ 2-3 tbsp of tomato sauce and ~2 tbsp of cream and some shredded coconut (optional) and kind of stir fry it

      This recipe works best with fatty meats

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        Today was pretty cool
        Bec yest I played scrabble with family and it lssted for 2 hours !! So didnt get a chance to workout so I did yest's workout today in the morning before school the only pissy thing about today though ws for some reason my stomach was having a war have no idea y bt probably its the granola I had yest for supper :/ seriously that was a reason for me to never eat it again

        In bio we finished the GATACA movie im hooked man its very cool , totally recommend

        In sociology I actually came out as "interesting" , out of 15 "meetings" only 2 contained awkward silences bt in my defense these 2 in particular were just talking about how they had a long awkward silence just before they reached me so I probably wasnt the problem bt ya it was prettt cool and I gt to know people way better and actually changed my views on them , I found out that a girl likes basketball like me so will probably make a "date" (ironic :d) with her so we could shoot some hoops together or somethin

        Ya english boring as ever , cant wait until this week is over :d

        Economics im moving up in the ranking of our stock market simulation :d made some bad moves bec I didnt really get how it worked in the beginning bt ya hopefully will get up there (ironically the teacher is in last place :d )

        Work was over prety quickly , I found a way more time effective technique to handing them out bt ya im still waiting for a reply from the jobs I applied to :/

        I went to ymca today with family I decided to do a recovery workut with weights and some cardio that went out well and here is how it went :

        Bench : 60kg x 12 x 3 ( ws planning on 5 bt annoying dude wanted bench :/ )
        Shoulder press machine: 30lb x15x3
        Squats: 60kgx 20 x 3....75kg x 20.....40kgx20 ( very slow down, explode up )
        Leg curl : 50lb x 10 x 3
        Cable abs : 92.5lb x 15 ....92.5x10, 82.5x5.........92.5x9, 87.5x6 (dnt know y my abs just hit a plateau all of a sudden , well there is improvement bt nt like beginning always adding ine block each workout bt I guess bec its a higher level ?? )
        3000m rowing (was planning on 6000 bt sis wanted to play with me volleyball so did that instead )

        On the way home I ws craving DC bt then when I stopped at a store the best I can find was a bounty with dark chocolate so I had a piece and gave rest to family :/ it has cocoblnuts which is good bt it also has added sugars

        Nutrition: breakfast : none
        Lunch : chicken breast +200g baked potato + pear
        Before work I did a granola hot milk thingy bt decided against it after having 2 tbsp :d ) had 2 apples instead
        Dinner : 1/4 cup rice , 1/2 cup peas ( wasnt really in the mood for dinner )
        Supper: 300g potatoes (so cute) an apple and 10g bounty 75% dark chocolat.
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          Originally posted by ebrady98
          Ahh, granola used to be a vice of mine! No matter what, I still love cereal
          I know I still love it even after wat it did to me
          Originally posted by ebrady98
          Nice going :P did you just "go with the flooowwww"?

          And I think you should go on the date with the girl
          yup I just pretended that I ws "outgoing" like how I am with my friends and it went great , and ill hopefully ask her today in economics bec its the last lesson
          Originally posted by ebrady98

          Haha, we had to do that in history. It was for wall street in the 20's - I knew it was going to crash so I didn't invest in any shares, and everyone else ended up losing all their money :')
          Hahaha we cant do that though we HAVE to invest in something bec if we beat our teacher we get an extra mark and if we get first we get another extra mark (very unlikely after decisions I made bt still trying , damn u apple !! )
          Bt nw im 14 out of 22 not so bad I guess

          THAT'S effin recovery?! Damn!
          I actually wanted to increase the squats bt bec I was sharing bar with sis so these weights were easier to put and u guys should totally try rowing it works the whole body and hurts pretty good :d

          Oh and I used yest free weights in squats bec it wasnt heavy , the reasin I use the smith machine in squats bec it provides safty and perfect form bt will try to start using free weights again ( only started using smith machine after I came to canada )
          Originally posted by ebrady98
          You actually got skin-on chicken breast too! I'm jealous - our freezer is rammed to the brim with bloody (not literally) boneless skinless chicken breast, because my dad doesn't like red meat. It's the worst. For the price we pay for them we could get 5 rossitere chickens. But I digress...
          IK those things r FREAKIN DISGUSTING , I used to live off them vefore primal :/ man bad memories ...they were so fuqing dry !!

