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    Bench press: warm up 60kg x 6... 75kg x 6 x 3 ( dnt know wats wrong it was heavy I dnt think I could have done 77.5 )
    Seated row : 50 lb block x10 x 3
    Incline bench flyes : 22.5lb dumbbells x 10 x 3
    Incline presses : 40lb dumbbells x 10 x 3 ( these were done right after flyes ... a set fly and a set press and so on )
    Bent over row : 45 lb dumbbell x 10 x 3 ( each side )
    Cable abs : 80lb x 15x 3
    Over head oblique wood chooper : 25lb x 10 x 3 (each side )
    Roman chair : only one set of 10 ab circles each side
    Lolz my highest bench press was 45 kg XDD

    Dinner: 5 scrambled eggs with kidney beans, tomatoes, peppers, and splash of cream and a chunk of CC
    I truly miss a meal like this..

    Don't you feel hungry when you are running without breakfast :3 ?
    Hardgainer trying to gain - my primal journal :


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      Yest I didnt have time to post on here bec I had a franchise project and anyway yest was just 2.5hour walk for workout

      Nutritin: breakfast : cappuccino
      Lunch: 500g of baked potatoes (pic is from last time bt this time didnt have mayo ) and a pear
      Before work snack : 350g CC with grapes and raspberries and granola and honey
      Dinner : 120g meat piece , 1/2 cup rice, 3 cups mixed veggies
      Supper: 150g CC, 200g baked potatoes, and a pear

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        today was a bit annoying bec i had the franchise presentation today... so i had to spend the whole day at school wearing formal which im not so comfortable in :/ i hit the gym though in the morning which upped my mood from the morning
        we watched the jim jones and the peoples temple story today in sociology and it was heartbreaking really :/ i broke into tears at the end.. i totally recommend u guys watch that documentary ! anyway i had to go in lunch to get some sample Slurpee from 7-eleven to handout during the presentation and after lunch i did the presentation, luckily i didnt get stage freight and i was actually looking people in the eye and i never skipped a beat it was greatly presented . however, my partner was reading from a paper which totally made it nt professional bt overall it was quite good.... we got third out of 10 groups after a class vote so nt bad

        after that i had a bio quiz and i think i aced it bt well have to see , i cant wait really :/ when i went to get the slurpees i forgot my debit card and only had a few cash with me so after school had to go back and pay the rest :/ which resulted in alot of walking , which was good bt also bad bec it started to heavly rain , luckily i had my ipod so all was good !

        when i got home i ate "breakfast" then i started working. i finished fast today which was quite weird bec i mean like i finished 30 min earlier than expected ?? idk mabye the "breakfast" i have no idea :P

        so when i came back i ate dinner then played with family "clue" which is really cool and i actually won both games !!

        nutrition :
        (4:30 pm)"breakfast" : 250g CC, honey, grapes and granola ,25g DC
        (7 pm) dinner: 150G chicken breast, 200g baked potatoes with sour cream and ketchup

        nw im sitting at 1000 cal bt im still going to have supper , have no idea wat its ganna be bt probably will be about 400-500 cal or somethin idk yet :/ (and be WARNED food does NOT look appetizing !! :P )

        workout:leg press: warm up: 130kg x10....170kg x 10 ......sets: 210kg x10x3(this is same weight as last time bt i found out that the leg press machine itself is 50 kilo)
        cable abs:87.5 lb x15x3( one last block left !! )
        oblique wood chops above head: 25lbx10....30lb x10x3(each side)
        squats:warmup:60kgx10.....100kgx6x3( will increase next time hopefully 2.5kg)

        today had alot of walking
        2km:going to school and back
        2km:going to 7-eleven and back
        2km:going to 7-eleven and back
        total:9 km today non-intentional walking / does nt include other activities ofcourse ! :d


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          Originally posted by ebrady98
          Glad to see you're eating amazing food in the right quantities for your needs!
          i think nw ur disappointed again :P


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            Originally posted by Adrian View Post
            Lolz my highest bench press was 45 kg XDD
            GIRL YOU ROCK <3

            I truly miss a meal like this..

            Don't you feel hungry when you are running without breakfast :3 ?
            thanx !! <3
            bt man ur making amazing progress and that is wat counts right
            and actually there r days were its out of my will, like i dont have time to eat breakfast..some im just nt hungry... and some i have a coffee which fills me up until lunch. bt in the end i see this does great things to my stomach especially on days were i have a spontaneous bloat for some reason :P


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                Originally posted by ebrady98
                Haha no I'm not disappointed ;D I'm not some sort of personal trainer y'know

                well done on the presentation! I remember when I had to do one for English class last was a new class and I was unfamiliar with some of the people; when I got to go up I went red and my voice shook. "Omg she's gonna cry" was apparently said, even though I was nowhere near :') in the end I forgpt about my nerves and aced it. Public sppeaking can be a bitch but when you fake confidence you find confidence and it flows well :3

                You will have done great on biology I'm sure what was the topic? My teacher STILL hasn't marked my test -.-

                Btw I will catch up to your lifts one of these days, you'll see ;D

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                Hahhaa I know , I had to read out my spoken word to the class in english and my voice was shaky and my heart was pounding and I could feel it hard bt after people started snapping It all stopped and I just read it at least it wasnt bad as this one dude , he was literally SHAKING like he couldnt hold the paper properly in his hands , I really did feel sorry for him bec his poem was actually pretty good

                Tye bio was on genetics its qute intersting actually and its nt hard as iv alwYs thought it would be
                Damn ik those annoying teachers who give u ur test after like 2 weeks sooooooo annoying :/

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                  Today was pretty plain. I woke up at 10!! How that happened I have no idea bt it was good :3
                  However today for some reason I was STARVING !! IDK Y ? Bt it was annoying bec I had to stuff my face ..... first I had a DC coco and a 8egg white omelette (no eggs at home) and some CC .... it literally did nothing so I had some granola like 2/3 cup with hot milk.... still nothing so I made liver bec its very filling and stayed with that until 8 pm until I had dinner with family :/ bt anyway I stuck with "healthy" food ...except the granola (although ingredients look legit in photo)

                  So ya nw ganna play clue again with family, we all really like it its very cool :3 so ya I guess my body was just making up for some calories idk bec today I was upto 2600 cal mabye bec I became used to ~1500 cal idk mabye It was just the being so hungry that is making me paranoid idk !!

                  Nutrition: breakfast: 8 egg white omelette , some CC , DC coco with 30g DC, 250g liver, 1cup mixed veggies , 1/2 cup rice (yup thats a big breakfast :/ )
                  dinner: 1 chicken leg , 1/2 potato, 20g DC (I only had half the plate and yes I didnt eat the bread or sauce )
                  Supper:rest of dinner ......2/3cup granola, cup hot milk, 1/2 tbsp peanut butter (that last bowl is not primal bt it tastes Sooooo good !!

                  Workout: none today and it feels so weird ??

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                    Originally posted by ebrady98
                    Omfg the fooooods!

                    Anyway, maybe its, ahem, almost every female's fave time? My appetite alllllways ramps up then. Plus, you're growing...never forget that!

                    Idk man, I think its cool. You're fuelling your awesome muscles ;D

                    Btw, don't feel bad about not working out. You should probs have more rest days anyway!

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                    Really ?!? I thought yest's foods looked really bland
                    And idk about the period thingy , bec for some reason it didnt come this month ?? And it should have came like 1-2 weeks ago ...I dnt really time it like some people I think its either mental or physical stress?? One time it stayed 7 months without coming ?!?!? Bt then that was a time where I was training excessively and eat little amounts of food :/ idk y this time its late?? And nope I ain't pregnant if thats wat any of u were thinking

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                      So today was pretty cool !! My family and I were ganna go to a farm bt it started raining so we decided to go to ymca instead :/ bt I had a good workout and then we went to chuck e cheese it ws cool though we had a lot of fun there .... I didn't leave the basketball game until I beat the highscore um..... it took like 15 min to do idk how im supposed tk be a basketball player :what:

                      So there we had lunch , we got chicken wings and fries ( I did have some fries bt they were like 5 or somethin no biggy ) then we headed home and we r cookin dinner they r havin pizza and im having buffalo beef wings this weekend ws pretty cool bec I dnt have any homework or anything ....wohooo !! Ya so we r ganna play clue later ...yup we r obssessed , I won yest's 2 games again !!

                      Nutrition :
                      breakfast : 2/3 cup granola with 1/2 tbsp peanut butter, ~200ml hot milk ( ik ik bt I ws hunggggg from yest :d ) an apple and coffee
                      Snack: 15g DC
                      Lunch :4pc chicken buffalo wings , 12oz ice tea (unsweetened)
                      Snack:15g DC, small cappuccino
                      Dinner:350glamb buffalo wings(this was SOOOOO good, my mom even ate half of it ), 200g potato
                      Today ws about 1600cal so all was good !