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            Nothing new today except I found out that I am NOT failing English , seriously would have commited suicide if that wss the case srriusly im a 90 average person idk y im having trouble with writing point proof analysis for poetry bt then again im nt a language person either
            Ya and that quiz in bio I did in fact ace it was very happy about that and it actually made my day the teacher however gave us a lollipop pop and I ate it , wow I actually cant remember the last time I had a lollipop its probably been years

            When I went home I had a crapton of newspapers to roll out :/ after that I went out to distribute them and after that I went trick o' treating with the family !! and that counted as my workout bec combined it was 4 hiurs of walking/running :d didnt have any of the candy except 2 jolly ranchers bec they are amazing !!

            My stomach today ws bloated as hell it was so hard too I thought it might explode !! :/ it still is nw bt its kinda better ..... I really need to find out wat gives me a bloat bec a crapton of food does... like seriously anything I eat gives me a bloat sometimes even while im fastiing !?!?!?!

            Nutrition :
            Lunch : chicken breast + 200g sweet potato+apple (like yest bt sweet potato even colored it for u bec camera ws down :d )
            Snack :lollipop + apple
            Dinner:100g potatoes+1/4cup rice +~60g minced meat(not much bt ya)
            Supper:1/4 cup granola :/ (bt tbh I usually have more I think it was just a craving so I let myself have some so I dnt eat the whole kitchen as a substitute) , a pear and coffee oh and 2 jolly ranchers :d

            Have a great day/night guys
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              Ya I always use free weights bt in squats bec sometimes when the weight gets really heavy its nt as safe u know ... bec we r tricked into thinking that we r able to do another rep bec going down is easy bt once we get down sometimes we r just stuck there so Idk I guess I dnt want to be the young GIRL who has a lot of weight on the bar and falls with the bar in the middle of the gym ... yup I dnt like to be center of attention especially when it involves a mans ego

              Hahaha I remember in egypt I ws doing barbell lunges and the weight was light or so I thought and then when I went down I tried to come up and I actually fell backwards with the bar still on my shoulders ya I ws actualy laughing through the fall bec I could see myself in the mirror I almost hurt a guy though

              The reasin I said this in the beginning ws bec while I ws squating with the 120kg the lady beside me squating with 30kg free weights ws telling her biyfriend that the smith machine does all the work for u and thats the reason I ws lifting so heavy ! The annoying thing is I ws standing right there!?!? and she ws talking in a loud voice :/ like seriously people stop being so disrespectful at least nt while im right there :what:
              The only thing that the smith machine elimnates id the need fir balance so ya nt a HUGE factor and anyway I could squat it with free weights I just prefer good form than knees ahead of toes
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                Originally posted by ebrady98
                Well done for not failing English! I looooove English not at the moment, though - I'm sick of reading bloody newspaper articles about goddamn dinosaurs and people's trips to the Grand Canyon. Ughhh.
                Dude the problem is my average in english has been always 89-90 bt bow im in 70's like seriously wtf bt ill make it happen hopefully ... bec im one of those people who just cant fail
                Originally posted by ebrady98
                Tbh, I'd much rather be mathematically minded, because, face it, maths is awesome, and so is being good at it. I love puzzles etc, I just suck at them. So you are blessed, child, in the aspect
                hahahah thanx ... math is my fav subject and omg I love puzzles too stuff that twist ur brain until u finally find the answer and then ur like fuq ya #likeaboss
                Originally posted by ebrady98
                What are jolly ranches? o.O *English girl is clueless*
                DUDE the jolly ranchers r right there in the photo... they r the candies with the lollipop
                Originally posted by ebrady98

                Hmm, maybe the bloating is caused by, like you said, the starch? or the apples, because they're higher in natural sugars; so you'd be allergic to fermenting foods? Probs wrong about it though :P
                HAHAHA I already had a pear !
                Originally posted by ebrady98
                (btw - you seem to get a lot of rude people at your gym?!)