                      Bench press: 60kgx6....75kgx6.....77.5kgx6.....77.5x4 ( :/ )....70kgx6 (bec didnt finish other set).....40 pushups right away (damn these were hard , bt I used to do 70 :/ )
                      Dumbbell row : 40 lb x 10 (each side)...45lbx10x3 (each side)
                      Incline flyes: 22.5dumbbells x 10x3
                      Incline press:40lbdumbbells x10x3 (this is an alternate with the flyes)
                      Good morning:70lb bar x10 x3 (I nw hate this exercise too, I used to hate all lower back exercises bt this and nw I hate this too bt I need it bec I have a very good back bt a very straight lower back :/ )
                      Cable abs : 92.5lb x 15... 87.5x10 ( had to stop bec was ganna get sprain in my quads :/)
                      Oblique wood chops overhead:27.5lb x 10 x 2 (each side) ( also had to stop bec quads )
                      Did roman chair instead : ab circles straight leg x 10 x 4 ( each side rotation )
                      Upset bec abs couldnt handle the new weight except for one set and more upset that I couldnt finish sets bec quads :/ hopefully next workout will finish the blocks in school gym which r up to 95 !
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                        Originally posted by ebrady98
                        Excuse moi?!
                        look im really confused here bec my body can mantain on either 700 cal or 2000 cal like seriously wat dafuq ?? So I have no idea wat to do !?
                        Originally posted by ebrady98
                        Still amazing how you manage to do those weights
                        Ur pretty amazing urself

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                          Im such in a fuqing bad mood that I seriously just wanna lay in bed and cry :/ I got a bad grade in english and today for some reason while I ws walking I felt my stomach moving .....and im like wat dafuq?!?!? I had just noticed my legs getting slimmer and then I find this?! Like my stomach is my favorite body part bt nw when I looked in the mirror its a bit sluggish ?!? I was pissed all day at school then I lightened up when I came home bt then suddenly im pissed again .....its so annoying to see all ur hard work just go down the drain and u have no idea y ?? :/ im seriously freaking out here ??

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                            Today im in a way better mood so here is yest stuff

                            Nutrition: no breakfast
                            Lunch :250g baked potatoes, coffee, a pear
                            Dinner:200g beef kidney, 1/2 cup rice
                            Supper:1/2 pear

                            Workout: squats :60kgx10....90kg x6....100kg x 6... 120 x6 x2 (I guess the bad mood did it , I used to squat with 115 kg so im happy its back)
                            Deadlift : 60kgx10...90kg x6..100kg x 5x 2 (it keeps slipping at 5 so next time will increase weight , kinda embarrassing hw my squats r more ??)
                            leg curls :30lb x 1..50 lb x 10...70lb x 10 x 3 ( +20lb )
                            Cable abs :92.5lb x 15...92.5lb x 10 , 87.5lbx5 ( really pissing me off that I cant do 92.5x3 sets?? ) AND I cant stand still so my quads strain to keep me standing :/
                            Oblique overhead wood chooper : 32.5 lb x 10x2 (each side)
                            Roman chair circle abs : 10 (each side)
                            5500m rowing: 30 min rowing

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                              30 minutes rowing?! I want your lungs Girl! I'm happy to see you having better mood I'm curious about kidneys.. How do they taste ?

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                                Okay so today nt much happened bt were watching a cool movie in biology called GATACA bt then we r ganna have to write an essay on how we perceive ethics in the movie :/ seriously writing is following me everywhere like y r we writing an ESSAY in BIOLOGY:what:

                                Ya and in sociology the teacher said tomorrow we r having a "speed meeting " supposed to be a simulation to "speed dating " so we understand it and we get to ALL know one another I love socio/anthro/psych bec its very interesting and we learn plenty of cool stuff
                                llokin forward to it bec I have no idea wat im ganna say , any ideas ?? ( we r "meeting" boys AND girls, so its nt dating )

                                At english the most amazing thing happened my teacher said she is going to leave next week !!!!! In my head im like FUQ YA!!! seriously I hate her soooo much u have no clue I actually found out that im nt the only one too it turns out most of the class doesnt like her :d
                                And ya I had a quiz today and I think I aced it bt probably will lose one or two marks and its out of 25 so no biggy bt then thats one quiz infront of 2 ASSIGNMENTS bt ya ill make up for it hopefully :/

                                Was going ti do my health card then go to ymca bt my mom canceled that when I came home so no gym today :/ bt ya I need some rest from weights anyway

                                Nutrition :
                                Breakfast:half a pear (it was sitting there on the counter so ya .....)
                                Lunch:200g baked potatoes+a pear +an apple
                                Dinner :3/4 cup rice+350g veal cubes+ salad+ 1/2 cup zucchini (not in pic)
                                Supper :idk yet

                                Workout: planning on doing this circuit
                                20 pushups
                                20 box jumps
                                20 crunches
                                20 dips
                                20 squats
                                20 straight leg highest jumps
                                100 jumping jacks
                                100 high knees
                                X 4-6 sets

                                Have a good night/day everyone

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