                Also, sorry, I had to laugh at the mental image of your toppling over and almost wiping out some unsuspecting dude ;D

                Have a good night <3
                Ik right ?!?
                Haha np everyone was laughing the gyn anyway

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                  FUQ YA!!! I ACED THE ENGLISH QUIZ ....ITS A QUIZ BT I STILL ACED IT !!!!!!!! :3 as u can see in the photo the teacher clearly hates me ...she gave me 25 then changed it to 21 for some reason !?!?!? Had to tell her to change it again like seriousoy if I didnt notice I would get less than I deserve ?? Bt ya she have us chocolate though they were hersheys bt I didnt find DC so I took an aero which is very light compared to other sugar jammed chocolates :/

                  Oh and I forgot my debit card today bt strangly I had decided to take a pear with me so im having a pear for lunch just as the one for breakfast which is in photo

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                    Originally posted by ebrady98
                    Omg, I am struggling with maths so much...d'you mind if I post a photo of some questions I can't do on my journal then y'all can chip in since you love it so much? :P
                    OMG sure I'd love to bec this semester I dnt have math and I totally miss it
                    Originally posted by ebrady98
                    Ik ik I just don't know how they taste :P
                    they r the best goddamn tasting candies eva !!!

                    Originally posted by ebrady98
                    That pear in your photo is the weirdest lookin' pear I have ever layed eyes upon :P
                    IK RIGHT !?! its delicious though!
                    Originally posted by ebrady98
                    It's a cute but weird pear.

                    (Btw, I now know your name hehehehehehehe *creepy smile*)
                    OMG Iaughed out loud in class!!! hahhaha

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                      ?Today ws pretty shitty !!
                      My stomach is killing me fornsome reason that is yet to be known :/ a bloat with pain :/ it kinda feels like when u drink craptons of water until ur stomachn is going to explode and there is a sharp pain And u feel nauseous :/

                      as I said I forgot my debit today so couldn't buy lunch I was very hungry when I came home , there ws no food at home so basically I ate evrythingn in sight .... it started with a bowlnof hot granola ...then a snack box of 6mini breadsticks and tbsp chedder spread..... then 3 boiled eggs ...... and I tried an old remedy of 4 tbsp of honey formy stomach bloat (worked perfectly before for me bt this time nothing btbi guess its pretty clear y nt :/) the most disgusting thing about it all was it felt exacrly like my old binges that were followed by a trip to the bathroom with a fork :/

                      Luckily I had work so went for a long walk with music to clear my head in great weather .... when I got home I cleaned my room and gt dressed to go outn with family.... they had noodles while ibhad an omelette and a few shrimps so nw I'm out and I'm craving DC will probably have 30g mabye

                      In terms if calories nt so bad (1900) bt in terms of quality I did shit :/ and the bad thing is I ws conscious about my choices bt did them anyway :/ I'm nt upset bt I am regretful which will probably make me nt do it again and it really reminded me y I started primal in first place

                      Bec that food just makes me hungry and feel like crap so I'm grateful I found marks website

                      Nutrition :
                      Breakfast : pear
                      Lunch: pear
                      "Snack" : hot granola, 6mini breadsticks and tbsp cheddar spread, 3boiled eggs, 4 tbsp honey
                      Dinner:6big shrimp+6eggwhite, 1eggsn omelette (the thing about egg whites is that they r filling bt low on calories)+pear
                      Snack :30g DC

                      Workout: 5mile walk

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                        today was pretty cool although i had to wait for my mom like 3 hours so we could get going :/
                        i studied for biology today because i have a unit test on Monday AND a biology assignment on Tuesday AND a sociology midterm exam on Wednesday AND a economics unit test on Friday AND another biology assignment on nov 19 ...... like seriously people wtf we aren't machines ,give us a break will ya ?!?

                        so anyway went with the family ymca and had a GREAT workout there ,and played with the family table tennis. i was ganna play basketball when they announced they were closing in 15 min :/ it has been a long time since i played basketball and that really threw me off :/ bt we had a lot of fun together and it was great .we were supposed to go to Chinatown in Toronto bt due to my mom's lateness it was closed :/ so we went to an afghan restaurant which was amazing !! the foods was delicious and the price was great

                        lunch: 500g beef hearts + half a eggplant (in stir fry)+ a pear+ 2 tbsp granola (they were let in a bowl so i had them :P )
                        snack:200g CC with tbsp honey and coffee
                        dinner:in the pic :P i had 1/4 the rice, half the lamb chops bt took 2 chicken kabobs from sis, had all the salad and all the onions

                        bench press: 60kg x 10.....79kgx6x3(wohoo , its seems the rest and pushups were worth it :P) then right away 71kgx8 then right away 61kgx 6 then right away 40 pushups(could have done more bt my goal ws 40 :/ , so next time make 50 )
                        seated row:100lb x 10 x3 then right away 80lb x 10
                        incline flyes: 22.5 lb dumbbells x10...25lb x10x2 (finally flyes increased :P )(alternating between flyes and presses so a one set is a set flyes followed right away by presses)
                        incline presses:40lb dumbbells x10x3
                        dumbbell rows: 45lb dumbbell x 10.....50lb dumbbell x 10 x2 (each side)
                        cable abs:92.5 lb x15x3 (finally full sets :P)....87.5lb x 6
                        rowing:500 meters :P (got really bored and decided to play basketball instead

                        have a good day/night folks
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                            Today ws a bit boring bec I had to study A LOT !!! I woke up at 9 then started studying right away ... I studied for the bio test and a bit sociology and a tad bit economics still a lot to do :/

                            Foods werent good today at all it was like I ws on a rampage lioe I ate small amount from everything infront of me , seriously I need to go shopping bec wat is left in the house is shit I cant eat :/

                            I ws supposed to go to a protest for egypt bt we couldnt find then so we headed to ymca instead bt the family decided they didnt want to go so tyey went to eat burger king instead:what: I on the other hand had a fantastic workout I used free weights this time damn I forgot how it makes u feel beast

                            Workout:squat day (decided to make a seperate day for squats and deadlifts)
                            118.5x6 (I thought it was 119.5 bt oh well :/)
                            118.5x4, 116 x 3 (ws scared I wouldnt be able to go up :/)
                            116x6x2, 100x10, 80x10, 60x20 (after last set of 116 did all after each other as a pyramid) this hurt sooo gooooood
                            Leg curl : 70lbx10
                            Cable abs : 92.5lbx15x3 (damn just one more plate !!!!!!)
                            Played basketball after

                            All u can eat buffet :/ :
                            Lunch:250g beef heart +half eggplant+cup rice
                            Grazing :coffee2/3 cup granola, frozen banana with tbsp honey and tsp PB and crumbs of DC, coffee, 2cups popcorn , half sandwish PB and nutella from sis, coffee
                            Havent had dinner or supper bt I dnt know yet there is time only for supper its 9pm :P

                            Have a good night/day guys will post on everyones iournals tom since nw im tired :P

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                              Wow! You have some MEAN food right there! *Subscribes to journal*

                              Beef hearts - what are they like? I am experimenting with offal and am always keen to try new stuff. Any tips?


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                                Originally posted by HavanaFiend View Post
                                Wow! You have some MEAN food right there! *Subscribes to journal*

                                Beef hearts - what are they like? I am experimenting with offal and am always keen to try new stuff. Any tips?
                                Thanx my foods dnt compare with all u guys *jealousy pouring out *
                                The beef hearts r amazing they r really tender and cook really fast ans I mean REALLY fast !! I put mine on the stove for ~5 min and it ws ready to it bt ofcourse I fry mine so it took 10 more min

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